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10 interesting facts about the "Golden ball"


The "Golden ball" is the most prestigious football award, which is for the year awarded to the best player.

It was first awarded in 1956, and since then, every year fans of a player freeze in anticipation of the announcement of the election results.

This was especially true in the era of total dominance of Messi and Ronaldo, when all the fans were divided into 2 camps.

The history of this prize is full of interesting facts, which we'll talk.

10. Not understand the choice and composition of the "jury"

Judges or the jury of the "Golden ball", as such, no, and applicants selects a large group of specialists.

Many people are unhappy with the fact that these specialists are changing: the voice of the journalists, the fans, the coaches and the team captains. Because of this, the award is often accused of bias.

Another cause of discontent stems from the fact that the number of nominees sometimes get players who clearly does not deserve it.

Make an effort and try to remember the following names: frédéric kanouté, Milon Baros, Papa Buba Diop, Hatem, Trabelsi. These names are little known, as the players reached the top level, but still was nominated for ZM.

9. The impact of ZM on the salary

Earlier, when the grass was greener but in football not so much everything was tied to the money reward only stressed the level of skill of the player, but now is a guaranteed method for revising wages.

So, the contract Kilian Mbappe there is even a special clause stating that if he gets "Golden ball" (which he has all the chances in the coming years), it will automatically become the highest-paid player.

8. Recognition of women

Despite the fact that women's football as a professional sport began to take shape in the ' 70s, the "Golden ball" for them, it was not until last year.

Only in 2018, introduced new rules and along with Luka Modric their prize got a Hell of Hegerberg football player and the French "lion" and the female national team of Norway.

The master of ceremonies invited the winner to dance on stage and asked a rather odd question if she knew how to twerk.

Because of this it came under a barrage of criticism from the public and even the male athletes, so that after he had to apologize, even though the Ada was not offended. When it come to women and now ready sex scandal, has become, in fact, the first ever GP.

7. "Our" winners

Only 3 players from the Soviet Union received your "ball": Lev Yashin in 1963, Oleg Blokhin in 1975 and Igor Belanov in 1986.

Yashin, by the way, is still the only goalkeeper in history who was the best.

After the Soviet Union was able to win only Ukrainian Andriy Shevchenko shone then in Milan, and of the Russians can be noted Andrey Arshavin, who took 6th place in the voting in 2008. It is noteworthy that at the time he was a player of Petersburg "Zenith".

6. Globalization

Prior to 1995, journalists could only vote for players from Europe than many were extremely dissatisfied. Because of this rule, a legend like Pele or Maradona was left without a trophy.

After changing the order of voting first player not from Europe was John Weah from Liberia.

5. Special awards

The previously mentioned Maradona and Pele, the portion of the recognition from France Football got, but after a career.

The Argentine was awarded a special "Golden ball" in 1996, and in 2014, the same award awarded to the Brazilian, who from an overabundance of emotion even to tears.

In 1999, France Football have said Pele, calling him the best player of the XX century. Then for the winner voted not journalists, and 34 the previous winner of the award (all except Lev Yashin, who was not alive).

Ten years earlier, "the Super Golden ball" was won by Alfredo Di Stefano, who is a legend of real Madrid and played for him in the 50-60-ies.

4. "Our" ceremony

The first person from the Soviet Union, who won the right to vote for the winner was a sports journalist Lev Filatov, and it happened in 1959 (3 years after the Foundation of the award).

Later, Filatov held the post of chief editor of "Football. Hockey", which for several decades remained the most popular sports edition.

3. The most awarded countries and clubs

Most awards were received by the German players 7, of which 4 belong to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Franz Beckenbauer (they have 2).

Next are the Netherlands and Portugal, who also by 7, but they won 3 soccer player (Johan Cruyff and Cristiano Ronaldo alone strongly raised the statistics of their countries), whereas the Germans prize was awarded to 5 players.

As for clubs, we are the undisputed leader Barcelona with 11 awards, which have received 6 players in different time. As many as 5, as is known, on account of one only of Lionel Messi.

2. The "Golden ball" is actually brass

The award is made not of precious metal, and brass, covering it with a thin layer of gold.

However, cheap because of this, the production becomes: the cost of one trophy is about 13 000 euros.

Many are puzzling, as the Cup World Cup are completely out of gold 18 carats, which he weighs 5 kg.

1. Fate awards

What to do with GP, the player received the right to decide for itself, and most leave them on the memory, but some quietly breaking up with him.

So, Ruud Gullit, who received him in 1987, and later gave it to Nelson Mandela who was called his idol.

Italian Omar Sivori, in 1967, put the trophy in a safe-Deposit box, fearing that it could someone to steal.

Sir Bobby Charlton, your "ball" and later gave to the club Museum, where it is stored until now.

His teammate George best did otherwise and sold it at auction after retiring. The money he spent not on charity, as it is fashionable, and for the payment of debts, which he had a lot of riotous living.

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