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10 people who love pushed on the romantic exploits


Love is a wonderful feeling, pushing people on the romantic exploits. Many people are doing what even could not think!

For example, a person is terribly afraid of heights, it suddenly becomes bold and agrees to go skydiving with your partner, or if he appears fearless in a situation when you need to protect a loved one.

In this collection you will learn what amazing things can people do when in love or in love. Perhaps some ideas you will take for yourself on the note!

10. Late marriage

It is considered that the white wedding dress and handsome suit is only suitable for young people is a huge mistake!

When a person loves and is happy, he radiates an amazing light, and no matter he is 20 or 80. 80 sometimes life is just beginning...

For example, as the couple – the woman is 89 years old, and her fiance – 86. They met each other not so long ago, when he was already quite older.

But we can not affect fateful meeting... People decided to be happy, no matter how old they are.

9. Bright mood

One guy decided to bring to life your girlfriend striking element, and sent her a postcard with a picture of sunflowers (in heraldry this plant means warmth, joy, sunshine and world), and it is a few months sent him yellow shoes.

The print on them is very pleased – on sneakers was a picture of sunflowers, and exactly the same as on the card.

It's great when people have a problem with the spirits, and they come up with interesting things to please your mate.

8. Compliments in the bottle

When we have a bad mood – it seems that nothing is able to improve it. But when close to you is the person you truly loves – he will never ignore your condition, especially if he has fantasies about how to make your mood better.

The man told his wife that his spirits depressed, and this evening she surprised him – gave as a gift a small bottle, and in it notes on colored sheets of paper, and each of them was written something good about him and PEP.

7. Offer to get married

When men make a proposal to your girl, stand up for your right knee – this gesture means chivalrous behavior. When a man kneels – this means that he respects the girl and is willing to protect her.

But sometimes it happens Vice versa... for Example, a man is not ready to propose to his girlfriend, then she takes the initiative in their own hands, as in this story of love.

The girl herself knelt down and caught her boyfriend by surprise – he wasn't ready for it, but so moved that he said, "Yes, I agree!"

6. Original gift

Some women love flowers, and when they give their love to take a photograph to show off to their girlfriends.

But some, on the contrary, a negative attitude to the gift, as the flowers because flowers died and gradually wither. They may like flowers, but when they live and grow.

The man knew that his bride doesn't like flowers, so he found a way out – he brought together a bouquet of what she enjoys, from a variety of face masks.

5. The clean

People believe that men don't like to get out, but it's not – just often women do at home all by yourself and not allow men to do the cleaning or to clean out of fear that they will do something wrong.

Sometimes when a man wants to help, the woman says, "I", refusing to help. But at some point the man wants to release his beloved from the Affairs at home, as happened in this story.

While the woman slept -- her husband made the kitchen clean after they were guests on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of their wedding. That's a surprise!

4. Painting for a loved one

Drawing is a creative hobby that allows artists to relax and sink into a state of meditation...

More passion happy, when you know that your work will not be somewhere to gather dust, and will decorate the apartment of a loved one.

The guy girl who painted watercolor paintings with fish, didn't have the money to buy into my new apartment interior design, so she decided to give him a pleasant surprise.

The girl herself drew for him pictures, and he gladly posted them.

3. SPA for a loved one

When you stay at home at night with his beloved – be ready for adventure... This man usually works the night shift, but once he left the house.

His girlfriend holds periodic SPA treatments, doing facial masks... She was bored and she wanted a little excitement, the target for this was her favorite, who did not go to work.

She felt that the skin of her beloved is in need of rejuvenation and hydration, so I prepared a party for him – put on his face mask, it is possible to following his shift, the man went to work rested and refreshed.

2. Halloween costume

When I do some strange things, there is a reason... for example, love pushing the madness.

It was February 14 – Valentine's Day, when lovers meet, give each other gifts, eat cake with champagne or tea (who gets what), but the man decided to stand out!

He came to work for his wife in the suit, which is worn usually for Halloween, and congratulated her, giving the woman a bouquet of flowers.

The suit makes no sense, he is not even fit for the holiday, however, may be where there is love, there are no laws of logic?

1. Support a loved one

In our age of modern technology have solved a lot of problems – it is known that almost every man periodically experiencing the "staircase" (the person finds the right words, when it is not needed, that is, he falls into an intellectual stupor and could not immediately answer).

However, when you communicate on the Internet, you can always think and then to respond to the other party.

The man decided to sell my old monitor, and in the evening complained to his wife that he did not write. The next morning he saw that he wrote! The man only later realized that the message came from his wife.

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