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10 most stupid animals in the world


Even after a short conversation with the person, it is possible to draw conclusions about his mental abilities.

With animals it is much more complicated, and ordinary people like the idea even in a head will not come.

It seems that for the animal world IQ level does not matter. Monkeys do not brag to each other honors and gold medals, and the elephants are not satisfied with the intellectual battles.

Indeed, animals will never have to worry about their mental abilities, but man this question gives me no rest.

For example, the famous zoologist Adolf Portman from Switzerland up the scale of mental development. He distributed all the animals and birds, relative to their level of intelligence. Other scientists supported his theory.

In this article we will focus on beings whom nature has not given great intelligence. Below are the 10 most stupid animals in the world.

10. Turkey

A low level of intelligence and lack of intelligence suffer only domestic turkeys. From wild turkeys to mental abilities is all right. They are quite cunning and prudent.

Homemade Turkey behave very strangely, this is partly to blame man himself. For example, turkeys are not able to eat on their own, they need to teach.

There are cases when the birds were killed, although food was plenty. When the birds drink, they start to shake his head to fall into a trance, falling into the water and die.

Sometimes they go after each other in a circle, long look at the sky. Turkeys are not afraid of the noise, but any rustling may cause panic. Then the bird takes off running, not seeing the way, bumps into objects and walls. The owners of the turkeys have to constantly keep an eye on them.

9. Quail

The level of intelligence of quail, too, leaves much to be desired. They have a very small brain, which undoubtedly affects the ability to think.

Birds often put their lives at risk. Wild birds live in small flocks, but a leader they do not exist.

They choose too available space for breeding offspring. Very often nests of quail ruin, in this case, female birds leave their Chicks to the mercy of fate.

Breeders who try to breed these birds, too, find their behavior strange. They can burn on the heating system to drown in the drinking bowl, smash your head on the ceiling.

8. Kakapo

The most ancient birds, on the brink of extinction. In January 2019, the number of individuals in the world has reached 147 (in 1995 – 50 individuals).

The biggest problem with these birds –the good nature and credulity. They don't know how to act when they see danger. Birds just stand and think. Fly they do not know how to defend too.

The situation is complicated by the fact that kakapo do not seek to reproduce. They mate no more than twice a year, and often the males are "not selective in relations." They don't tell a female kakapo from all other living creatures.

It is not surprising that due to such mental abilities, bird was on the verge of extinction.

7. Pheasant

They are very beautiful birds. They can be both wild and domesticated. Their behavior is not always amenable to logic, so they call them stupid birds.

For example, if a pheasant decides to fly up and hit the barrier, he will not depart further. He will repeat the maneuver many times until you break your head.

Other birds at the sight of such behavior of relatives experiencing a strange aggression. They can attack and peck you to death.

In nature pheasants also put their lives at risk, so they become easy prey for hunters. They are not afraid of their noisy take off, return to the place where just the fear flew away.

6. Panda

These animals are also endangered. The main reason is the low level of intelligence. They are quite good-natured, but to teach Panda to execute commands almost impossible.

Pandas eat bamboo. It contains too few calories. Such food could not provide their body with all necessary, but the animals will never eat anything else, although considered omnivorous.

Scientists even say that, with the destruction of bamboo in the habitat of pandas, they face starvation. They will not eat insects, carrion and other plants. They just did not think about.

There is another reason why the number of pandas is steadily declining. Females of these animals usually give birth to two cubs, but only care about one thing, the second dies.

5. Rabbit

It seems that rabbits are delightful creatures. Only those who dared to make their homes in this statement do not agree.

If you read the feedback about them as Pets, there is a perception that rabbits are the dumbest animals on the planet. They are hurtful, nasty, biting things. They do not distinguish edible from inedible.

By the way, rabbits are not as harmless as it may seem. They can attack the owner, to bite, to scratch. Although in most cases people are to blame for this animal's behavior, then the remnants of intelligence in the rabbit has been preserved.

4. Ostrich

Scientists say that the brain of ostriches is less than their eyes. These animals are stupid and short-sighted. They do many strange and stupid things. They live by their instincts.

They are impossible to anything to teach. Therefore, when you contact ostrich care should be taken. In no case do not try to feed the animal with it, it might bite off a few fingers.

The owls often are aggressive, may attack without reason, score wings or stomp their feet. Given the size of the birds, for them it will not be easy.

3. Koala

Koalas give the impression of sweet creatures, but it is not so. In fact, these animals are irritable and dishonest. Their brain is 2% of total body weight, although scientists claim that it was much larger.

The reason for the degeneration of koalas – the transition to a plant-based diet, which can not provide them with all the necessary nutrients.

Koalas are very slow. An experiment was conducted in which scientists were able to confirm a low level of intelligence of these animals.

Before the Aussies put the dish with leaves of eucalyptus (their main food), but they would not eat them. Animals accustomed to the fact that food grows on trees, and just didn't know what to do with these plates and sheets.

2. Sloth

Some scientists have called sloths, not only as a mistake of evolution and said that they will soon become extinct. But the lack of mental abilities did not affect the number of individuals on the planet.

The greater part of his life sloths spend in sleep. They sleep about 15 hours a day and the rest of the time hanging in the trees.

Sloths even the food can not digest. This involved bacteria inhabiting their stomach.

On the ground they are helpless, so they prefer to spend more time in the trees.

1. Hippo

Hippos had no occupation but to lie in the cool water and Napping. They are slow, lame.

Hippos do not realize that often put their lives in danger. They can lie quietly on the edge of the waterfall without worrying about the fact that they can carry over.

These animals are not trainable. They are very aggressive and lazy. A famous trainer once told that hippos difficult to force them to perform tricks. They are not able to work even for food.

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