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10 most beautiful Actresses of Italy


Many of the moviegoers never cease to admire the beauty of the Hollywood Actresses, but don't forget that Italian cinema also requires attention.

Films shot by the Italians has long earned worldwide recognition. The cinematography of this Sunny country to freely compete with other countries, as the number of produced films a year, and the number of won Oscars.

As for the Italian Actresses, they certainly are beautiful, talented and charming. In this article you will learn about the 10 most attractive Actresses of Italy.

10. Marina Berti

A young Italian actress noticed in the movie 1941, immediately after its release on the big screen, the girl acquired glory and fame.

During her acting career she have played more than hundred roles. The spectator can remember her in such films as "the Queen of Sheba," "Cleopatra," "Murder in the night train", "Beautiful nymph".

The last time the actress appeared in film in 2002, at that time she was already 78 years old. The actress was married once and remained with her husband until his death, the couple had three children who also, like my mother, chose the profession of actors.

9. Lorella de Luca

In the film actress made her debut in 1955, starring in the movie "Cheaters". Success and fame has brought her shooting in the next film called "Poor but beautiful".

The actress had their roles, it often acted as a pretty, a beautiful but naive girl.

In 1965, the artist became acquainted with the famous Italian Director Duccio Tessar, began to play in his films, and after became his wife.

8. Anita Ekberg

The actress was born in Sweden, at first where she was shot. But international fame has brought her role in the movie "Sweet life", which was filmed by Italian film Director.

Also the viewer can recall those movies with the actress as "Mongols," "Boccaccio 70", "Four from Texas", "woman times Seven", "Clowns".

Anita Ekberg for her acting career, was awarded the prize "Golden globe". Married actress appeared twice, both marriages ended in divorce.

Last years he lived alone, led an almost solitary life.

7. Alida Vali

The actress debuted in 1934, starring in the motion picture "the three-cornered Hat". The success and love of the audience came to her in 1939.

To star in the films the actress has continued and during the war, gradually earning the title of stars from around the world.

In the late 1940s, the actress was invited to star in Hollywood, but there it have not had great success and returned home, where he continued to act in Italian and French cinema.

In 1997, the actress was awarded the "Golden lion". The viewer can watch the following films with the participation of Alida Wali: "the Third man", "walk softly, stranger", "Feeling", "Eyes without a face" Suspiria" and many others.

6. Isabella Rossellini

Italian actress and model was born in the family of famous personalities, her mother, actress Ingrid Bergman and her father was the Director Roberto Rossellini.

For a long time the actress was the face of the cosmetic brand 'Lancome', she became known for shooting in the film "Blue velvet".

In addition, she has frequently appeared on the covers of publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and many others.

Her children also followed in the footsteps of the famous mother and chose a career models. The actress is also known for having a lot of time on the protection of wildlife, she became the author of several series devoted to this topic.

5. Ornella Muti

Real name Actresses – Francesca Rivelli. In the movie, the girl debuted at the age of 15 years. For her acting career, she worked with many film Directors, for example, in 1980, starred in the British film, in 1984 he collaborated with German film Director, additionally, it played in the Soviet cinema.

Also, the actress actively acted in the homeland. One of the memorable roles of the actress was in the film "the taming of the shrew".

The actress starred in such films as "Life is beautiful", "Love and money", "Poor rich man", "me and my sister", "the Count of Monte Cristo" and many others.

She was married 3 times, she has two daughters and a son.

4. Laura Chiatti

Since childhood the actress was dreaming about fame, she wanted to be a singer. Shoot the girl managed.

Many viewers remember blond the blonde with a charming smile on such films as "home", "Fatal Lara", "Love: the instruction on application", "Gladiators of Rome" and some other.

3. Gina Lollobrigida

This is the name of the Italian actress is known to everyone. Many print publications had admitted her the most beautiful woman in the world.

The actress during her career was awarded numerous awards, she also has a personal star on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

In her youth, Gina wanted to be an Opera singer, and only the entreaties of his mother helped to try yourself in the role of the actress.

Well known for her role in the film "Fanfan the Tulip", a French film has won numerous awards. Further acting career has blossomed, she began acting with the actors with an international reputation.

Her important works are: "Solomon and Sheba", "Come September" and "the Teacher of don Juan", "Notre Dame Cathedral".

2. Sophia Loren

The Italian actress is the winner of numerous prizes and awards, including an Oscar. In the 1950s she became a sex symbol in his homeland.

In 1954 came one of the most significant films in her career "Attila". Worldwide fame actress gained after starring in such films as "the Gold of Naples", "Chacara", "Sunflowers".

Next, the actress continued her career in Hollywood, where she starred in the following films "Pride and passion", "desire under the elms", "the Black Dahlia", "Millionaires".

1. Monica Bellucci

His career Italian actress she started in the modeling business, where they made dizzying progress.

She participated in advertising campaigns for such famous brands as Dolce Gabbana, Cartier, Dior and some others.

In the movie she began acting in the 1990s, recognition and love of the audience was brought to her roles in such films as "Dracula", "the Apartment", "Malena", "Irreversible", "the passion of the Christ" and some others.

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