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10 biggest mistakes young parents


After the birth, the family life is changing dramatically. Young parents, of course, tried to prepare for this exciting event.

They read many books, discussed his childhood with mom or dad, talked with friends who all have experienced.

Only that even the most prepared parents have no idea what awaits them in reality.

The child is a big responsibility. Mom and dad are responsible for his health, physical and spiritual development. They turn for advice to doctors, relatives and friends, looking for answers to questions in books or articles.

Soon the parents begin to panic. They understand that no one question there is no consensus. They are confused, they don't know how to act in a given situation.

If you have recently become a mom or dad, read our article. Following are the 10 biggest mistakes young parents.

10. Walkers are mandatory for a child

As soon as the child stands up, the parents start to chase the question: "Walker bought?"

Others want to help and tell wonderful stories about how their child would spend hours running around in the Walker. They at this time have time to do many household chores, and the baby "just a week has learned to walk alone".

Yes, some of the benefits of the Walker is still there: develops coordination of movements, strengthening the muscles of the legs and back, the child can move freely.

But minuses much more: high risk of injury, springy gait, muscle tone.

Each mom decides whether or not to use a Walker. Even if you decide to buy them, do not get carried away. The walkers can be no more than 30 minutes a day.

9. Diapers always need to boil and pour over steam

If you follow the advice of grandmothers, the first year of life the child needs to deal only with diapers. Every time they need to be boiled and ironed.

Don't you have nothing more important to do? Dedicate time to your child, and the sterility of the diaper experience is not necessary, especially if the baby is started to crawl.

There is no need for boiling and Ironing. As a result, killed all the microorganisms that reside in the environment. The child should have contact with them, then is the effect of natural vaccination.

By the way, the carefully ironed linen absorbs less moisture. The child may develop a prickly heat.

8. The longer you breastfeed, the better

Another controversial question. Previously, mothers were recommended to breastfeed up to a year, lately it has been extended to 2 – 3 years.

Breast milk benefits a child only in the first year of life. Then it becomes a habit that over time more and more difficult to get rid of.

Again, doctors recommend prolonged breastfeeding as a means of combating various diseases (women, not the child!).

If you're not a fan of breast-feeding, feed up to one year, up to a maximum of 1.5 years. This is quite enough.

7. The baby should be dopisivati breastfeeding

Modern pediatricians have long said otherwise. They recommend to get acquainted with the water after 6 months.

In breast milk contains all the essential, it consists of 80% water. To dopisivati not necessary.

First, you can't be confident in the quality of water consumed, whether to offer her baby? It can get infected with infectious diseases. Water can cause diarrhoea.

Second, it may cause the baby will drink less milk and gradually it will produce less.

6. When the baby cries, it is better for him not to come

Some doctors are of the opinion that the children's crying is nothing to worry about. They offer parents to wait to give the child "crying". They attribute this to the fact that the child will begin to manipulate their parents.

Imagine yourself in the place of the child. It is small and defenseless, he needs his mom, except this time he thinks about manipulation?

Satisfy all the needs of the child, feed, change a diaper, hold hands, and he calms down.

No need to wait the recommended 5, 10, 30 minutes. During this time the child starts a tantrum, to calm him down will be much harder.

5. The child is naughty only bad mother

When the child slightly grows up, the mother will have a hard time. He's terribly behaved, do not listen, cranky, although other members of the family, he can be diligent and obedient.

Do not hurry to get upset. Scientists have confirmed that a number of mother and children relax, and this is a normal reaction to her appearance. This means that it feels comfortable.

So throw away the idea that you are a bad mother and in no case do not attach much importance to the opinion of other people.

4. The baby should sleep separately

For a long time it was believed that co-sleeping is evil. Recently, it has become quite popular, but the debate on it never ceased.

Supporters of a joint dream talking about the quality of lactation and the sense of security of the child. Opponents say that it is unhygienic and dangerous.

Many mothers choose an intermediate option, they move up a cot close to the adult. Perhaps it can be called the best.

The child is calm, because the mother is near, she in turn does not have to jump at every cry. Parents can sleep.

This is a big plus, because the next day dad had to go to work, and the mother, the child must provide quality care.

3. The child himself must occupy themselves

Most parents believe that the child can find an occupation. They wait, when he grows up, will yourself to play, and they have (finally!) will the time for yourself.

The long-awaited moment did not occur. Do not comfort yourself with vain hopes. You should teach your child independent play.

Do not buy the child a huge number of toys, he develops his imagination. Do not spend with him all the time, but not spare child extra minute.

Soon he grows up, he will have other interests, then you remember that you missed a lot of opportunities together.

2. Often it is impossible to take on hands – getting spoiled

Mom, taught by "bitter experience" of friends and relatives, afraid once again to take on hands of the baby. "Getting spoiled, used, and then not wean," — all these phrases young parents hear regularly.

You cannot spoil a child with attention, especially if he was born recently. The baby needs a mother's warmth, take him in my arms. Don't be afraid to wean is not necessary.

As soon as the baby learns to crawl and then walk, he does not want to sit on your hands. Especially do not skimp on hugs and affection in stressful situations, when a child experiences fear or strong emotions.

1. The baby does not understand the meaning of words

On this issue there are many opinions. One of the most common – for a child of great importance is the tone, not the words.

There was a case when a grandmother decided to conduct an experiment on a small child. He was 3 months. She spoke to him in a tender voice thus uttered unpleasant words. The child began to cry.

Apparently, before he heard these words, and remember them. This case shows that even very young children understand. This, incidentally, is confirmed by neonatologists who spend a lot of time with newborn children.

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