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10 most unusual cinemas around the world


Around the world people often and with pleasure go to the cinema. This pastime is a wonderful way to relax, unwind and get pleasure from viewing great movie.

Fans of the films continue to visit cinemas, even despite the fact that today many of them have an excellent technique at home, allowing you to enjoy watching movies without leaving.

To create the cinema of the unusual atmosphere, some of the owners of these establishments were very creative and made them unique.

In our article we propose to see the 10 most unusual cinemas around the world.

10. Cinema-Jacuzzi in London

Originality has a cinema with Jacuzzi in London. Moviegoers, while you are there, immersed in a Jacuzzi filled with hot or cold water, and watching the film.

Some institutions of this type are on the street, so people can not only watch the movie, but also to admire the starry sky.

They work only in the summer. However, such places can not come to taste to those who are shy and do not want to undress in front of lots of strangers.

Also, these cinemas are unlikely to be suitable pairs for a first date. But the idea of creating such places still creative. Many people like to gather in the cinema-Jacuzzi revelry companies.

9. "Chinese theater" in Los Angeles

The Chinese culture is always of interest to Americans, so in Los Angeles and was created an unusual cinema dedicated to it.

Its construction dates back to 1927. The US government had to work hard to create it, they needed permission from the Chinese rulers, as they had to take out of China bells, dragons, and other symbols of the Buddhist religion, which was previously located in the temples.

All these attributes have helped to create a "Chinese theater". In the same place is the walk of Fame where you can see the imprints of the hands and feet of celebrities from around the world.

8. Electric Cinema in London

Cinema is rich in history, it has withstood the ravages of two wars. However, in the late 80s was on the verge, he was thinking to close due to lack of funding, but the great actress Audrey Hepburn was not allowed to do so and helped his owners.

A feature of this institution is that any moviegoer can during a session called the waiter and ordered a Cup of coffee or chocolate and other drinks.

Also the visitor of the cinema has the ability to get my own room and view a film there, you choose by yourself.

7. The Fox theatre in Oakland, California

The cinema is located in Auckland. Its hall can accommodate almost 3,000 seats. Worth to visit not only for viewing films, but also because he is listed in the national Register of historic places of America.

Tourists who arrived in California, often visit the school to make many photos in a renovated room, reminiscent of the style of the palaces of crowned heads.

6. Cafe cinema Sci-Fi at Disney Hollywood

In this cinema you can not only get pleasure from viewing to light a great film, but also delicious to eat, as there is also a cafe.

In addition, the place is very interestingly decorated. On the territory of the hall, there is a small vintage cars that serve as seats for spectators.

This style immediately transports the visitor to a cinema in the atmosphere of the 50-70-ies of the last century, when big screens were located on the streets and people, carefully dressed, came to him in the car to watch the film.

5. The Paramount theater in Oakland, California

This theater was opened in 1931. Besides the fact that we show the films, there are also artists city Philharmonic and ballet.

Decorated restaurant in the style of art Deco, which was especially popular in America in the 1930s, and, despite numerous restorations, retains the original design to this day.

4. "City movie" in Israel

Israeli cinema is a huge area of about 40 km2. "The city cinema" has 26 rooms, each of which has a unique design and involves viewing films of a certain genre.

Especially popular among the audience enjoys the 3D space like image when watching movies in it is so real that everyone is able to imagine himself as the main character.

3. Theater in Orinda California

The cinema, located in California, it was created in 1941, during the war, and lasted quite a long time, military action was not affected.

Tear it down like in the 1980s, but the owners found money for restoration, and the theater continued its activities.

The two new halls, designed according to modern fashion trends, but the old hall still looks exactly the way it was created originally.

2. Boat cinema in Paris

To visit Paris dream of almost every inhabitant of the planet. Fulfilling his dream and arriving in Paris, don't forget to visit the boat a cinema, this place is quite unique.

Here, the audience watching the film, sitting in a real boat bobbing in the waters of the pool.

Many visitors consider viewing films this way are very romantic and enjoy visiting with your other half.

1. "Lying" cinema Olympia in France

The creators of these movie theater came to the matter thoroughly. They realized that in the modern rhythm of life, people are very tired and made in his shop instead of the usual seats comfortable soft beds, a movie theater will want to visit after a hard day.

The atmosphere in the cinema hall close to home. The idea appealed to moviegoers, the cinema hall is always full, many people would like to enjoy watching an interesting movie and relax as much as possible, lying on the bed with beautiful linens. Is "lying" cinema in France.

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