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10 of the most modest players


Famous players get multimillion-dollar fees, which many of them spend on expensive cars, villas, jewelry and a noisy party.

Such earnings, plus a huge popularity, not the best way affect the personal qualities of many players who "wear the crown" and consider themselves better than others.

Fortunately, these are not all: some big money do not dazzle and they remain regular guys, though, and are in the top clubs with an expensive contract.

Today we are talking about 10 players who don't like unnecessary show-off and try not to stand out.

10. Mohammed Salah

Egyptian striker English "Liverpool" is currently one of the best in the world at his position, besides being in the Prime of life (he is 26).

Nevertheless, in his spare time, he not burns-earned money, and doing far more useful things: regularly sponsors social programs at home to help children and the elderly.

In their social networks is photo cool cars he posts pictures from hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and even he might come tonight for people with disabilities and celebrate with them.

Simple and open in life, he's not conceited in the football pitch, after one of the matches in the Premier League, in which Salah scored a hat-trick, he was awarded the prize as best player of the match, but he refused and gave his team-mate James Milner, who played in that day of jubilee, the 500th match.

9. Marcus Rashford

The young forward of "Manchester United" (he's 21) made his debut for the first team in 18 years, studying at the moment in school.

Many in his position would have started to ignore school, but not for him: the guy every day got up in the morning and attended his classes, and in the evening played at old Trafford.

While getting good money, he bought an expensive car, as I didn't want to stand out. The first fee he spent on a rental of a nice house for his parents, and himself went to normal by the standards of England Audi A3.

8. Kilian Mbappe

The talent of the young talent was evident in Monaco, who sensationally won the championship in the 2016/17 season. Shining on the field and sometimes alone, "pulling out" matches for his team, Mappa in his 17 years remained an ordinary schoolboy, as Marcus Rashford.

Wide publicity gained story, when after the ceremony Kilian is a party on the occasion of winning the title of champion of France went home to sleep because in the morning he had to go to class.

And now, being one of the main stars of PSG, it is still not conceited.

7. Leighton Baines

This player can not be called a world star, but he is definitely very talented and overly shy, which was to play a trick on him.

Being a left back, he in his career scored almost 70 goals, so that even were the champion on this indicator.

All recognize his ability (he has been the player of the year at Everton), but the player himself believed himself to be the most common. When he was first summoned to England, he even hesitated to go into the locker room, where, in his opinion, were true professionals, not like him.

Because of this, he has refused offers top clubs, although his name was a grants. Needless to say that the boast of him no one has ever seen.

6. Kevin De Bruyne

Being one of the best Midfielders in the world at the moment, and getting huge amounts of money into Manchester city, the Belgian has never attracted attention outside the football field.

He said: "I don't want to be a star. I'm a simple guy and just want to play football, benefiting the team." Loud partying and reckless spending is clearly not about him.

5. Christian Eriksen

Danish discovery Tottenham pet all the coaches, because it behaves like a regular guy. Slaven Bilic, who worked as a coach in the Premier League, said that Eriksen is one of the best in the world, but his name is not widely known just because of its simplicity.

He's not trying to set fashion trends such as Paul Pogba, so not so popular, but in midfield he can be more useful Frenchman.

4. Andres Iniesta

The Spanish midfielder's entire career has been one of the leaders of "Barcelona" and the national team, giving a brilliant transfer and at times scoring crucial goals, but never stuffed his worth.

In the media there is not a single scandalous articles about him, but praise the darkness. He never fought and do not conflict, trying to do everything to win the team.

Often he gave assists in situations in which 90% of the other players themselves would go forward, but Iniesta the result was always more important than personal achievements.

3. Paul Scholes

Coarse and maximally rectilinear Roy Keane during his performances for "Manchester United" said that Scholes is one of the few, in whom not a drop of glamor, gloss and bombast.

Being a living legend of the club, the Englishman hated the commercial shoot and an interview, so after the matches were eager to leave the stadium.

Inspirational photos in Instagram is generally a wildness to the Floor, so the social networks he is not engaged at all.

2. Luka Modric

The Croatian midfielder, interrupted the hegemony of Messi and Ronaldo took the Golden ball last year, life is no different from an ordinary person.

He doesn't dye his hair and does not make extravagant hairstyles, wears the most ordinary clothes without looking at the trends, and publishes in his Instagram mostly pictures of family.

Onion family-oriented with his wife and three children with whom he tries to spend all his free time.

1. Ngolo Kant

This is by far the most humble player on the planet, who plays for a top club on a solid contract who won besides the World Cup.

Going to the Premier League and signing a lucrative contract with "Lester", the Frenchman could afford to buy an expensive foreign car, but instead was limited to second-hand mini-Cooper and drove it even after a small accident, in which "it happened" case.

Once, when the player of "Chelsea" and the best defensive midfielder the Premier League (if not the entire world), he missed the train to Paris, and the next was only in the evening.

He met fans who asked for a photo and autograph, and then invited him to her and he agreed. In the end, he spent the day visiting new friends for socializing and playing Fifa.

The peak of his modesty, (yet) he achieved at the world Cup in Russia, when after the victory of his team was EMBARRASSED to be photographed with the Cup, because I thought that we played well enough.

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