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10 actors who had to starve for the role


The heroes of our today's selections on our own experience, that art requires sacrifice. To fully get into character and embody the desired image on the screen, they sat on a strict diet and in a short time lost weight.

Hollywood stars are receiving multimillion-dollar fees, in the truest sense of the word starved, causing the enthusiastic surprise of the public.

10. Matthew McConaughey, "Dallas buyers club"

In the drama "Dallas buyers club" McConaughey was a very difficult role: he had validly to play an AIDS patient person 80 years, who is trying not to give up.

It is demanded of the actor is not only talented drama, but also the external transformation, so it is specially for filming dropped 21 kg.

Given that he has never been complete and has always been thin, a sharp weight loss was very evident. However, his efforts were not in vain: for this role he received the "Oscar".

9. Chris Hemsworth "In the heart of the sea"

After Chris Hemsworth in the first "Torah" took his shirt off and showed his inflated torso, he began to think of it as a muscular God of Thunder.

Deciding to break from superheroine and move away from entrenched roles, Hemsworth in 2015, has accepted the offer to star in the film "In the heart of the sea", telling about the survivors of a shipwreck.

He had to play the role of a starving hunger of a person, so the muscle he's only hurt. He had to go on a diet and to consume only 500 calories a day, but he was quickly able to lose 9 kg, which are then re-scored for "the Avengers".

8. Curtis Jackson, "Different things"

Rapper 50 Cent, and in the world Curtis Jackson, to star in the movie, began long ago and continues to do so now. He usually played tough guys, the good developed muscles and ability to look menacing allowed to do this without difficulty, but from an acting career he obviously wanted more.

In 2011 he decided to star in the film "Different things" (All Things Fall Apart), where he was offered the role of a football player dying of cancer. To look authentic, he is 9 weeks dropped 22 kg, what is worthy of respect.

He said that in the difficult moments when I wanted to quit and not to torture himself, he watched an interview the other actors, hadiseh for the role, and it gave him motivation.

7. Jonah Hill, Of "Maniac"

Jonah hill most of his career was a typical "paglesham", acting mostly in Comedy. However, in 2011 for his girlfriend he lost about 10 kg, but gradually he re "ate".

In 2017, when it became known about his participation in the filming of the series "Maniac" with Emma stone, the media began to appear the first photo postroynevshaya actor, who at the moment lost more than 20 kg, and they didn't stop there.

Judging by the changes that he wants to distance itself from the role of a comedian and focus on serious dramatic works.

6. Hugh Jackman, "Les Miserables"

In the film adaptation of the novel by Victor Hugo Hugh Jackman played the role of convict, gain freedom, and trying to start a new life in France beginning of XIX century.

It does not fit his view of "X-Men", where he was an athletic mutant, so the actor has dropped 15 kg by limiting itself to everyone in terms of food.

It is noteworthy that in the next year he was going to do a solo "Wolverine: the Immortal", for which he again "took".

5. Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"

Anne Hathaway was a partner of Jackman on the set in the drama "Les Miserables" and she also had to significantly change its shape.

Naturally slender, the actress brought herself almost to anorexia, further dropping 10 lbs.

Given the initially low weight, its change was most noticeable in the frame. By the way, she became the only one of all the ensemble cast, who for this film won the "Oscar".

4. Chris Pratt, Guardians of the galaxy

In the TV series "Parks and recreation" and Comedy "Father-well done" Chris Pratt showed quite chubby cheeks and round belly, so his appointment to the role of team leader in "Guardians of the Galaxy" came as a surprise to fans.

Who would have thought that the actor will be able to quickly get in shape and become, if not a "juicer", it is "voluptuous" man with a noticeable pressure. He has lost 27 kg and since the weight was not gaining.

3. Adam Driver, 'Silence'

Drama Martin Scorsese's "Silence" became one of the main Premier 2017, and a real challenge for Adam Driver.

Cult Director required him greatly to lose weight, although the actor never suffered from fullness. To give up the opportunity to work with Scorsese is very difficult, so Adam started grinding his teeth a lot of time on cardio, not enough food. As a result, he lost 16 kg, at the expense of what places looked like in the frame scary.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal, "Stringer"

The role of the obsessed crime journalist, who for the sake of good video is ready for everything, is considered the top acting of Gyllenhaal, at least not yet.

When he said that you have to lose weight, he took it calmly and did it without much difficulty.

"I knew my hero would be in literally and figuratively hungry, — said Jake. — I quickly went into the mode where I had to eat quite a bit. I lost a little more than 9 pounds."

1. Christian Bale, "The Machinist"

When he came to audition for drama "the Machinist", the actor weighed 83 kg with height 183 cm, being quite athletic man. It is unknown how he was able to convince the Director that will be able so hard to lose weight, but the role it approved.

For 4 months he lost 28 kg and just looked creepy. Stills from the film scattered around the world instantly and became so famous that even those who have not seen "the Machinist" knows that Christian bale has done something incredible with their weight.

Recently the actor said that he no longer will deal with the transformations of the body as due to age it gets more difficult, and for health he began to fear.

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