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10 anime TV series similar to "the Ascent of the hero of the shield" 2018-...


The protagonist of the anime the Ascent of the hero of the shield Iwatani Naofumi. He is an ordinary second year student.

A simple visit to the library turned so that he and 3 men were in a parallel universe where each of them became a hero, equipped with great weapons. Their goal is to save our world from destruction.

However, Iwatani became the hero of the shield, and since he was not prepared for a similar fate, it became known as a weak character. But he'll do anything to prove that he is the legendary hero of the shield!

This cartoon has gained an army of fans who would like to know which anime is similar to the Ascent of the hero of the shield. Especially for them this collection!

10. The legend of the legendary heroes 2010

Many years ago, mankind was under the power of demons. Dark forces were in control of all processes on the planet.

The existence of people is turned into a real hell. Horrible creatures mistreated people and impeded the development of human civilization.

But one day came the warriors who were stronger demons. They took the side of the people and cast out evil demons from the planet.

Was it real or all this is fiction, nobody knows. But this beautiful legend of the legendary heroes passed down from generation to generation.

9. Goddess bless this beautiful world 2016-2017

A young hikikomori satou Kazuma, who just did what they were lounging in their apartment, one day went to walk to the store to buy another online game, which recently went on sale.

Having to buy what he wanted, sleepy Hickey Sato, dedicating the game for three days without rest, suddenly sees how his classmate rides with great speed the truck!

He couldn't leave the girl in trouble, but I wish he never left the house

8. The Lord of magic arrows and maidens war 2014

One day God gave a gift to the person a magic bow. All the arrows, which he produced, always hit the target. Thanks to this man and his magic bow on the mainland is peace and order. But this idyll at one point came to an end.

This man died, and the magic bow had disappeared. Again war broke out. The seven maidens of war VANADIS, which the dragons gave a powerful magic weapon, began at the head of seven provinces of the mainland.

And that story begins with a meeting on the battlefield one of the seven VANADIS and gifted archery arrow Tigerbrands Vorn

7. Chronicles Of The Horizon 2013-2015

Thousands of Japanese players concluded the game the Legend of an Ancient, gradually became accustomed to life in a new universe. And how hard can it be? There are not a flying castle or fire-breathing dragons, and his native Japan, only medieval and reduced in two times.

Monsters players are not afraid of, well, various bumps and bespredelschik, they quickly laid siege to, whereby the local population is healed a normal life.

In welcoming Akihabara, managed Round Table, come all the new people. But on the eve of Christmas, the famous magician, Siroe disappeared

6. Lord 2015-2018

The narrative begins with the last day of the famous online game Yggdrasil. The protagonist of the anime Get, decides not to leave favorite game until the very last moment.

However, contrary to his expectations, the server does not stop its work, and the guy somehow inexplicably gets stuck in your virtual character and into another world.

Now the “Mighty Lord” will have to survive in the game world and encounter various challenges. He has no family, no friends, no places to hide, but he will do anything to conquer the new world

5. Life in the alternative world from scratch in 2016

This story is about the life of a teenager named Subaru Natsuki. Unexpectedly for himself and the people around him, he finds himself in an alternate reality. It happened when the guy was walking home from the store.

Arriving in another world, he almost becomes the victim of attacks by thugs who dominate this place. His life was saved by an elf with silver hair.

In gratitude for his rescue, the guy decides to do a favor for her and find the thief who robbed her

4. Arata: The Legend 2013

Action anime taking place in a parallel universe, where gods and humans live side by side. Here every 30 years from the members of the matriarchal Hime clan elect a new Princess.

And once again the time has come to make a choice, and choose-and not from whom: all members of the clan in this role is good only Arata who was just fifteen years old. And there is another problem: Arata guy

3. Gargantua on the green planet 2013

Mankind has left his icy home and rushed to the stars. People traveling on spaceships, are elements of the same combination.

A typical example is the life of a young Lieutenant red. He was for many years was in the cockpit of a robot fighter. He turned into a real killing machine, but in the next battle luck turned away from him and the Lieutenant there is a need to make the leap.

However, woke up red's not in outer darkness, in an unknown hangar, where carefree kids tried using a blowtorch and scrap, and trusted him to open the mechanism. Whatever you say, and the cradle of human civilization, the Earth, so that's outstanding!

2. Warrior four elements 2013

Together with a meteorite came to Earth terrible creatures called Shadows. They very quickly destroyed almost all of humanity.

The few survivors fled to the last Bastion of security land Kairiku. In those places there is a legend that somewhere in the Ancient lands, there is a powerful Holy weapon, with which you can once and for all to protect a dying world from all the Shadows.

However, driven by malice and dark intent, a weapon capable of destroying all its inhabitants. Can AME, Princess of the ruined Shadows of the country, to find these weapons and kill if her thirst for vengeance the world?

1. Twelve kingdoms - 2002-2003

This anime is a philosophical fantasy narrative. The story forces the viewer to reflect on human nature, which can sometimes take the most unexpected forms.

Here the viewer is invited along with the heroes of the animated film bit by bit to recreate the incredibly exciting world of illusions, which can even be lost.

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