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10 series of thrillers that will brighten up your boring evening


Serial thrillers is movies with a special character and atmosphere in the shot, while stylistically they can be very different with elements of Thriller, horror or detective, with leisurely development of the plot, where the characters are busy unraveling a complex puzzle.

Anyway, the viewer will not be bored, because he would have to be caught up in a tense confrontation between good and evil!

So, if you want to while away the evening watching an interesting and exciting Thriller, you may like one of the serials provided in this collection.

We offer you to plunge into the world full of intricate secrets, deceit, mysterious crimes and bad guys.

10. Luther2010-

Detective chief inspector John Luther is in the London police in the major crimes and serial killings.

Luther has an incredible ability in discovering such crimes, but because of his obsession with work and troubles in his personal life, he repeatedly went over the edge, and often break the law

9. Hunters2016

Abducted the wife of FBI agent Flynn Carroll. For the fed, the disappearance of his beloved wife becomes a heavy blow, but he finds the strength and starts his own investigation.

Traced the route Abby, Flynn decides to go in search of his wife, but there he is faced with alleged offenders, which is not so easy to handle even an experienced FBI agent.

They are called hunters. The existence of this terrorist cell in the us government became known in 2009, and then decided all the information about the organization to classify.

Search of the terrorists involved in the agents of the special Department for combating ecoterrorism: they know they are not dealing with ordinary criminals, and aliens.

It is unknown where they came from, in this case it is evident that these cosmic guests came to our planet on a humanitarian mission

8. Mr. Mercedes2017-

The plot of the television series based on the novel by the master of Thriller Stephen king. In town comes to the sociopath, which Mercedes-Benz S600 enters the crowd of people and disappears.

The investigator assigned to the case, detective bill Hodges, report the matter to his successor, and he decides to retire. However, after some time he gets from the psycho's message, in which he laughs at a former police officer.

Now a retiree decides to conduct its own investigation to catch the murderer before he can commit another violent crime.

7. Followers2013-2015

The main villain of the picture is Joe Carroll. A former College Professor, who cultivated the creativity of the famous writer Edgar Allan PoE and however, coolly killing young women until he was caught by law enforcement.

From that moment on he spent a lot of time on the computer in the prison library, to create a social network of killers impersonators who perform any of his team.

Events in the series begin with the moment when Carol is saved from the death penalty with the help of their fans, the FBI decides to capture him to get involved with Ryan hardy, who caught Joe the first time

6. Fargo2014-

In January 2006, Lorne Malvo, a criminal and a sociopath, goes past the provincial town of Bemidji is located in Minnesota.

A chance meeting in the hospital with Lester Nygaard, insurance agent, is fatal to the latter, and will trigger a series of brutal murders, the investigation of which come from local law enforcement agencies — energetic and loves the business, which is engaged in, Molly Solverson and Gus Grimly.

5. Bridge 2011-2018

At the heart of the öresund bridge linking Sweden with Denmark happen to be short-term power. When the light appeared again, on the bridge found a female corpse turned his head to Sweden, down to Denmark.

The police of the state should carry out the investigation of this mysterious crime?

4. Taboo2017-

1814. After ten years spent in Africa, James returned to his native London with a very valuable Luggage. He managed to kidnap a 14 of diamonds, in which the hero plans to carry out long-planned revenge for the death of his father.

In London for a long time believed that he was dead. The return of Delaney threaten the higher ranks of English society big problems, because James, the son of the head of a shipping Empire, wants to take back everything that once belonged to his parent. In addition, it can raise out of their dirty little secrets.

The struggle Delaney not only pushes the greedy aristocrats to cover their tracks, but also forced the British government into conflict with the leadership of the East India company.

But whether the sense of justice motivates young avenger?

3. Fortitude2015-2018

Fortitude is the name of a small Arctic town located in the North of Spitsbergen. Here most of the year dominated by winter cold and summer here is very short.

The harsh climate of the area left a significant imprint on the character of the indigenous population. Citizens live amicably enough. And, in principle, to live here tolerably well, except for the fact that sometimes the city can come a huge polar bear.

Locals and tourists should not leave the settlements – from North of bloodthirsty predators without firearms there is almost no chance to escape.

But, despite all the difficulties, the place is still popular with tourists. So the Governor comes up with an interesting idea – among icy landscapes to erect a modern hotel that would bring in city Treasury a large income.

2. Double2017-2019

Simon — a shy man who works in a government organization. He has no respect for his own mother and he is not paying attention to the girl he is in love.

Once in office, where he serves, comes a new employee named James who is an exact physical copy of Simon, but it is its complete opposite, James is confident, charismatic and very women like.

And somehow it turns out that the DoppelgangeR gradually took the life of Simon

1. Hemlock Grove

Grove provincial town hides terrible secrets. Once the police find the corpse of a girl. The murder was committed with extreme cruelty.

Investigators have several suspects. One of them is escaped from a biotech lab male. He could brutally kill the girl? Investigators have yet no answer to this question

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