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The 10 most outrageous star


Shocking – the fastest and most effective method when you need to make millions to talk about you.

It is not surprising that a large number of celebrities and then shocked the audience with new scandals, original outfits and extraordinary antics.

Surrendering to the outrageous in all seriousness, they make a provocation in a particular genre of art.

We present 10 of the most controversial Russian celebrities.

10. Anastasia

This woman does not allow the audience to forget about yourself. As soon as begins to subside any scandal with its participation, the flamboyant former Bolshoi theatre prima ballerina throws a new food for discussion.

Her endless photography network Instagram with transverse twine in different variations already pretty tired of eating the demanding public, so Cindy never ceases to amaze fans with all-new scandalous facts about his private life: that she is suing her former driver, quarrels with her mother, accused of fraud with her ex-husband, finds out the relationship with Sobchak

In fact, it is clearly not boring, so it is the subscriber's interesting to watch their shocking idol.

9. Boris Moiseev

This singer is a true veteran of outrageous. It extravagant images of shocked, surprised and fascinated the audience of the early 90-ies.

He is not afraid of criticism and always has a positive attitude to the parodies. Despite his flamboyant style, which, it should be noted, largely in the last century, Boris Moiseev is considered one of the most intelligent and scandalous artists.

8. Bogdan Titomir

As repeatedly stated by the friends of the singer and his former classmates, already in the early years Titomir have a passion for outrageous. He always tried to impress the audience, anything to stand out from the gray crowd, so he acted relaxed and confident.

For example, the future party famous orchestra Carmen didn't want to wear the classic school uniform of brown, worn by all Soviet children.

Then Bohdan's parents bought him a blue suit domestic production, the guy naturally was not to taste. Instead, he wore jeans and denim jacket, with the last he wrong side, that all was visible American label.

7. Linda

In the early 90-ies of the young singer stirred the conservative post-Soviet audience with his unusual style of singing and extravagant images.

Repeatedly it became a party to the scandals that have happened at her concerts. Such a shocking image has largely been for Linda driving force in the way of her creative success.

6. Vitas

The appearance on the scene of this talented guy with phenomenal vocal abilities, accompanied by a very strange rumors. Said Vitas implanted real gills, which allow him to sing the high notes.

And when he came out his first video where a guy appears before the audience as the kind of person amphibians, his fans are even more confident in the reliability of incredible rumors.

Currently, Vitas is hard to call the outrageous star: he prefers a conservative style in clothes, changed his repertoire and has ceased to stir interest in his person, writing absurd stories.

5. Sergey Shnurov

The unchangeable leader of the group Leningrad gained fame and love of the public, thanks to its unusual scenic image. Cords himself calls his music garage rock.

Despite its marginal way laborers, throat drinking cheap vodka and eating cucumbers, Sergey Shnurov included in the list of Forbes as one of the wealthiest national artists.

4. Sergey Zverev

Sergei Zverev was a long way to in good conscience call yourself a fashion star. In the mid 90-ies of the stylist was in a terrible accident and received severe injuries, after which he was forced to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon.

His appearance and eccentric behavior in public gradually began to attract much attention. One of his phrase: Star in shock! has just hit.

Despite the questionable vocal Zverev recorded several song compositions.

3. Valeria Gai Germanika

This extraordinary girl made the audience pay attention in the beginning of his career.

Her controversial directorial work (All will die, and I will be School, a Short course of a happy life) caused ambiguous reaction of the audience and critics.

And her behavior in public and a rather extravagant appearance only cemented her notoriety outrageous star.

2. Zhanna Aguzarova

Zhanna Aguzarova was one of the originators of shocking in the Russian show-business. The singer likes to appear in public in a very extraordinary images that evoke either admiration or disgust.

Talking to media representatives, she in between can tell us about relations with the Martians and their unearthly origin.

Aguzarova always looks and feels outrageous, but it all matches her organics.

It should be noted that the popularity came to the singer first of all thanks to the incredible voice and charisma, not outrageous behavior and lurid images.

1. Nikita Dzhigurda

Nikita Dzhigurda never tired to exploit the image of grotesque macho. He played several prominent roles in the film, but at the mention of his name people usually do not remember his work, and the scandals associated with him.

Mixed public reaction provoked clips format home video shot during the birth of his wife, figure skater Marina Anisina those, and also his dance in a kilt, which he performed in red square.

Also a lot of discussion caused a scandal with the sharing out of the inheritance of the deceased Lyudmila Bratash, against which Dzhigurda and Anisina announced the divorce.

The network often discuss the extravagant images of Nikita and his defiant behavior.

Many believe such antics stars are the result of mental illness or substance use, but most are inclined to think that all this is conceived exclusively for self-promotion.

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