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Top 10 most expensive things in the world


What do you think is the most expensive things in the world, gold, drugs, precious stones? Yes, they too, but in addition there are many more things, the price of which is much greater than the average for this product. That is why we have made a rating, which included the most expensive things in the world. In our ranking of the top 10 you will see how expensive things that are available only to the rich, and those who, in principle, can afford. But does it make sense?

10. Designer toilet paperus $ 3.5 per roll

The last place in our top 10 most expensive things in the world is... toilet paper. But it is not simple, and design. The price is affordable for everyone. However, when compared with down to earth analogues, the $ 3.5 looks fantastic. This is a unique paper under the brand name Renova, it has six stylish colours – orange, green, black, red, blue and pink. Very bright, not to say acid. If you believe that regular toilet paper not worthy of you, faster order Renova.

9. Royal chess $ 10 million

On the ninth place in the ranking of the top 10 most expensive things in the world we put the Royal chess. Their price is $ 10 million. Precious chess are inlaid with hundreds of diamonds, however, and the Board. Made a kit for the intellectual game manually, this process involved a famous artist and jeweler Makvin. Total weight of diamonds, which were encrusted, is slightly more than 186 carats. Of course, there are chess is not for everyone, but admire them very much nice.

8. Blue dumplings2.5 thousand dollars for 1 serving

Eighth place in the ranking of the top 10 most expensive things in the world are dumplings, but it's not simple (and, no, not gold) and blue. This treat is available for all residents of the Bronx. This dish serves former residents of Russia, and they claim that it is focused on Russian immigrants. But given their prices, is unlikely. And it is such happiness for a portion of 8 pieces – almost 2,5 thousand dollars. If you want to eat twice as much, you will have to pay nearly 4.5 thousand. The unusual color of the meat gives iron fish-torch, which lives at great depths. In certain light you can notice a bluish-green glow emanating from them. The traditional filling – pork and veal. They are completely edible, although most people in the post-Soviet space these dumplings will remind one of the worst man-made disasters.

7. White truffle $ 5 for 1 gram

Seventh place is occupied by white truffle – this refinement will cost 5 dollars for 1 gram. It made our top 10 most expensive things in the world, its price, by the way, is quite justified. The white truffle is a rare mushroom that can be collected. He refers to the delicious, seasonal collect it, store quite difficult, so try a dish with it in a limited period. This mushroom grows under the ground and to extract it very difficult. Its unmatched taste will add a unique flavor to any dish color is mainly used as a salad dressing.

6. A suitcase with wheels electric20 thousand dollars

On the sixth position of top 10 most expensive things gets the world's most expensive suitcase. Its flaunts a price tag of 20 thousand dollars. It includes no less than 500 items. When manufacturing was introduced large amounts of expensive materials. For example, horse hair, titanium, different types of wood, magnesium, carbon fiber, sailcloth, and also rare and very expensive skin.

The internal appearance of the suitcase is represented by a unique set, outer shell is a unique design. The suitcase has wheels, and not simple, and completely silent, the shock absorbers. Also these wheels have built-in motors. To run them, you need to tilt the suitcase and pull out the knob. At this point, trigger sensors, and the case is sent for that course, the direction of the handle. The speed of the loaded suitcase (max 36 kg) up to 5 km per hour, the batteries can be recharged from the outlet.

5. Magnetic flying bed $ 1.6 million

On the fifth place in the rankings settled a magnetic bed, but it's not simple, and flying. It cost 1.6 million dollars. It was created in 2006, consisting of such number of magnets that can hold in air up to 900 kg. It literally floating in the air at a distance of 40 cm from the floor. Modern flying carpet, or rather, the bed-the plane can fly, so it is tied to the floor by four ropes. However, the influence of such magnetic fields on the human body have not yet researched, and very vain.

4. Diamond bowl $ 5 million

Diamond toilet – that it stands and shines in fourth place of the top 10 most expensive things in the world. It was created not to millionaires vanity amused at this toilet accessory, in the name of history. Edition diamond encrusted toilet marked the centenary of the appearance of the toilets. Its price is impressive: $ 5 million. Millions of sparkling stones poured into this product. Of course, be accommodated in any "decent" house, it will fail but be a worthy and striking exhibit in any exhibition or Museum he can.

3. Designer bed from Stuart Hyugens6.3 million dollars

Want to plunge into luxury, rather get off with a diamond encrusted toilet and go to bed from designer Stuart Hudgens: it became his four feet on the third position of top 10 most expensive things in the world. This instance design thinking is worth 6.3 million dollars. For the price you get a bed that is made from the finest grades of wood, including cherry, chestnut and others. Its design consists of 107 kg of gold, it is twisting around the carved curves that are on the floors and the columns that support the canopy. Of course, there are gems – just hundreds. Among them were diamonds, sapphires and diamonds. It is truly Royal. However, as the price.

2. The shark of Damien Hirst's $ 12 million

On the second position put shark. Why enter? Because it is dead and placed in the aquarium filled with formaldehyde. This is an expensive exhibit, which received a silver medal ranking of the top 10 most expensive things in the world. It was invented by the famous British artist is the representative of modern art Damien Hirst. It is a creation of 12 million dollars. His frozen shark-killer artist tried to show the "physical absence of the category of death in the minds of the living".

1. Tower, Antilia $ 1 billion

Gold top 10 most expensive things in the world, we decided to give the tower "Antilia". This is the most expensive house in the world worth $ 1 billion. It has 27 floors, is sold together with the servants of 600 people, living area – 37 thousand square meters. Then at the same time can land 3 helicopters and to accommodate 168 cars in the Parking lot.

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