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10 the jealous stars who suffer from Othello syndrome


We are talking about jealousy. If there is a reasonable reason for the jealousy is that it is a normal variant. And in the case when the apparent cause of jealousy there, but she constantly appears is a real problem.

Psychiatry is an area of medicine that deals with tough cases. Let the following situations will not be among them.

10. Kim Kardashian

American reality star, actress, model. An amazing woman. Unbridled jealousy overtook her in relation to her husband Kanye West, the famous rapper.

The man was guilty without guilt, as the spouse jealous it to all of the fair half of mankind and to the past.

So not only are more and manipulated, and partly blackmailing her husband. Often threatening to stop communicating with him.

The pair are familiar with 2004. The years spent without each other was not grey and boring. But after the birth of her daughter, the Grand wedding and other memorable events where they are together, the feeling of jealousy does not retreat.

9. Debbora-Lee Furness

22 years married to Hugh Jackman. Their romance began on the set in 1995. Romance meets lovers for about a year, and then the affair turned into marriage.

She's his Muse and best friend. And Only at all times woman. In the family of the foster son and daughter. Perfect in every way pair.

Only once Deborah asked her husband about the fact that he never starred with Angelina Jolie. And that's all. No tantrums and persecution.

8. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas

About their marriage, or how about the star, not talking. 18 years. Nice, handsome, famous. And so, when in her fifties, looking like she'd seen people look at her husband.

Jealousy is literally swept a woman. Knowing that it humiliates her to save herself, Melanie decides to sue accepts the divorce papers, putting forward a number of requirements.

Especially afraid of public opinion, where it most likely would be razed to the ground. In contrast to Sunny lived for years, divorce – the collapse in the background of mind-numbing jealousy.

7. Julia Roberts

The icon of the genre "romantic Comedy", the most expensive Hollywood actress and just a lovely woman. Imitate her, love her, envy her. All written, shot her, says that her "woman's share" took place.

The girls don't even present a stunning quantity of men with whom Julia was in the partnership. And what men!

Currently the actress is in the process of making decisions about divorce with Denom Moder. The reason is not hidden. Jealousy.

Despite their busyness Julia perpetrated total control over her husband. Not shy about anything. Email to view – no problem, phone calls to rethink the easy. No vines and not regretting their actions.

The initiator of the divorce was the husband. 12 years of marriage ended.

6. Mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Paparazzi noticed this beautiful couple in 2012. Actors do not pay attention to the different tabloids, a description of their couples on the Internet.

Raising wonderful kids, always charming and open for communication. Mila admits of being jealous of partner's husband in the TV series "the Ranch".

Probably talented work wife moved the emphasis in the mind Sweet. It is hoped that the family Council, this situation will be resolved in favor of the welfare of the family, rather than increased earnings of a therapist.

5. Forces and Heidi Klum

Beautiful, Sunny and fleeting marriage to model and singer. At the start of life Fortuna spoiled girl. This allowed her to develop harmoniously, Sunny look at life.

He spent his entire adult life was forced to prove that he chooses the road and not satisfied with what he offered. About the such speak: "God forbid to have such a character, but God given." That is, explosives, suspicious.

Together raised four children. Only happy, confident in the future of the women have children.

Their whole life together was in sight. They were jealous, admiring their happiness. Still, the woman was gone. A divorce statement is written banal words: irreconcilable differences.

4. Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux

Popular Hollywood stars. Their marriage lasted 18 months. And before that they knew each other since 2011. It is surprising that before the marriage they were good together.

In each other's lives they were interested in everything. Then came the discord. Unacceptable friends. The rebuke gave way to reproach. They ceased to be friends.

Not the last role was played by the communication of Justin with his ex-wife. No assurances about the absence of infidelity did not help. Five years met, and to live together are unable.

Maybe the fact that the process of distancing from each other was progressive, and analyzed it, talked about both parties, the divorce process went smoothly. Preserving appreciation for the lived time together.

3. Mariah Carey and Nick cannon

The companions of life, who have a joint five-year children. Popular singer and a famous comedian.

Mariah recognized as the most successful singer of the last 50 years. Here and gold and platinum albums, and a stunning vocal talent.

Between spouses the age difference where the woman is older by ten years. Life together lasted six years.

Discord in the family began gradually, first with the reluctance of the wife to stay home "rank of General", delegate responsibilities to her husband.

And when the suspicion of infidelity, family ship went to the bottom. The divorce process is completed.

2. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Another successful and promising pair has entered a period of life where the dark clouds of jealousy. Eva is mad with jealousy to the husband.

According to informed sources, the pair had already crossed the black stripes in life. Successful recovery, the adequacy of the relationship is not added. Poisoned by mistrust, personal life and inner circle.

Friends and family tried different ways to reason and eve, and Ryan. Only the confused, and the woman, seeing her care, more quickly began to sink into the abyss of depression, wrongly interpreting taking care of others.

There is a certain fear that this fit of jealousy will end in divorce.

1. Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Confusing from the beginning to the end of the story, where in person the adultery is denied. And the media is full of photographs of her husband meeting with his ex-wife.

Angelina herself can not analyze all the information sources that mention her name and the name of pitt. The mood and tone of life is not added.

After a divorce, the situation with the health of the actress has not improved. She continues to gather evidence against the ex-spouse. Describes the history, when the woman fainted from rage. If it was love for her husband or his history will show.

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