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10 iconic films that are shot for a penny


A big budget is no guarantee of quality and success of the film, which there are hundreds of confirmations. Some of the paintings were spent hundreds of millions, and out came this trash, what about any profits or rewards of the question.

At the same time history knows many cases when Directors make a film for the funny, by the standards of the industry money, but it has brought huge profit and success.

Let's remember the top ten cheap paintings, which without exaggeration can be called a cult, although their production has spent a penny.

10. Halloween1978

John carpenter in 1978 decided to make a horror movie with only 300 000 dollars, that was quite a bit even in those days.

The performer of the title role, Jamie Lee Curtis, paid a total of 8,000, and Nick castle, who played the Michael Myers, got a measly 25 bucks a day.

Not enough money so that even with decorative autumn leaves (removed spring) after each episode we had to collect for the next take.

The result exceeded all expectations: the film grossed 70 million and "turned the game", marking the beginning of a new era of the horror genre and became the progenitor of all the slasher.

9. Clerks1994

On the production of their debut film, Kevin Smith didn't have no money, but desire galore. Sold his comic book collection and gaining debt, he scored 27 000, which is barely enough.

The shooting took place in the store where Smith was at that time worked as a salesman and a role performed by his friends. So how to remove it was allowed only during off hours, most of the events going on inside with closed blinds, as the yard late at night.

Three weeks of work and the film, cobbled together literally at the knee, was ready and waiting for him "long lasting success".

In limited release, "Clerks" earned about 3 million, and also marked the beginning of the whole Universe heroes Jay and Silent Bob.

Now this Comedy, filmed in black-and-white camera is considered a cult classic and familiar to almost every cinephile and fan of the genre.

8. Night of the living dead1968

George Romero, and carpenter had his work an enormous impact on the genre of horror films. If not "night of the living dead", filmed over 114 000 dollars, no "Walking" and other dead now just have not been (or they would have been different).

The film was shot in black-and-white format to save, and the main roles were called by local theatergoers. The leading role of Romero and is entrusted to play a black man that the time was not yet the norm.

A number of studios dropped the movie until it finally reached cinemas which increase your budget to 200 times and forever made history.

7. Mad Max1979

The adventures of the charismatic max Rockatansky in the near future, immersed in chaos and anarchy, did Director George Miller just 200 000, for a dystopian with explosions and chases penny.

Saved everything, but most of all, on fees: so, Mel Gibson in the main role received a total of 10 thousand and biker extras were paid almost beer.

After the release, the film grossed 100 million, and Max himself is still one of the most popular movie stars.

6. Taxi driver1976

The history of unbalanced and suffering from insomnia veteran of the Vietnam war in Robert De Niro, who, tired of things happening on the streets of dirt, he decides to do a sweep of the city, were treated to Martin Scorsese in 1 million 300 thousand dollars, which is very cheap considering the actors.

De Niro, who at that time was already an Oscar winner, had a bunch of offers fees with 6 zeros, but still accepted the proposal of Scorsese and co-starred in "Taxi driver" for 35 thousand.

Later, the film has grossed 30 million and has become an iconic band received 4 nominations for "Oscar".

5. Blair witch1999

Horror, filmed in the style of a hand-held camera, was the progenitor of the whole genre, and spent on it was only 22 thousand dollars.

Not the most brilliant plot and acting didn't stop him from blowing up the market and earn nearly 250 million becoming the highest grossing film in the history of the ratio of budget fees.

4. Rocky1976

Another picture of 1976, this time the iconic sports drama with Sylvester Stallone in the title role. The first part of the future series of films were shot for 900 000 dollars, and Stallone received a total of ~23 000.

Given the qualitative statement of the final scene, which took a lot of money, the rest had tough to save.

True fans will remember the scene in which rocky before the fight says that he's on the poster above the ring pants the wrong color. This Manager and he is responsible, this is not important, thus emphasizing his outsider status.

In fact, a different color made by mistake, but time and money on rework poster was not, so I decided to shoot this scene. The result is a film that no one really expected nothing, brought the creators of 225 million

3. Cards, money and two Smoking barrels1998

This film tried to go 3 years, but could not find the money for it. As a result, they became interested in the wife of the musician sting, who was the producer and was able to provide funding in the amount of 960 000 GBP.

The amount was so small to implement all the ideas that the Director and many members of the crew worked for free, and the main roles called for actors without experience (this film was the debut of Vinnie Jones and Jason Statema).

2. Reservoir dogs1991

Quentin Tarantino in 1991, also was a rookie and was ready to shoot his first film "reservoir dogs" in black-and-white film for her own 50K, but in the end his writing became interested in Harvey Keitel, through which the Studio has allocated 1.2 million dollars.

However, this money is also not enough and many scenes were filmed in an abandoned morgue in the frame and used private transport actors.

1. The dollar trilogy of Sergio Leone

Italian Director in the 60's took a classic spaghetti Western, for years to come setting new standards in this genre and starting your path to greatness.

We are talking about the movies "a fistful of dollars" (1964), "For a few dollars more" (1965) and "the Good, the bad and the ugly" (1966).

Especially noteworthy is the first part, filmed in just over 200 000. Further amounts were increased, but even the most expensive third part was worth only 1.2 million

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