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10 the most cool Russian star stepmothers and stepfathers


To find a soul mate after his divorce from a previous lover – a great success.

However, a situation when the new husbands and wives find a common language with children from previous marriages, are quite rare, but there are exceptions.

After you read this article, you'll learn about the coolest famous stepfathers and stepmothers.

10. Dmitry Malikov

Dmitry Malikov had to find a common language with seven-year-old Olga, the daughter of his new lover Elena: the only way he could become a full member of the family.

At first the girl was silent, very shy, but then started to feel more at ease. Elena explained that her daughter is a very soft, delicate. That is why Dmitry was not trying to win the sympathy of the child hurriedly. This tactic was very effective.

The singer turned out to be Olga a real friend. After some time, Elena and Dmitry had the baby and she gladly took part in his upbringing.

9. Joseph Prigogine

Alexander Shulgin, the former husband of Valerie, was a despot, a tyrant home, and often beat not only his wife but also children.

Valeria still broke up with him, and after some time she began a relationship with Joseph Prigozhin. This man was not only a wonderful husband for the singer, but also a very good father to her children: Tom, Arseniy and Anna. They often say that I think his father is Joseph.

Family members often travel together, going on vacations and holidays. Alexander Shulgin, the biological father, children Valeria prefer not to communicate.

8. Ksenia Sobchak

At first few believed in what sense the Maxim Vitorgan and Ksenia Sobchak are sincere. Xenia – a bright personality, which has never sought to hide from the media, and Maxim does not like the media.

However sincere feelings changed both, and soon everyone knew about what celebrity got married.

Sobchak became a stepmother to two children Vitrogen from his first wife. Xenia without problems turned out to be friends with Danilo and Paulina. She became a real mentor and friend.

In one interview, Pauline was told that the trip was much to learn: she loves to work, is an interesting and very smart.

7. Ksenia Borodina

Kurban Omarov and Xenia Borodina – to another family, which can be called perfect. They did not divide children on and another's.

From the first wife Xenia has a daughter Mary, and the feast of a son, Omar. From Borodina and Omarov appeared and shared the daughter of Theon.

Celebrities argue that equally strong love all three children. Mary and Omar are best friends and they just adore their little sister.

Ksenia said that she loves lobster, but in any case not want to replace his real mother. Against Maroussi Eid adheres to exactly the same position. We can say that in this family there is absolute harmony.

6. Tatiana Navka

Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka met shortly after breaking up with the first spouse. Between them quickly developed a affair, which at first nobody knew.

Dmitry and Tatyana didn't stop even a significant age difference. Peskov had a wife and four children. Navka was confused about this situation, and after some time, Dmitry left his wife to reunite with a new lover.

Children policy a very good attitude to his new wife and their daughter Hope, who was born before the official marriage.

5. Peter Chernyshev

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk brought her beloved Peter Chernyshev meeting children: eight Shirts and twelve-year-old Anya. She was very worried about what family will think, but all went well.

The actress notes that Peter fell in love with everything: the mother and father and children. For my son when Anastasia didn't seem too worried, but the daughter has always been very closed, difficult child. However, even she quickly found a common language with Peter Chernyshev.

Mikey and Anna is so attached to the new Pope that Anastasia sometimes even a little jealous.

4. Vladimir Mashkov

Vladimir Mashkov quite embarrassed that his new wife Oksana Shelest, a growing twelve-year-old son. The actor immediately fell in love with the boy, they quickly became friends.

Education and maintenance of the child Vladimir took over. The boy calls him dad and loved very much. Vladimir's not forget the adopted son even after parting with Oksana.

3. Elena Letuchaya

Earlier about the personal life of Helena was Flying virtually nothing is known, and then the TV host met Yuri Anashenkov. Their romance became very violent and quickly escalated into a more serious relationship.

In 2016, Yuri and Elena got married. New wife Anashenkov became stepmother to his two sons.

Giving various interviews, Flying repeatedly said that in no hurry to become a mother because she already has children. Elena notes that family members often gather together and have a great time.

2. Glucose

When the singer Glucose was 19, she married Alexander Chistyakov, the 33-year-old businessman. Alexander was the first husband of Natalia, but he had another wife. Sasha Chistyakova son from the first wife.

The young man stressed that Natalia was his friend, not a stepmother. Singer notes that to find a common language with him was very easy. He was not closed, Vice versa – was very positive and friendly.

For several years he lived with his father and his new wife. Then he went to study in the US, where he still lives.

1. Lolita

The fifth husband of Lolita Milavskaya was Dmitry Ivanov, the fitness coach. He has a daughter Anastasia. About the new novel by the father of the girl learned from the media: this was the big surprise.

Before exploring the Lolita Nastia was really nervous, but celebrity was very pleasant and kind. Now Anastasia has a very good and trusting relationship with her stepmother.

The girl notes that can share with the spouse of his father the secret. Anastasia rents an apartment in Moscow and is often away from Dmitri and Lolita.

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