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10 actors, which are drawn cartoon characters


Every person from childhood. And therefore the most expensive and warmest memories are associated with what you remember and it is dear to the heart at a very young age. Certainly for many cartoons fall into the list of such tender memories.

A large number of children watching cartoons, had become attached to the characters they saw on the screen. In childhood they seemed truly alive.

But few know that some of those children's characters are much ”livelier” than the children thought. Praise the world of technology that never tire to evolve from year to year.

If the children of the last century and imagine that your favorite characters will be so close to them, the modern children, even for a moment can not imagine how could it be otherwise.

10. Tom Hanks the conductor (the Polar Express, 2004)

Few people know, but kind and cute cartoon Robert Zemeckis "Polar Express", which tells about the journey of a little boy on a visit to Santa Claus, the first ever movie shot entirely using the technology of "motion capture".

The Director understood: if you apply during the filming of well known and familiar techniques of rotoscoping and green screen it takes too much time to implement, and it was necessary to work quickly.

It was therefore decided to resort to the technology of motion picture. On the face and body of Tom Hanks and other actors have placed special markers that read all actions and facial expressions of the actors. So were born the characters of "the Polar Express".

9. Sacha Baron Cohen – king Julian (Madagascar, 2005)

Sacha Baron Cohen is particularly noteworthy and colorful comedian who izvesten outside his native UK.

If you watch the movie "Madagascar" in the original, it is striking how closely matched the actor dubbing for the character is slightly mad king of the lemurs, Julian.

Moreover, the little lemur that looks suspiciously like Sasha Baron Cohen and even outwardly, and therefore to observe his facial expressions and movements two times more interesting.

8. Tom Cruise – Aladdin (Aladdin, 1992)

Adorable Aladdin, which warmed the souls of millions of girls after the release of the cartoon in 1992, originally was supposed to look completely different. He had become the owner of a person's Michael J. Fox. Fox.

But the creators of the cartoon, seeing the result, decided that Aladdin's painfully boyish face, but because the main character has been processed. And now ”flaunting” with a charming face and smile of Tom cruise.

7. Robin Williams – The Genie (Aladdin, 1992)

The great and truly talented actor Robin Williams very responsibility approached to play the role of the Genie from the animated film "Aladdin", which has already been discussed above.

It is known that it because of the humor and temperament, the actor has invested in the pronunciation of the character, the Genie, and turned out so colorful.

Rather, it is for this reason, the authors decided to add a fun character and even the external resemblance to the Robin in order to completely complement the image.

6. Rihanna – Dar (House 2015)

The main character named the Gift of mortal teenage girl, who miraculously escaped from forced relocation from his native city. She was left alone, as her parents did not manage to hide and were deported alien conquerors bwami.

Rihanna voices a character named Gratitude, and briefly a Gift. Wonderful MOP of luxuriant, curly hair defines the similarity of the girls.

Rihanna in an interview says that the image of the heroine reminds her of herself at that age. This brave and courageous, resolute and resourceful.

5. Eddie Murphy – Donkey (Shrek, 2001)

Shrek – animated feature film, which contains fourteen characters from favorite fairy tales. And lost among them is possible. But no loyal friend Shrek – Donkey.

The role was voiced by Eddie Murphy. Govarivali, inimitable sense of humor, infectious laughter, willingness to join in any optimistic team is the business card of the actor. That is Eddie Murphy made an image of a Donkey on site.

4. Jeremy Irons – Scar (The Lion King, 1994)

Another well-known and popular cartoon children of the 90s is the lion King. Millions of children around the world resented and hated the main antagonist, namely, the evil uncle of Simba, the lion Scar.

It was his fault the little cub lost his father, and the power illegally fell into the clutches of the treacherous Scar and his henchmen hyenas.

If you look at the features of angry lion, his face has traces of the famous actor Jeremy irons. It definitely adds character and charisma, but not love.

3. Jim Carrey – Ebenezer Scrooge (a Christmas story, 2009)

This cartoon is currently associated with the digitization of a living artist in the hands of Director Robert Zemeckis.

In a Christmas Carol Jim Carrey voices Ebenezer Scrooge – a miser, also voiced by the spirits of Christmas.

New technologies have allowed to imitate the expressions and gestures of the artist. The effect is stunning and scary.

As the cartoon affects not very childish questions, he eerily realistic.

2. Will Smith – Oscar (shark tale, 2004)

Oscar is the main character of the cartoon. Has a smiling appearance, bold character. A complete lack of fear. Extraordinary flexibility, musicality and sense of rhythm.

The Spitting Image Of Will Smith. The similarity of the appearance coincided with the nature of the character. Screen emanates a confidence that charm and intimate conversation is possible peacefully resolve the majority of even very serious issues.

1. Angelina Jolie – Lola (shark tale, 2004)

Of course, most Actresses in the cartoon no. The viewer hears her voice in the dubbing of the heroine named Lola. Wonderful, kind, reassuring and very beautiful cartoon.

Interestingly, the fish looks very similar to actress. Of course, first and foremost draw attention to plump. Open expressive face. Shrewd eyes. And unique style. Fish Lola charged one the original.

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