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10 the jealous star


Jealousy is the one emotion that plagues the human inside. The peculiarity of this is not a positive feeling in the fact that it destroys its host. In the literal and figurative sense.

Eyes deteriorating immune system, begin to appear new or deepen old suffering. In an atmosphere of distrust, suspicion you can't be happy.

People, overcome by jealousy, like a flame, it starts to make stupid, reckless actions, up to antisocial behaviour.

In this tense atmosphere, any alliances begin to crumble. Not 100 percent of the time, of course.

10. Anton Makarsky

The actor of theatre and cinema. Singer. Wife Victoria. Together they have over 15 years. Two hard-won children. This experience of family life is able to melt the heart of any jealous person. But not Anton.

As in the first years of family life, and through the year, there is fear of losing a miracle of nature, his wife. Codaca, of course, checking email, analyzing phone calls.

Of the wife – no tantrums. No competition. She's married. And policies of such family life is quite happy with it. Perhaps the issues of faith to help these interested people to place priorities in life.

9. Sogdiana

Talented singer. Slim and graceful, conquered his talent Russia, Uzbekistan, the Chechen Republic. In project after project. Success for success.

And in my personal life the collapse of the collapse. During courtship dreams of a life together, the tale went from mouth. But in practice, everything collapsed. The amazing similarity of the behavior of the men she met along the way. He and the other husband tried to plant a beauty in a Golden cage. From two marriages children grow.

Helplessness sometimes hands fell, was overtaken by the depression. Blame devout behavior of men.

Not easy, of course, men of the East. With the traditions of the countries, family roots, the places where they grew up. Currently, the singer is even talking about marriage not. So her experience of married women was negative.

8. Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov

Talented couple. For seven years they met. No doubt that they were made for each other was not. And they have legalized their relationship.

Those who listened to Alexis, won't deny that he's an exceptionally charming man. The songs that he sings with such a temperament, sound specifically and after the concert in the hearts of listeners.

It is not jealous, it is simply impossible. The wisdom of Julia is that, seeing the behavior of others women, she lives with dignity and not humiliated to vulgar fights.

7. Vera Brezhnev and Mikhail Kiperman

The marriage of this couple lasted six years. It was born dochechka. Faith claims that the reason for jealousy, she did not give, but the husband saw them.

Any arguments that her jealousy is disrespect to each other in the first place, the husband would not listen. There was a gap. This is probably the best possible.

6. Svetlana Khodchenkova and Vladimir Yaglych

Student and married with a length of five years. Young, promising, deeply in love. What can we expect in the beginning of life?

Whether the proposals Svetlana was more promising than her husband, whether female characters were bright and outspoken, but the family settled jealousy. Most jealous man admitted Vladimir.

Close to a couple people describe family fights and serious. The couple divorced. According to unconfirmed reports – personal life each of them is developing, but without each other.

5. Anna Khilkevich

The Russian actress of cinema and television. Known for his work on Comedy roles in the current series. Beautiful and well appointed. Scrabble, the owner of soft sense of humor.

And great sense of possessive. Guards his personal life, even when no one is attacking. Just in case. Long endure such a strong distrust of her choice is life will show. And while their ring finger, sparkling symbols of love and fidelity.

4. Ekaterina Volkova and Andrey Karpov

The couple who had the good fortune to be members of the same profession and work in show business have side effects from this choice. Namely, more time to spend with peers than with his family.

And then every couple just agrees on acceptable things. The famous couple also at some point in time lost their nerve. Catherine just had to put the condition on failure of which, it is your decision to divorce, would be to implement. Marriage survived. The couple could hear each other.

3. Paul Priluchny and Agata muceniece

This romantic story began to develop in 2011, when young people formalized their relationship. A growing house. It children grow.

The farther away flows the river of life together, the more cause for jealousy finds Paul. And all the praise and admiration at his feet in this wise the couple. Because it easily suppresses outbreaks of jealousy, understanding and explaining yourself is good, her husband's weakness. Not irritated, not giving a reason to suspect her of infidelity.

2. Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman

The popular singer of today, everything is fine. The recognition of colleagues and spectators there. Her adoring husband happy. A family grows first. Well, thought and desire?

That can blight the lives of the young couple? Jealousy. Which makes a fuss of the day, disturbs night's sleep. The couple make fun of painful emotion women. But, in the end, his family life cherish the misunderstandings that cause jealousy.

1. Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan

In 2013, media blasted the news of the marriage of these famous people. Elegant, lightweight, stylish Kseniya especially fragile looks with great Maxim.

Nothing spoils the married life until, while Maxim did not play sports. And then the wife got worried. It's like she took a closer look at the person with whom he lives. Show her a disturbing feeling of jealousy was gone. She trusts her mate.

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