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10 ways to organise your life in a week


To achieve their goals is important not only commitment and enormous will power. There is one more thing, what most people forget. Is self-organization.

The man who cannot organize his life, is unlikely to reach certain heights in the career. Although it is not only about the professional side of life.

Every day you need to allocate time to communicate with loved ones, not to forget about yourself. Everyone should have the opportunity to be alone with him. Unfortunately, the day is not 28 hours, but you can learn to do everything.

There are many ways to plan your life. You've probably heard about time management, most likely even used these rules in practice, or at least tried to understand them.

Again, most people have abstruse articles and books cause boredom, and the desire to change something in your life is fast disappearing.

If you want to learn how to manage your time, read our article. Below are 10 ways to organise your life in a week.

You can change yourself, your attitude to life in the shortest possible time, and the result will not keep itself waiting. Thanks to these techniques, you will become a highly effective person.

10. Perform General cleaning

Perhaps this Board will disappoint someone, it's boring to start a new life with banal cleaning. Don't ignore it. First let's remember how much time you spend in search of lost things: clothes, keys, wallet, cosmetics.

Disorganized people usually before going to discover that your favorite shirt is gone, or even gone the other boot. About the little things, such as diary or red lipstick, even can not speak. At the right time they can never find.

It is unlikely you will have time to disassemble all my stuff for the week. Place your order in the tables, the cabinets that I use regularly. Disassemble the clothes and personal belongings, throw away everything that is not in use.

You will be surprised, but after cleaning you will have at least an extra half hour a day.

9. Learn to put things back in place

A little time will only appear if you try to save the labor of harvesting, that is, learn to put things back in place.

If you have a family, efforts have to put in a lot more. If all your family members are accustomed to throwing clothes and things where you want, you can only sympathize.

The main thing – not to despair. You can give them some lessons, for example, to hide the abandoned thing.

Of course, before you train a family, start with yourself. Perhaps, after you show a good example, they will begin to live by new rules.

8. Decide the order

To organize your life, you need to decide on goals. Think about what you want to achieve in life and properly prioritize. From goal setting depends on many things.

If the person rushes from one extreme to another, his plans are constantly changing, what kind of organization can be a speech?

You will not achieve anything, if you put too many goals. Your life will resemble chaos.

7. Wisely spend your day

Many people make a plan for the day, but few who stick with it. The fact that they don't think much would be able to handle this amount of work, and just write in a diary that comes to mind.

Want to catch up, wisely spend your day. How to do it, everyone decides for himself. Consensus is not here. Someone convenient to allocate cases according to importance and urgency, others focus on their mood or wellbeing during the day.

Don't forget about your daily activity. It is foolish to plan documents late in the evening, if you are a morning person. If you are a night owl, then the scheduled morning run will fail.

6. Learn to say "no"

A significant portion of time is spent on the execution of minor cases are not associated with your main activity? Most likely, the house you also do not have any free moment, help please all and Sundry.

Conduct an experiment during the day, say "no" to things that do not fit into your plan. You will make the day much more than usual.

Of course, the first time to deny people their requests is not easy. Adopt this phrase: "I would love to help, but my time is very tight".

Do not overdo it, do not refuse to help people who really need it.

5. Allow yourself to relax

Every day give yourself 15 – 20 minutes. At this time, do what you want, what inspires you. Look out the window, meditate, think about the future, dream. Allow yourself to stop.

If you have a family, better to do it in the evening when nobody will disturb us. If you prefer to move forward without pauses and stops, life will still force you to "relax". You may fall ill or encounter other circumstances which you will have to briefly escape from work and achieve their goals.

4. Give attention to your loved ones

Every day allocate some time to communicate with loved ones. Let it be 15 minutes, but this time you completely dedicate your husband, son or daughter.

Most of the neglect children suffer. Such small time blocks to establish contact, they will no longer feel abandoned.

Scroll to 15 minutes morning and 15 minutes in the evening on weekdays, that is enough. No one offers to throw the child to the mercy of fate by limiting the communication by the quarter hour.

Of course, he's not going anywhere, will get in the way while you are cooking dinner and bring the purity. That's the only time you are busy with other things, so will not be able to fully concentrate on the child.

3. Get useful habits

At first glance it may seem that the healthy habits will take time, which is so lacking. Morning exercise or Jogging in the Park, healthy Breakfast, pool that will help you to remain in form.

You will feel cheerful and energized. This does not necessarily 1.5 hours to do in the gym. May be limited to morning exercises or evening walk.

These habits will put you at ease. Whatever happens in your life there will always be a constant thing. Let this be the only charge, Breakfast, or meditation.

2. Don't panic if something goes wrong

Often it happens that all our plans fall apart. For example, today you wanted to finish the report, to purchase a new table, swim in the pool. All your plans had to be cancelled because of illness of a child or a flood in the apartment.

Do not panic, calm down. In life will always be accidents and surprises, and not always pleasant.

Think about how you can get out of this situation. Maybe a report you can make at home, and the table to order on the Internet, instead of the pool to take a bath.

If nothing has been done, just adjust your plans for the coming week.

1. Improve its system for managing time

You can build the perfect system for time management for a long time, but do not expect that it will work for you the rest of your life.

In life there are some changes: a new job with a different schedule, a move, children go to school. Constantly have to correct it. Prepare for the fact that you will never reach perfection.

It is not necessary to lower hands. You've been out for a few minutes a day to communicate with children themselves? You don't have each morning to run around looking for the second sock, or red (black/white) bags?

You know where you're going and doing everything for this? It means that the work was done properly and your system for time management is quite effective.

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