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10 well-known singers who starred in the movie


Talented people, as a rule, a multifaceted personality that develop the ability, not seeing any restrictions. Possessing versatile knowledge, they are able to expand your mind infinitely. It is noteworthy that many of the now famous world stars started their career from childhood.

10. Mariah Carey

Was born in 1970. From the age of three was raised by his mother. Once the girl sang for my mom a piece arias, the surprise was not the last frontiers, because the girl did not know the Italian language, and hadn't a clue about musical notation. So it became known that she had perfect pitch.

Later my mom asked me to record all the tunes that was played by the child, and after listening to sung together were analyzed. Under the lights Mariah stood up as a young girl. Glory grabbed her and never let go of their hands.

In the late nineties, the singer began taking acting lessons. Currently in her filmography includes dozens of paintings. And the theme of the clips sounded with renewed vigor, raising its success on a new level of quality.

9. Cher

American singer, actress, a true goddess of pop music. Was born in 1946. Awards: "Grammy", "Emmy", "Golden globe", "Oscar". The owner of a rare voice – a contralto.

The young woman was irritated about their appearance. All methods to change data, it is congenital experienced. It all should be perfect.

Success in men was associated with her success in life. On your anniversary looked shocking, provocative. Bright, bold, incredibly hardworking, she is 6th a dozen pleases its fans.

8. Alanis Morissette

The canadian singer. Was born in 1974. Music community learned about it in 1995. The realization that music is in her life most importantly, it's code, the girl was six years old.

The whole period of growing up was against the background of lessons. Debut album double platinum. And then the prize for the prize since 1995 till 2015.

Career in film developed in parallel with the career of a singer. Television debut in 1984 in the children's entertainment show. By his own admission, singer, success was possible because she was an independent person. Which is reflected in her work.

Her calling she sees it, is to help mankind evolve, whatever hostile whirlwinds not rioted outside the window.

7. Christina Aguilera

American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress. Was born in 1980. All concerned in the conversation about the woman. No one is indifferent.

Has a high singing voice of four octaves. He can be lyrical, and dramatic. Thin, light, delicate and fragile. Something deep and exciting. Flexible and Shine.

Music albums recorded between 1999 and 2018. Acting from 2010 to 2018. The creative life of the singer not cover. And at the same time and personal life is full of extraordinary strength of feeling.

6. Zhanna Friske

Russian pop singer. Years of life: 1974 2015. It so happened that the way of life of this talented man was interrupted at a young age. Her life is compared to a comet, which permeated the space with its originality, back to the cosmic expanse.

Show business took her and fill life to overflowing. The soloist of group "Brilliant" from 1996 to 2003. It was a memorable Russian pop-rock group. Where youth, energy, courage, combined with memorable vocals to fans of pop music.

Subsequent solo career was 10 years. It so happened that the destiny has allowed to enter the projects. As for feature films and short film clips. They emphasize the performing talent of the singer in the background special effects, artistic framing. It is a powerful document on human life beautiful externally and internally.

5. Queen Latifah

American singer, the Queen of female rap, actress and model. Was born in 1970. Desperate and fearless. Hard working girl, it seems, since childhood, knew about his mission.

To rapping for her it was easy and logical as breathing. In the discography are years from 1989 to 2009. The first role was played in 2001. To date they have about 30.

And now it seems she can do anything. Business acumen gave her the realization that better is what you know. But grace and flexibility in such an impressive body weight and growth has allowed us to implement talent models.

4. Vera Brezhneva

Ukrainian pop singer, actress, former member of pop group Viagra. Was born in 1982. Faith is recognized as the ideal of female beauty.

Artistic since childhood, she was constantly busy with creative activities. In childhood – mornings, a little older than the school performances. And work, work, all the objectives have been achieved.

2002 start of cooperation with Viagra and star trek singer. At the beginning of the group, and then in solo performances.

Acting career began with "fair," where the partners in the shop were such famous actors as Sofia Rotaru, Yuri Galtsev, Ruslana Pysanka. The Directors bribed the naturalness in front of the lens, stamina and hard work now actress. 2005. And then new peaks, many of which are already conquered.

3. Selena Gomez

American singer and actress. Was born in 1992. In the beginning of the creative ways she grew as an actress. His 27 years it is already called film star. So popular its movie image.

Since 2008, begins to develop their singing talents. Energetic always. Records. Singing pop-rock, dance-pop, synth-pop.

Being an inquisitive person, broadcasts about stars, about the history of world cinema.

2. Madonna

American singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, children's writer. Was born in 1958.

To say that Madonna's life unfolded like a red carpet impossible. Twisted and did not give the child to develop – this definition is more suited. Without parental blessing, patronage, struggled to his dream to be independent and to make music.

1983. The first album "Madonna". And the next confirmed remarkable talent of the singer and progressive musician.

In the filmography of the 20 paintings. They are criticized. Currently before the audience – the Queen of pop the famous singer, the most expensive musical brand. She, she, gives direction to the world music industry.

1. Jennifer Lopez

American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer. She was born in 1969. Creative career began as a dancer. But the real fame brought vocal.

A touching story of a little girl where the mother was not released from under its influence daughters. Carefully preserving them from the streets and bad passions.

Jennifer sang, danced, played sports. First, there was the dancing. Then show. ROS professionalism, and behind him was ripe and awards. And reviews from critics.

And the soul was singing. The first single was released in 1999. And eclipsed a career in the movies. Critics took our hats off to a talented woman.

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