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10 of the most successful goalkeepers in the history of goalies scorers


Goal scored by a goalkeeper is a rarity in football, as their direct task is to protect their gate, and not to go in the penalty area.

However, some goalkeepers, in addition to batting the ball, coaching also free kicks and penalties, and as a result, begin to fulfill them better players.

Because of this they are able to score dozens of goals per season, and someone even manages to make a hat-trick.

10. Marco Ballotta

This Italian career spent in the Serie A, where he managed to play for more than 10 teams.

Speaking on a professional level even at the age of 43 (at that age he played in the UEFA Champions League, becoming the oldest player in the history of the tournament), Ballotta managed to score 30 goals.

It is noteworthy that the player did not want to hang up football boots on a nail, so even in 50 years, played in 8 power division Italy, and the funny thing is he played the position of striker.

9. Misael Alfaro

This Keeper from El Salvador managed to score 31 goals in his career, and only 11 of them from the penalty spot. Other goals he managed to score with the games, implementing free kicks and helping the team to the corner.

He never played outside his native League and unknown to the General public, but at home he knows and loves.

8. Hans-Jorg Butt

German can be called unlucky person: he has three times played in the final of the Champions League, but each time his team was weaker and gold medals he never received.

Although the butt doing all that depends on it, and even more: all he scored 32 goals, 26 of which in the Bundesliga. That makes him the highest scoring goalkeeper in the history of the championship, and this record will surely last a long time.

He also scored 3 goals in the Champions League, a regular penalty taker, even in Bayern Munich, for which he played 4 seasons.

7. Marcio

The goalkeeper with the traditionally long Brazilian name Marcio Luiz Silva Lopes Santos Souza has scored 39 goals, but since he is not yet retired, then their performance can improve.

He played for such clubs as "Goias" and "Atletico Goianiense", which in Brazil is quite famous, though not pull on the title of the giants.

6. Johnny Vegas Fernández

Peruvian also never left limits of the native championship, succeeding in his career of more than 10 teams. Making his debut at the professional level in 1997, johnny played 20 years, hang up his boots only in 2017.

For two decades he was able to "pin" 39 goals, becoming a true legend in his homeland. It is loved by fans despite the fact that he was not only loyal to one club, and changed them as gloves.

5. Rene Higuita

This goalkeeper was nicknamed the Madman, which fully reflect his playing style. It's not even that he scored 41 goals, and how reckless he sometimes played.

It was not enough that he performed all penalty kicks and free kicks with a comfortable position for themselves, and it's always been outside his own penalty area. Go to stroke a common thing for him, and he was not afraid to play tricks even with the 3-player opponents.

We can't forget his legendary "Scorpion kick" performed them not in the match against any outsider, and in the game against England, which in 1995 had a very strong squad.

4. Dmitry Ivankov

The Bulgarian goalkeeper has bypassed Egito only 1 goal and scored a 42, though he did it not so impressive. Ivankov is not risked and was not fintel, tried not to leave their box unless absolutely necessary, and all the goals scored from the penalty spot, which he was able to perform better than the field players.

It was his restraint is always appreciated by coaches and fans, because despite their love to score, he always first thought of the main duties to protect his own net.

During his career, he changed only a few teams: first played in his native Levski, and in 2005 moved to Turkish Kayserispor, after three years in "Bursaspor", and in 2011 went to play in the championship of Cyprus.

3. Jorge Campos

This Mexican in addition to native of the championship managed to play in MLS for the "Los Angeles galaxy" and "Chicago fire", scoring only 46 goals.

In spite of such impressive performance, primarily in the Campos hits it, and his style of play and physique.

His height is 168 centimeters, which for a goalkeeper is not just a little, but too little. Nevertheless, thanks to his skill and "jumping", Jorge sometimes managed to get such shots that could not get every high ball.

Another unusual fact is that he often played in attack. He could start the match in the second half, but in the end go forward position (trainer released the other goalie, who held the place of Campos).

Having played 10 years for the national team of Mexico, Campos is well remembered by all the fans due to its colorful goalkeeper's form: he preferred to develop its design, each time creating something colorful, garish, but attention-grabbing and made me smile.

2. Jose Luis Chilavert

The Paraguayan scored 67 goals from free kicks and penalties, which played everywhere we played. He played for the Spanish "real Madrid" and the French "Strasbourg", but most of his career spent in Argentina.

Despite the fact that he is no longer the highest-scoring goalkeeper in football history, he still holds the scoring record at the level of teams: Paraguay he scored 9 goals.

Also Chilavert remains the only goalkeeper who scored a hat-trick in November 1999, while playing for the "Velez Sarsfield", he converted a 3 penalty to the team "Ferrocarril Oeste".

1. Rogerio Ceni

To score 132 goals in career this is not the of course he figure for the average attacker and goalkeeper is such a performance seems to be something extraordinary. However, Rogerio ceni did it: 69 goals from the penalty spot, with 61 penalties, and 2 games.

Despite the fact that at club level in the "são Paulo" he really didn't win anything, he has gold medals of the FIFA Confederations Cup 1997 and the 2002 World Cup.

For the team he played only 17 matches, as the competition was too high, but for the hometown club he became a legend, having it his whole career and constantly giving up more lucrative offers.

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