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10 toys that are deadly for the child


Pediatric sisters of previous generations said that the child is only then safe when is at arm's length.

Accidents with children happen exclusively on the oversight of adults. Especially need to be vigilant when an adult brings home baby food or toys. Not always it is harmless for children.

10. Children's arms

The manufacturer expects that the main consumer is a boys Malyshkova age and older. To buy such a toy, according to the developers, is strictly necessary. Some even recommended to create a collection of children's weapons.

In one of the Moscow shops products, there were about 370 copies. But in the online store there are more than 35 000.

Available child cold weapon, where the target is arrows, swords, swords. Firearms, in which during the trigger pull, I hear a click or light and sound effects. And there are toys that will shoot pellets, small balls. Water gun shoots water.

Any game using the children's arms threat to the development of the accident. With damage to eyes, damage to the skin, painful symptoms. In the manufacture of toys, as in medicine, should act on the principle of "do no harm".

9. Soft toys from China

Adults buy toys based on the pricing policy for the product, pay attention to the bright, sometimes poisonous color, the attractiveness of toy shapes.

The production of Chinese toy factories easily meets the requirements. But be aware that in order to get the rubber or plastic toy had the desired shape, use the chemical compound phenol. It can cause allergies.

Due to the fact that used for the production of secondary raw materials, finished products possible high lead content.

In the color of the toys used cadmium. You need to pay attention, if the toy began to lose color or leave it on your fingers – the likelihood of poisoning is high.

8. Toys with small parts

Favorite designers. A small quantity of parts allows to build entire cities. Embroidery kits. Board games with small puzzles, various mosaic and so on and so forth.

Bright details want to try on a tooth, especially if not around others. Solid, nesminaemoy details can mechanically block the respiratory system, to get stuck in the esophagus.

Attempts to push the foreign body further down the gastrointestinal tract dangerous occurrence fatal vomiting.

7. Neokub

It would seem, a wonderful toy for fine motor skills of the child. Brings diligence and patience.

Self-developing game consists of a large number of balls-magnets. Of them you can make anything your heart desires. Small cool parts, even if they just touch hands, already developing fine motor skills.

But if the game to use not for the designated purpose, without the help of medical not do. Once in the body of the child, they have to go out on their own can't.

Attracted inside of the body to each other, they contribute to the formation of conglomerates organs, causing pain, vomiting, rapid deterioration of health, without assistance is not enough.

To retrieve them requires surgical intervention. Rehabilitation after extensive operations for the extraction of metal balls is very time consuming.

6. PVC toys and phosphorus

Their products often seen in the bedroom in the form of luminous figures, stars on the ceiling, furniture. Their cold glow soothing. Lulls. With these colorful products you must make sure that the manufacturer coated products are not fosforsoderzhashchih compounds, and safe with reflective inks or fluorescent coating.

On the toy or labels must be letters PVC or Vinil, if these substances it contains. Toys, plastic, hard and cool. Doll furniture, rattles, pustulezny headbands should not have an adult in the hands to change shape.

5. Toy with propeller

It is a modern toy. Flying fairies, drones, helicopters. As a rule, they have control panels, with which you can set the height and direction of flight. They made them durable, hard materials.

So, if you fall on any part of the body, may form bruises, cuts. To injure the face, hands.

Toys of this kind it is better to buy children school-age or run them in the presence of adults.

4. Set for children's experiences (chemist, physicist)

Of course, this gift is the little man wasn't boring, but rather has an analytical mind, wit. And, perhaps, with expertise in chemistry and physics. But as you know, the case develops according to its own laws.

To comply with all security measures at home – not always possible. In addition, the kits contain lye, phosphates, acids. When mixing, you can get unexpected reagent. In addition, during storage must be observed precautions.

3. Laser pointer

With students wherever sat student, moving information field of the beam allows you to focus.

If the object is not acquired for training purposes, and for the game, it will have dire consequences. Since the laser can damage the human eye without pain.

The feature of the laser beam in the fact that, Bouncing off the obstacles, its damaging effect is amplified. There is a retinal burn, which is irreversible.

To protect yourself, carefully studying who the manufacturer any toys. If the country of origin is China, it is better "perebdet" and to dissuade the boy from the purchase.

The probability of forgery, which uses lasers from a damaged office equipment. And they are just a powerful laser device.

2. Darts

Nice sociable game, and you can relax. Especially surrounded by nature. Develops coordination and throwing accuracy; creates a spirit of healthy competition, good for families. Complete a dart and a panel on which are recorded the results of the players.

Not recommended for children because of the high injury rate. Pomahivaya the target, getting in random people passing by or animals creates an emergency situation.

Especially dangerous eyes, ears. Safety requirements during the game must be observed that the most precise way.

1. Hydrogel beads

A miracle created by human hands for adults Hobbies: widely used by florists and sedevacantisme for preserving cut flowers, soaking of cuttings, improvement of soil structure; aesthetes of the room decorated with transparent vases with iridescent beads.

But the most advanced users of this product are children. Watching how to grow colorful balls, children's heads are born all sorts of games.

If the ideas are carried out without the presence of adults – to be trouble. Once in the human body, they can cause obstruction in the movement of food through the digestive tract.

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