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10 most unusual plastic surgeries of the stars


The appeal of celebrities to plastic surgeons today considered quite commonplace. Interventions are performed along with minimally invasive procedures, e.g., injections.

Plastic changes some of the stars almost beyond recognition, someone is going to benefit, and some do not. It is worth noting that some well-known personalities resorted to quite interesting types of plastics.

In this article you will learn about the 10 most unusual plastic surgeries of the stars.

10. Beyonce Otoplasty

Famous American singer in the style of R'n'b, actress and dancer since childhood differed droopy ears, this defect caused the girl complexes.

Parents of the future star went to meet her and took her to a plastic surgeon who did everything right. Looking for celebrity, no one would have thought that her features were little in harmony with the shape of the ears.

It should say that otoplasty is one of the most innocuous surgical interventions, it does not cause complications, and the effect after the procedure, is always positive.

9. Anita Tsoy Rejuvenation votes

Honored artist of Russia decided on a rather specific procedure – rejuvenation voice. The operation was carried out in Berlin, refers to the microsurgical surgical interventions performed under General anesthesia, is to podkamenie laser of the vocal cords.

After surgery, the singer was silent for 10 days, then started with the vocal coach, training your voice. The result is the artist happy, but again it is not going to.

8. Valeria Lukyanova removed ribs

The girl, nicknamed "Barbie" due to external resemblance to the popular doll, as many have removed their 11 and 12 pairs of ribs in order to achieve the best thin waist.

This surgery has no medical indications and aesthetic need, so many surgeons did not spend. Rumor has it that the girl went to do the operation to China.

However, this beauty is not the first who resorted to such procedure. First remove edges decided Frenchwoman named Louise Julie de Brion, it happened in the 18th century.

7. Maidi, Matang Liposuction of the neck

Star of the American reality show became famous not only thanks to participation in it, but due to the fact that he made a huge amount of plastic surgery. All procedures were performed in one day, and this is a very big burden on the body.

One of the operations which decided the celebrity was liposuction of the neck, it is carried out in order to get rid of excess fat in the chin area. After undergoing surgeries, the actress began to look better and no regrets about them.

6. Renee Zellweger Change eye shape

American actress and producer, known to many viewers for the films "Bridget Jones's Diary", "Bridget Jones: the edge of reason".

It could never be called a raving beauty, but the appearance of the actress has always been very pretty. But in 2014, she shocked fans by appearing in public, much changed.

The plasticity of the actress cannot be called unsuccessful, she did not look worse or better, just become another, many viewers have decided that a celebrity decided to such surgical intervention as a change in eye shape.

5. Ariana Grande Changing the shape of the eyes

To keep from going to a plastic surgeon could not and pretty young and beautiful American singer Ariana Grande.

Many fans of the celebrity believe that she had blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid, as this procedure allows the eye to become more open.

If you compare old and new photos of beauties, you can really notice how different the cut of her eyes.

Some fans of the singer, despite this, still continue to assert that the change in eye shape is just the result of a good makeup, but no more.

4. Blake Lively – Mentoplasty

It is believed that the star of the American TV series "Gossip girl" has resorted to such surgical intervention as mentoplasty. This type of surgery involves changing the shape of the chin.

The operation went actress in favor of her chin became more refined and less heavy. She continues to receive attractive job offers from filmmakers and actively acted in films and television series.

3. Courteney Cox – Mentoplasty

The role of Monica in the popular American TV series "Friends" for quite a long years could boast of natural beauty. Courtney Cox has never looked like a actress who wants to change their appearance.

Later in the interview, a celebrity confessed that desperately wanted to grow old, so have resorted to plastic surgery, one of her operations was mentoplasty, that is, the changing shape of the chin.

However, the actress admitted that she's sorry about all the artificial manipulation with your face. The fact that surgical procedures have changed the appearance of the actress, her natural beauty was unrecognizable and artificial, which had a negative effect on her career.

2. Sharon stone Modeling of cheekbones

Actress, starred in the erotic Thriller Basic instinct, despite the age it looks great.

In her youth she was a beauty. However, despite the attractive appearance, the celebrity still resorted to the services of plastic surgeons, one of the operations that made Sharon was the modeling of the cheekbones.

High and sharp cheekbones in trend today, so this type of surgery is very popular. Cheekbones model or using special preparations for contour plastics of the face, or do the procedure using implants.

1. Demi Moore Plastic knees

The famous actress got plastic surgery, not only on the face but also on his knees, determined to make the perfect all parts of the body.

Such surgical intervention is performed in several ways. The first of these involves the introduction into the desired area special product based on hyaluronic acid, and the second is called lipomodelling.

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