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10 stars who should not have cut bangs


Men remarkably unanimous when they say that ugly women do not exist. And there are a sufficient number of those who are not cared for.

Hair, shape of haircut, color and hair length, bangs that it is perceived by others as the language in which people communicate without saying a word.

Particularly noteworthy is the rapid, radical change of image. Even to the detriment of their physique.

On the other hand, radical change brings to life the winds of change. It remains only to raise the sail. Because all of us know that change is only going to benefit, especially the girls.

And celebrities in this list, we need to change in order to remain as beautiful and attractive as always.

10. Taylor Swift

American country-pop singer, songwriter and actress. Already on the specifics of their singing activities Taylor is not an ordinary man.

Developing the music with listeners her own age, she collects large audience. Violin, guitar, tearing the soul with tenderness of the melody and banjo, kind of smiling as if to say that nothing lasts forever, and it will pass.

According to fans, the fringe made the singer over. For delicate dresses in 6500 of thousands of dollars of new hair with curvy bangs, romantic look from under which makes to sigh, as breath. Notice, the meeting was held at Lincoln center, where the singer handed out awards from Time magazine.

9. Beyonce

American singer-songwriter. One of the sexiest women of America. Eventful life, not less social.

Experiences of cheating husband, public recognition of his loving, feminine issues and concerns likely pushed to experiment with looks.

The same flowing hair, bangs short, thick. A high forehead. Like a small change, bangs, and made a young woman out of reach. It will not guess the mother of three children.

For average women short bangs – confusion. Grows quickly. Fit with the use of special tools. Frequent visits to parikmahera. Of course for such stars, invisible trouble.

8. Lady Gaga

American singer, songwriter, actress. On a musical Olympus in 2008. Manufactured disks in millions of copies.

Even longstanding loyal fans can't be sure of that, releasing the following masterpiece, it will not change. And it changes.

The image with the traditionally straight hair. Flawlessly smooth thick bangs below the eyebrows. Complements the sophistication and femininity of the singer, from which it emanates mystery and unpredictability.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

American film and television actress. Youth and charm. Glowing skin and radiant look. Passion in work. In life. Brown, slightly wavy hair. Long strands laid in one direction. Give the image of sexuality and flirtatiousness. Optical reduces age.

Admirers of the actress believe that this experiment did not particularly changed in appearance.

6. Selena Gomez

American actress, comedienne, singer and composer. It is difficult to imagine that this lovely creature is suffering, enduring serious illness. Her health got the best specialized clinics in the country. As the disease progresses.

In this ambiguous life situation to follow the fashion trends – a personal feat. Bangs gives elegance and grace. And the way ease and finesse.

5. Anne Hathaway

American singer and actress. Browsing through the photo shoot with the talented star of the screen, easy to see her with long hair, the waves falling on the shoulders. Familiar. Familiar. Recognizable.

And suddenly bangs. Video, with separated strands. Almost covering the eye. Her presence makes the image more difficult to perceive.

The fact that the hair as if ruffled by the wind that makes the young woman attractive, talking about her mobility.

4. Jessica Biel

American model, actress and singer. The unique feature of this woman is that she does in life soundly and correctly. And for the first time.

Her image is recognized and loved. Long shiny hair. Straight bangs below the eyebrows.

3. Kate Middelton

The Duchess Of Cambridge. Before the birth of a child, gorgeous hair retracted into a variety of hairstyles. Often using headgear.

Nursing a newborn is not allowed to give yourself enough attention. Hair podevalis. And this time came up bangs. Separated at the parting.

This haircut can indicate a balanced character of a young woman who is currently engaged to a minimum, and the ability to put the right priorities in life.

Hairdressers, stylists not difficult to operate with a senior person. As face shape her oval. And this provides good luck to any experiment with your hair.

2. Katy Perry

American singer, composer. Experiments with the appearance held. But not often. Currently has ultra-short haircut and short hair. This is the latest trend.

The thinning hair and rejuvenates the face. Her owner looks eccentric and unconventional. Wonderful shape of the eyebrows, expressive eyes make the image complete.

1. Emilia Clarke

British actress of theatre and cinema. Gained fame starring in the famous TV series "Game of thrones". Telesia "sweeping the globe", gaining more and more fans.

It is known that the main character during the filming had two operations on the brain. After each treatment was difficult recovery period.

Because the heroine was involved in the filming of the sixth season, says that she won. This history deserves respect.

Close to the viewer the image of a girl with long ashen hair fell into Oblivion. Currently, the actress medium length hair fashion with extended bangs. This innovation has added the actress of femininity and romanticism.

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