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10 false beliefs that are perceived as true


For your life every person has beliefs that he accepts as true, but often he has no objective reason. Just people reluctant to change their beliefs, but they make it harder and draw a wrong picture of the world.

To get rid of the strong opinion about something difficult, but you don't have to think for themselves, what is this erroneous assumption, because before you open the article that you just will tell about it.

10. Pregnancy lasts 9 months

All tend to think that the woman is pregnant with 9 months, but that's not entirely true. Most often, from the moment of conception until the baby is born, it takes approximately 266 days, it turns out that pregnancy lasts about 40 weeks and can last and 38, and that 80% of women.

Even knowing the day of conception, it is difficult to calculate the date of birth. Every pregnancy is individual, and the estimated life is born a small percentage of babies. 40 weeks is considered normal pregnancy, so it is possible to think that the woman is pregnant for 10 months.

9. A lot of salt is bad for health

It is considered that the frequent use of salt is harmful for health. This is a very controversial conclusion, because the lack of salt leads to depression, muscle spasms, and disorders of the digestive processes.

The daily requirement of our body for salt to 6 grams, but we eat in a day more – the surplus accumulated in various organs and prevent the body to function properly.

Salt to consume is necessary, but not in large numbers – the rejection of it is bad for the body.

8. Overweight from illness

We can often hear the phrase: "If a person has excess weight, he's unhealthy", but this is incorrect. What unhealthy people?

It is known that each of us has a predisposition to any disease – it could never make itself felt, existing with the person in a latent state all his life. This is perfectly normal.

The extra weight gives a person discomfort because of unattractive appearance, to fix this, there is sport and diet, however, great danger to life due to the weight. People who have problems with weight – not necessarily something to cheer.

7. Milk is useful

Advertising, screaming about the benefits of milk for our body is a marketing ploy. In countries where people drink large quantities of milk, statistics on bone diseases is the worst.

The use of cow's milk can cause cancer in men – it's all in the hormones given to cows on farms.

In addition, dairy products can cause allergies, if you really want to drink milk, it is better to replace the plant, these include, for example, coconut or rice – rice contains calcium and valuable minerals and vitamins.

6. Honey is better than processed sugar

If you want to replace sugar with honey, it is not necessary to forget that in the 100 grams of honey 329 kcal – he has not won before with a spoon of sugar. Honey is sweeter than sugar and you need less to sweeten a drink, but its frequent use can cause problems with excess weight.

From a medical point of view, a large and often the consumption of sweets, whether it's honey or sugar can cause heart disease, liver problems, and diabetes.

5. Man uses only 10% of your brain

That the human brain works on 10% of naramig. People really can develop your intelligence through a variety of exercises, but the fact that they use only part of their brain is incorrect.

10% perhaps the brain up and running, but only during sleep. Various studies have shown that there is a part of the brain that is inactive. Different parts of the brain responsible for our performance, and if it worked 10%, it would not have coped with the maintenance of the functioning of our entire body.

4. The irradiation with microwave causes cancer

In the Internet you can find many frightening statements, some of them baseless, but the person who is capable of thinking, can understand what is fiction and what is truth.

Having read the horror stories, people can stop using the microwave and deprive yourself of pleasure to eat out.

Say that microwaves can cause cancer, but if you watch the heating method of the microwave, it becomes clear – they produce radiation, which heats water molecules present in the product, which makes the food hot. But that does not make the product harmful.

3. The language is divided into 4 parts

Perhaps you've heard the theory that language is divided into four parts, and the taste buds of each of them responsible for the difference of sweet, bitter, salty, sour food.

However, this is wrong – tastes are not four but five, the fifth is umami, the taste of proteins. The human tongue contains thousands of taste buds, and they work together.

If you poured on the tip of their tongue salt, you will feel the salty taste, which just proves the disloyalty card language.

2. Yogurt improves digestion

It is considered that yogurt improves digestion, but this statement is not quite true. It helps only partially. Yogurt includes probiotics, which are considered "good bacteria" that help regulate the intestines.

But when in the body for many different bacteria as possible to determine what the bacteria contained in yogurt will bring you favor? Abnormal to look for in yogurt, the solution of problems related to digestion. It is better to drink kefir – it is much more useful.

1. Night snacking cause obesity

There is a perception that night snacking and generally eating after 6 PM, straight lead to weight gain. But it's not.

Need to eat not until 6 PM, and around 3 hours before bedtime – by the time the digestive tract time to digest most of the food and a nights rest will be easy.

Before you go to sleep, you can eat the broth, pistachios, rice or a roll with cheese – these foods can be eaten at night, they will not harm the figure.

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