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10 cool rock clips with an interesting plot


It just so happened that high-quality clips with a sense of relieve mainly rock singers are trying to tell a story.

They rarely trivial, like rappers (half-naked girls, money, cars and other show-off), and some of the films good short films.

10. Rammstein Rosenrot

The Germans have every clip is worthy of attention, but this has the most interesting story. The story is about a group of monks who come to a small village where they are greeted warmly by the locals, giving them shelter and a place at the table.

In the village are preparing a wedding, but despite that the bride is actively making eyes at one of the monks. In the end, the couple marries, and the girl gets her way, and seduces the priest, persuading him to kill her husband, whom she does not love.

Blinded by love and jealousy, the monk (played by til Lindemann) kills opponent, but freshly a widow decides to trick him. She calls the neighbors and hang all the dogs on him, for which he was burned alive at the stake.

9. Five Finger Death Punch Wrong side of heaven

The band Five Finger Death Punch are known for Patriotic and military themed they have a few songs and clips, but Wrong side of heaven by far the best.

Clip on the life of veterans after the army is not necessary to the country and society, especially if they come back disabled or have mental disorders.

Statistics of ex-soldiers-homeless, well-shot footage of the military operation and poignant demonstration of the pain of war is all can cause a tear from anyone.

8. Limp Bizkit Boiler

Surreal bad-trip from Limp Bizkit difficult to describe as everyone will know is shown in this way. Strange but this video is not as popular as other music videos, although filmed much better.

Robots-androids, explosions, the sudden transformation of the video into the animation looks amazing, especially for the early noughties, when he was removed.

7. Dimmu Borgir The Serpentine Offering

The clip talks about the times of the Crusades, when the monks literally force to impose Christianity to the Gentiles.

One of the crusaders, the young monk, seeing the horror that is done by his fellows (the burning of alleged witches at the stake), rips off his cross and renounce the faith.

With the help of an ancient pagan rite, he gets a huge force, and calls the horsemen of the Apocalypse, which easily deal with the cruel Christians.

The sequence leaves open the question of what's worse: unwanted belief or otherworldly demons?

6. KORN Thoughtless

At first the plot may seem painfully banal, but the main thing to watch until the end.

A young guy, a student in high school, has no friends and suffers humiliation from their peers, hating himself and the world.

Gradually accumulated in this anger becomes so strong that the demons inside Wake up, not in a figurative and literal sense.

The denouement occurs at the prom, where the last outcast comes in the company of a charming demoness and it ruins the holiday.

The plot is worthy of the youth horror, especially the main role is played by Aaron Paul is the same Jesse Pinkman from "breaking bad".

5. Biopsyhoz Pepel

Two soldiers dressed in uniforms of Nazi Germany, leading to the execution of the guy and the girl. Kill the first guy and reload the guns for the execution of the girl, but she suddenly starts to dance.

Stretching his hands towards the sky, she's fascinating and moving as if performing a ritual, and even butchers put down the gun, fascinated by the spectacle. And then what happens next is better to see yourself.

Special attention is given to the message going to the end of the video and urging people not to listen to politicians calling for war. Doubly pleased that such a high-quality video and song belong to the Russian team.

4. Metallica Frantic

A young man rushes at great speed in his car and, ignoring a red light, gets into an accident.

The car flies into the air and begins to roll over, and the driver in front of the eyes sweeps the whole life. Suddenly, he realizes that he spent it in vain: alcohol, cigarettes, food, sleep, random one-night stand, drinking in the company of goofy friends and that's all he can remember.

The clip makes us think that the clock is ticking, and many people's lives are devoid of meaning.

3. Disturbed The Light

A poignant story of the fire, which during the next call falls under the collapse of the building. Save his companions and pulled out of the fire, but now he has to learn to walk again and to hide disfigured by burns of the face under the hood.

He loses his job, people on the street scared seeing him, and he begins more and more to depend on antidepressants.

Fortunately, next to him is a girl who loves him for who he is, not paying attention to the scars and mental torment. Love can heal what medicine can not.

2. Pain Shut Your Mouth

This song is the main hit, and the clip on it was a real sensation at the time of release.

A man wakes up in his bed from the sound of the annoying alarm clock and goes to the kitchen to drink milk, and suddenly the house there is a strange light outside, and on the threshold of a visitor from another planet.

Next, we show how man is trying to tell us about the humanoid to the government, but they suggest him to close his mouth and not to talk nonsense, refusing to believe.

The finale in General "really cute": the alien continues to live in the house and becomes a friend of human.

1. Moby feat. The Void Pacific Choir Are You Lost in the World Like Me?

Finish with a video, showing us the dependence of modern man from the gadgets. The video is completely drawn, but the cartoon makes it even better.

The main character doesn't understand why people are so blind and insensitive that when they see the fire, doing something in the background of selfies, shoot video, and when the girl sticks some marginal nose-dive into the screen of the gadget and pretend not to notice.

If you look carefully, someone may find themselves immersed in a virtual world in a time when real-something important happens.

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