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10 brilliant schizophrenics who have changed our world


The majority of inhabitants the term schizophrenia is associated with terrifying scenes of extreme psychosis in patients suffering from this severe chronic disease.

People with such a diagnosis, in most cases, causes others fear and alienation. However, few people know that a legendary person, has made incredible discoveries, suffered from this disease.

No wonder they say that the line between genius and madness is very conditional. People included in this collection are another confirmation of this theory.

10. Philip K. dick – science fiction writer

This writer suffered a mild form of schizophrenia. His famous novel do androids Dream elektroauto? formed the basis of the least-known paintings blade razor and a piece of Memories wholesale and retail is embodied in the film total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role.

There is an opinion that to write this kind of work the writer was largely due to his visiting sometimes hallucinations.

9. Vincent van Gogh – the artist

Around this genius of painting to this day there are a lot of myths. Van Gogh was a true pioneer, not appreciated by his contemporaries. His understanding of authentic beauty was through understanding the inner essence of objects and phenomena.

There is a view that van Gogh created their masterpieces during seizures schizophrenia. The artist could write several canvases in one day, and could do huge breaks.

8. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche – the philosopher

Friedrich Nietzsche, the famous German philosopher and thinker. Its neoclassical doctrine has become widely popular not only in the scientific community, but also far beyond its borders.

He allowed himself to doubt the core principles of the norms of culture and morality, social and political relationships that existed in society at that time. This original philosophical concept of our time and causes a lot of disputes and contradictions.

At the same time, few people know that the famous philosopher has suffered a nuclear mosaic schizophrenia. For this form of this disease characterized by the appearance of a person's unhealthy delusions of grandeur that would compete with his idea of Superman.

7. Nikolai Gogol – writer

The great writer of the nineteenth century is not just attributed to a variety of mental pathology. All thanks to the fact that the author of the Inspector and of Dead souls was of rather unusual character and sometimes indulged in some very extraordinary things.

Probably the biggest mystery of his biography is the reason why the writer decided to give the fire the manuscript of the second volume of Dead souls. There is a version that Gogol did, being possessed of schizophrenic delusions.

In addition, the writer's whole life was haunted by the fear of being buried alive. Such an inexplicable phobia also blamed for schizophrenia.

6. Isaac Newton – mathematician and physicist

Many historians and researchers of the life of Newton believe that the great scientist suffered two mental illnesses schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive psychosis.

Isaac's mood instantly changed, which prevented him from normal communication with people. However, this did not prevent him to commit a series of brilliant discoveries in mathematics and physics.

5. Parvin Babi Indian actress

Parveen Babi was the first actress of bollywood who is honored to get on the cover of the famous edition of Time. The woman at the time was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses in Indian cinema, almost immediately becoming a trendsetter.

In the late 70's at Parvin for the first time began to appear symptoms of the paranoid form of schizophrenia. For several years the actress had been in therapy in the U.S., but the disease took over.

After returning home Parveen Babi immediately wrote a statement to the police on the famous Indian persons, accusing them of harassment. She was trying to prove that they want to kill her. The whole Indian film industry turned away from the actress, leaving her alone with his serious illness.

The bollywood star was found dead in his apartment on 22 January 2005. Her death was very tragic — a woman died of hunger. She spent hours lying in my bed, feeling terrible pain, and not being able to get to the door of a huge apartment and ask for help to the neighbors, because before she died, she could no longer walk.

4. Alexander Nikolayevich Skryabin – a composer

In Skryabin's work embodies the ideas of ecstatic longing for unknown worlds and the idea of the transformative power of art. Also a brilliant composer, one of the first to developed the idea of colour music.

According to contemporaries, Alexander was a man of a very suspicious and mysterious religious. He was subject to sudden mood swings, which caused great concern to his family.

According to doctors, Scriabin suffered from schizophrenia, which may explain his strange behavior.

3. Maya Makila – Swedish artist

Maya Makila Swedish artist who delivered the official diagnosis of schizophrenia. The woman known worldwide for its psychedelic and terrifying paintings. She currently lives and works in Stockholm.

According to the author of such macabre paintings, the main goal of her work is the search for truth even if that truth is terrible to watch.

2. John Nash – mathematician

This is an extraordinary and strong personality. Nobel laureate John Nash made a lot of discoveries in the field of differential geometry and game theory. However, according to the scientist, in his scholarly work, he has helped schizophrenia, which he suffered until his death.

Great math was delivered this diagnosis, when he was barely 30 years after the wedding with a student, Alicia, who at the time was only 26.

First, new husband Nash trying to hide a terrible disease from his colleagues and friends, hoping to save her husband's career. However, after a few months of his strange behavior, Alicia had forcibly hospitalize her husband in a private psychiatric hospital. It was there he put a disappointing diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.

In 1980 the disease of Nash, much to the surprise of psychiatrists, began to wane. It happened because the scientist went back to the science and learned to just ignore schizophrenia.

1. Bettie page – the sex symbol of the 1950s

The name of this American centerfolds rocked the whole world in the 50-ies of the last century. It was then that she began to actively act in a very explicit images for the covers of leading erotic magazines. It was called the sex symbol of the era and even one of the female sexual revolution in the 1960s.

During his career, Betty has starred in several films. There were rumors that she is having sex with another sex idol Marilyn Monroe. About her life written several biographical works, and also filmed two feature films — "Bettie page: Dark angel" (2004) and "Lewd Bettie page" (2005).

In 1979, Betty had a nervous breakdown. It was then that she first heard from the doctors a dreadful verdict: Paranoid schizophrenia.

She spent 20 months in a psychiatric state hospital. Until 1992 it was under the close supervision of physicians. After that she was declared healthy, and until his death did not need specific treatment.

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