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10 Russian actors to compensate for lack of talent with their appearance


As you know, in the modern world the path to achieving fame there are a wide variety. Someone making its way through the perseverance and talent. And someone goes on a journey of revelation through an incredible and impressive appearance. The other way is equally good, if you know how to implement them.

10. Michael Wheat

29-year-old actor was born in Ukraine on 5 August 1989. Michael is a great example of an actor who fell into their midst, not through connections of relatives. His family did not have any actor or actress.

But that didn't stop Michael in early childhood to be fascinated by the world of cinema and art. And although his role is not so widely known to a large audience, but his charming face exactly sink a lot of soul!

9. Dmitry Vlaskin

In the case of the actor, the situation is diametrically opposite. Dmitry's mother, Tatiana Voronina, was closely associated with the cinema. In what way? The fact that she worked as a Director in one of the Moscow theatres.

Apparently, since he was born in the soul a little more on the life of Dmitry desire to Shine and to Shine that big smile in front of an audience. The popularity of Vlaskina came after starring in the acclaimed TV series "the Teacher".

8. Danila Dunaev

Danila Dunaev, no doubt, a very talented man. In childhood, he devoted much time to the sport, but because he is equally good in swimming, wrestling and karate. In addition, Daniel plays the accordion.

At the Institute young Dunaev studied social psychology, and entering the Shchukin drama school, no one expected, not even Daniel himself.

Besides the fact that the Danube is unusually handsome, he is also an insanely gifted man. In addition to acting ability he is singing, which can be seen in his performance on the show "Just exactly".

7. Cyril, Duzevic

Cyril, Duzevic is a young Belarusian actor. At the end of last year he turned 26.

Despite her young age, Cyril has a very memorable and smiley face. It was for that very reason he sinks into the soul of many spectators-lovers of long-running TV series. The most high-profile work of Kirill is "the Big game", "Forbidden love", "For the love of everything I can."

6. Maxim Matveev

Handsome Maksim Matveev is quite firmly entrenched in the cinema in 2002. Behind him a huge amount as comedic roles in film and drama on the stage of various theatres, such as the monumental Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov and the Moscow theatre named after O. Tabakov.

Maxim was lucky to make some roles to play on the same set with his beautiful wife Elizabeth Boyar. The couple played well-known characters of Russian classics, namely Anna Karenina and Alexei Vronsky.

5. Mark Bogatyrev

Hardly anyone will remember Mark K. Bogatyrev by initials. But here's the funny and irrepressible character Maxim Lavrov performed by Bogatyrev, the main engine of many storylines in the TV series "Kitchen" certainly is remembered by many for a long time due to its inimitable charisma and charming appearance.

In General, acting the way the Brand began in 2006 with the filming of the blockbuster Comedy "Insatiable". But the audience is unlikely to remember this picture. And here's the adorable max from the TV series and several feature films-the sequels, the audience and especially the female half, certainly not what you remember, but long remember.

4. Artem Krylov

Another young participant of this top. But, despite the fact that Artem was only 27 years old, he has already managed to Shine in many projects. The actor himself says that since high school dreamed of becoming an actor.

He has a great future, and this convinced many of the critics and the audience. But a pretty face coupled with a strong charisma only play Artem at hand, when in his filmography there will come a time scale for the ages and memorable roles.

3. Prokhor Dubravin

One look Prokhor able to nail the viewer to the screen and not let go for a long time. The real name of the actor Vitaly Emashov. Vitaly, and now Prokhorov was very afraid that after the first and last name it does not recognize neither the Directors nor the audience, but his fears were unfounded.

Initially there were no signs that the future actor actually bind your life with an acting career. He's at school paid much attention to physics and math and even finished University on a speciality "industrial and civil construction". But fate had to dispose of differently.

2. Alexander Volkov

Another attractive and gifted actor who wanted a child to go by a completely different way. Namely, in the path of the sport. In the childhood Alexander had spent a lot of time kickboxing and dreamed of a career boxer. The walls in his room were all hung with posters of Jean-Claude van Damme.

In acting-together Alexander came purely by chance when the coach told the young man the terrible news. Not that he is not physically suited for the role of a fighter, but Alexander lacks the brutality and aggression. These words turned the young Volkov from the sport and quite unexpectedly, brought in the all-Russian state University of cinematography.

1. Stanislav Bondarenko

With this appearance, like Stanislaus, to win the love of the audience quite easily. His open face and friendly eyes. Stanislav in his later years has managed to conquer a huge female audience through charisma and hard-work.

Behind him are serial works as "Sin", "provincial", "Kiss of fate".

Stanislav differed in appearance from childhood. It is possible that this helped him to break into the challenging competitive environment of acting. But does it successfully, anyway.

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