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10 little-known facts about Cleopatra


Ancient Egyptian Queen is one of the most famous in history. About it removed a lot of programs, movies, written many books, but I think it's interesting about her is unknown.

However, biographers suggest that it was a very educated girl – Cleopatra knew 8 languages, had an analytical mind, able brilliantly to negotiate. It is obvious that Cleopatra often frequented the library of Alexandria, in which were stored hundreds of thousands of books.

In addition, the Queen stood out for its extraordinary abilities, but still able to fall in love with anyone – about it, probably everyone knows. From the life of Cleopatra is interesting facts that you may find interesting.

10. Cleopatra's father was Greek

Cleopatra was born in Egypt, but her father Ptolemy XII was Greek. The Queen belonged to the dynasty of Ptolemy I Soter (Saviour), who reigned in Egypt.

When Alexander the Great died (king of Macedonia), Ptolemy became ruler of Egypt in 323 BC and founded his dynasty, whose members were talking in Greek.

His dynasty ruled almost three centuries, Cleopatra has taken over the tradition and customs of the country and learned Egyptian.

9. Cleopatra was born of an incestuous

Ancient Egypt actively practiced sibling marriages of the Ptolemies married relatives to pedigree were kept in purity.

Cleopatra's ancestors married their brothers and sisters, so it's possible that her parents had a relationship.

Cleopatra did not depart from tradition, and her husbands were brothers: the first official husband was her brother Ptolemy XIII, he was not yet 10 years old when the marriage was contracted.

8. She was responsible for the death of brothers and sisters

Murder for power was acceptable. The first husband of the Queen – Ptolemy XIII, ordered her to disappear from Egypt, when she tried to take control of the power control.

Cleopatra made profitable for both sides, the Union with Julius Caesar (which, by the way, she became widely known), and Ptolemy, losing, drowned in the Nile.

After the war, Cleopatra became the wife of another brother Ptolemy XIV, and he was killed too.

In 41 BC the Queen also killed his sister named Arsinoe IV, because he considered it a serious competition, where you could get the throne.

7. Achievements of Cleopatra not a beauty

All used to think that Cleopatra is a ruthless temptress who used her charms for political purposes. But her beauty is not the most important.

The Queen was very educated and intelligent (that's what you should pay attention) – she played different instruments, freely, could speak 8 languages, knew philosophy, mathematics, was fond of astronomy and she was interested in rhetoric.

Cleopatra was a scholar, and in fact her attractiveness is exaggerated. She just had a special charm that attracted men to her.

6. Cleopatra knew how to present themselves

The Queen believed that she is the manifestation of the goddess, and could get into any role – in 48 BC, at that time, when she was in a hostile relationship with his brother, in Alexandria visited Gaius Julius Caesar (Roman politician), and she, knowing that he will prevent her meeting with Julius invented the trick.

The legend says that Cleopatra, secret from prying eyes, delivered in a linen bag (the legend says that in the carpet) to meet with Caesar. After this incident, Caesar and the Egyptian Queen became lovers.

5. The Queen followed her husband to Rome

In the year 46 BC in Rome, Cleopatra followed Caesar, and her appearance created a lot of noise. Their love affair was not hidden, and the Queen had even brought their baby.

In the Roman temple of Venus-the progenitor Caesar put a Golden statue of Cleopatra at the altar, after which many Romans were outraged.

In 44 BC Julius was killed, and the Queen had to flee the city, but it is good to remember. Her hair, which she loved to wear jewelry made of pearls, began to copy the women, and their statues even were mistaken for images of the Queen.

4. Cleopatra had to flee

The ancient Greek Queen married the Roman politician Marco Antony, and bore him 3 children, but their relationship is also established in Rome a noise.

Rival Mark Octavian used his affair with Cleopatra for his own purposes, convincing everyone that he is the victim whose trust has used evil temptress.

In 32 BC the Senate of Rome declared war on Queen. When took place the battle of Actium (the last naval battle), Cleopatra stood at the head of dozens of ships of Egypt, but they did not have to battle with Octavian.

The battle turned into a rout, so Cleopatra and Antony had to flee.

3. Mark Antony and Cleopatra organized a feast

The relationship of Mark and Cleopatra was based on political interests, she needed Anthony to protect the throne and retained sovereignty of Egypt, and the commander needed the wealth of this country.

But they were well together, according to sources in 41-40 BCE, the pair spent together while enjoying the Egyptian wealth, and even created a club called "the Inimitable livers".

The club was organized a feast at night, and the guests liked to make games that were actually challenging. Favorite game of Cleopatra and Antony were walking through Alexandria, disguised in other clothes, and cast locals.

2. Perhaps Cleopatra died from a snake bite, and opium

All researchers agree that Cleopatra killed herself at the age of 39 years. Octavian, defeated Mark Antony, wanted to bring the Queen of Egypt to Rome and hold it as a trophy through the streets of the eternal city, behind his chariot won, although he covered it up.

Cleopatra did not want to be subjected to shame, so I decided that the best way out is to commit suicide. She took poison – a mixture of opium, Aconitum and Hemlock.

1. The movie "Cleopatra" was filmed in 1963 – one of the most expensive

In 1963, viewers saw a film about the Queen, and he was considered one of the most expensive in all the time, how much off the movie.

On alone had spent $ 200,000. Initially, the film was allocated $ 2 million, the budget but gradually began to grow.

We can say that the Studio went bankrupt doing it. Interestingly, the film to this day remains one of the most costly.

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