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10 unusual facts that can make you believe in the existence of alien life


Whether there is extraterrestrial intelligence, is still under debate. Ufologists, parapsychologists and psychics believe that UFOs really exist.

While there is no absolute evidence that our planet is visited by aliens. Nevertheless, experts say that extraterrestrial life does exist.

Especially valuable are the observations obtained during the Soviet era. While people are not particularly interested in aliens, the supernatural, no one believed. But UFO is still observed.

10. UFOs visited the ancient Egyptians

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that Ancient Egypt was visited by aliens. That is why this civilization was so fast to develop. How else to explain some of the facts that came before us?

Looking at ancient hieroglyphics, ufologists found there pictures, which show the light bulbs, as well as devices similar to modern helicopters and airplanes.

Particularly impressive is the papyrus tulli. This unusual papyrus, which recorded the observations of the Egyptians for UFOs.

In a time when Egypt ruled by Thutmose, they descended the fiery disk. Later, there were several such discs, shining brighter than the Sun. After a few days all these objects was gone.

9. In the United States was built, a special SETI Institute in mountain view, which must prove the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence

20 November 1984 in California opened the SETI Institute. This is a non-profit organization, which the government exempted from taxes.

They set a goal – to explore and understand how the Universe spreading life. They have their own radio telescopes, optical telescopes, which are necessary to capture signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

One of the objectives is the search for exoplanets and life on the planets of the Solar system, including Mars.

But scientists say that their Institute was established in order to popularize science, to motivate young people. They take part in interesting space projects.

Since 1995 the Institute has been working on a project that scans more than 1 million stars to detect alien radio transmissions. Nothing is yet known about the results, but all these developments have spent a lot of money, about 5 million per year.

8. Observation Of Alla, Cavalok

Alla Zevulun once lived in Leningrad. 15 September 1982, she was at home.

Somewhere toward the afternoon, around 12.30, she saw a bright disk, slightly more than the sun. He was flat. The disc hovered at an angle of 15°. Alla Dmitrevna could see that it was light, airy, pale, and the edges had "spit".

First, Cavalok decided that it is the sun with braids, but then I realized that it is not. It really could not be the sun. As shown by calculations, this time it was at an angle of 30°.

7. Monitoring pilot John Vacare

This incident occurred August 13, 1956. At 21.30, an American pilot named John Vacare, saw a UFO. He flew with the speed of 9 thousand km per hour.

The pilot told L. Henri that his radar was able to detect 12-13 unidentified objects. Later they were joined together in one large UFO, which was larger than a plane with a wingspan of 70 m.

At 10 o'clock again there was one UFO moving at a speed of 19 thousand miles per hour. An air-traffic control tower also observed the UFO, but described him as a bright light located at an altitude of 1200 m.

6. Observation of the doctor of Sciences, author of books devoted to UFOs, Yuri Horace

It was the summer of 1968. He walked Zizino. Yuri watched as the sky appeared an unidentified flying object in the form of a symmetrical triangle. Its surface shone, was made of some kind of metal.

The scientist watched him for almost half an hour, all this time, he didn't move. Then the object disappeared. A minute before he disappeared, he was enveloped in a haze, and it all disappeared.

5. The story of T. P. Drury from New Guinea

He is well versed in 32 different aircraft types and was expert in meteorology. He recalls that on 23 August 1953 went for a walk with the family. In the sky – no clouds.

He had a tape of a native, who caught the fish with a fork. His wife noticed a cloud that suddenly appeared in the sky. Gradually it turned into a white cube. the sky was something similar to a UFO.

He decided to film it all, since I was interested in such phenomena. From the clouds suddenly appeared a long object, it glinted in the sun. In form it resembled a bullet. The wings he never had.

The object soon disappeared, but it left a mark. It was dense, with black edges, but at the same time white and wavy. All of this can be seen on a piece of film. But any sounds he heard, although the object was close to it.

4. I. Kravchenko shared his story in the newspaper "Lenin's banner"

This happened in March 1989, in Kiev. At 7 PM he was on the balcony of his 15th-storey building. He was looking around, when suddenly I saw the orange stripe.

Later he was facing the oval shape. She stayed in the sky for 10-12 min, and then swam up. From her came the smoke black. The figure rapidly moved up, and then she cringed, looked like an accordion.

Then before his eyes appeared a second figure, it went down a trunk, got out a smoke gray color. Before his eyes appeared a wing with turbines on the end. From it came the orange stripes.

When it was all gone, the head of the witness became as iron, and legs.

3. In America you can get insurance in case of theft UFO

In insurance companies there is a new service. They pay $ 1 for a long time, if their client was abducted by aliens. He chooses which insurance to choose.

There are options: UFO abduction, alien pregnancy or violence, and even death.

According to reports, about 20 thousand people took advantage of this insurance.

2. American firefighters are ready to meet with aliens

In the US some firefighters are taught to provide first aid, if suddenly there will be a UFO invasion or accident. And the courses are taught, including how to help the victims of the aliens.

1. 2% probability that the existence of UFOs will be proven

According to scientists of University of East Anglia, the probability that in the next ten years will prove the existence of aliens, is 2%. It's not so little if you consider the fact that the Earth and our universe is fairly well understood.

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