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10 star fathers that are good role models


Lucky for those children who experienced a father's love. It is a solid joy, when the strong hand of the Pope are, lull, life support. In the case of daughters, the future life partner are often at risk to be like their fathers, sweethearts.

It is a rarity nowadays. To communicate on demand. The main priorities are work, physical well-being of children.

Meanwhile, the main value in life, straying from the right guidance. And maybe grows like grass beside the road. Below are the men who are the exception.

10. Chris Pratt

American film and television actor. Known key roles in the films "Guardians of the Galaxy" "Jurassic World".

Married Anna Faris in 2009 and 2017. The couple have a son Jack Pratt. The long-awaited child that was prayed. The boy was born prematurely. A long time after birth has been weak. Fought for his life, the boy desperately. Care for nursing rests on the shoulders of Anna.

Of course, the result turned out great. But there is still something to do.

9. Matt Damon

The American actor. Married since 2005 with Luciano Barroso. Interesting position of the actor during the shooting of the work not to fall in love. Mobile psyche Actresses were unsettled by its unpredictability. Courtship in such a situation is a luxury and a waste of time, what the artist himself could not afford.

In the profession of his choice – decorator. In 2006 born their first child – daughter Isabella, Gia and Stella Zavala. And dochechka from his first marriage. Flower garden, not the family.

Surrounding say that in the movie business, Matt is cool, straightforward, serious. And the house is a perfect environment parses it to a molecular state, so that, again having met, after staying with the family to please their fans.

8. Hugh Jackman

Australian actor of theatre and cinema. Known for her role as superhero mutant Wolverine in "X-Men".

Married since 1996 with Deborrah Lee Furness. The couple adopted a boy Oscar Maximillian and a girl, Ava Eliot. Loving parents. With their children very happy. Since they allowed for the development of the parental instinct in the pair.

7. Cristiano Rolando

Portuguese footballer who plays for Italian club Juventus and the Italian national team. The famous footballer a son, Cristiano Jr., in 2017, had twins, Matthew and eve, and in the same year was born the daughter of Alan Martin.

How can the father of many children raising children, only he knows. Seven the eldest son is starting to play football. Father is watching his progress and slow to praise. It must be earned. Small they are small. Their immediate objectives included: to grow strong and healthy.

6. Will Smith

American actor, Director. Nominated "Oscar", "Grammy", "Golden globe".

Since 1997, married to jada Pinkett Smith. Has a child from his first marriage. And two children from the second.

From the Jaden is such a lively, smiling, as plastic as his father. They are more like two friends who can't live without each other. Son is currently 20 years. He's a dancer, rap artist.

Due to the fact that children of the star couple was educated at home, the child's ability on the set was spotted, assessed, developed.

5. Josh Duhamel

American actor, former fashion model. Married to Stacy Ferguson from 2009 to 2017.

In this pious couple a son. Prior to his appearance at the future father is mentally with it relationships were built. How will they evolve? Is it worth to bother with their instructions or to wait until their "bumps will stuff".

In real life, you have to do everything as required. Most importantly, what in the world is the son.

4. VIN Diesel

American actor, film Director, screenwriter and producer. In Alliance with the Mexican model Paloma Himanen had three children. Two daughters and a son.

Interestingly, the eldest daughter tries to copy his father doing sports, martial arts. Although my son is like the father, it attracts more and more theatre activities. The youngest daughter is still a little girl.

Their father just adores. All that can be done for them, around them he does with joy.

3. Orlando Bloom

English film actor. Gained fame appearing in films including "the Lord of the rings, pirates of the Caribbean".

Child, Flynn Bloom. The baby was constantly on symoney site. Smiling. A sociable child energized the entire cast. Anyhow. After all, dad and mom always there, and he relaxed.

Yes, it was. Even now, when life has separated parents, they agreed to live nearby to constantly see his son.

2. Chris Hemsworth

The Australian actor. The most famous in the role of Thor in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Is married to Elsa Pataky since 2010. And sow the day in their Soyuz harmony reigns. The couple has three children. So I worked out at the family Council, first the children, then work. Surprisingly, but anybody from this decision are not lost.

Parents create endless photo shoot. From the pictures look businesslike grimy, energetic, something who kids. Sometimes so vigorously that the Pope, in some cases it is necessary to pull the baby from the ground. It is felt that it is necessary to apply fatherly authority.

1. David Beckham

English soccer player. Athlete. When David was a little silly, his father out of socks rolled balls to the little boy hit him. All in the family was interested in football. Each individually or all together, these items formed a dream. To be a footballer.

Life partner fate gave him a devotee, a wonderful person – Victoria Adams, later Beckham. Romance turned into an officially registered marriage. The couple had three sons and a daughter.

Senior Brooklyn – in all copies of the father. In the behavior preferences. Romeo is busy in the modeling business. Cruz loves dancing. Already at the age of two danced break dance. The desire of the child was evaluated by the parents and began to develop his inclinations. Harper is a beautiful girl. Currently, she accompanies the parents.

In the house of a powerful beam of energy generated by the sons and quiet little girl. This close-knit team of children and loving parents has a beneficial effect on the entire family as a whole.

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