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Top 10 most sad movies to tears


What makes us watch a dramatic denouement, causing sadness? Tears – a good psychological discharge. If the soul is sad, something is wrong in your life or just want to feel sorry for yourself – the most sad movies to tears, a list of which we provide today readers, will help to cope with depression.

10. Knockin ' on heaven

10 position among the saddest films that cause tears, is painting "reach the heavens". This is the story of two terminally ill young people, accidentally met in the hospital. Rudy Martin will be dead in a week. Found in the nightstand drawer for a bottle of tequila they were drinking it, and talk about their lives. Martin finds out that Rudi has never seen the sea and decides what to show a new friend the sea – a good last goal in life. They escape from the hospital by car found in the Parking lot, robbed on the road Bank and start their final journey to the sea.

9. The green mile

9 in the list of most sad movie to tears – "the Green mile", filmed on the novel by Stephen king. The painting ranks among the best works of world cinema. It is also one of the best adaptations of literary works.

One of the inhabitants of the nursing home tells his friend a story that happened in his years as a prison Keeper. There was the infamous "block E". It contained criminals, condemned to death in the electric chair. Among them was the black giant John Coffey. It turns out that he is endowed with supernatural powers. John heals from long-standing disease of the protagonist, and he begins to doubt that good-natured gentle giant is guilty of a crime.

8. What dreams may come

The painting "what dreams may come", in which the main role was played by the gorgeous Robin Williams in eighth place on the list of most sad movies.

Chris and Annie, a happily married couple. But once in their life can sometimes be a terrible tragedy – the children of the couple killed in a car crash. Chris is fully immersed in the work, and Annie was increasingly suffering from depression. Years later the main character also dies in a car accident. His soul is in heaven. Here he learns that Chris, being left alone, commits suicide. For it's her soul waiting for eternal torment in hell. But the main character is not going to leave his wife and embarks on a dangerous journey in search of her soul.

7. The notebook

The touching story of great love, "the notebook" is on the seventh position in our ranking of the most sad movies that can cause tears.

Every day an elderly man reads to her neighbor the story of the relationship of two lovers. Noah and Allie belong to different social strata, and the girl's parents against her encounters with the young man. Noah hears Ellie quarreled with relatives because of him and decides that they want to leave. But he continues to love the girl. When Ellie's parents went out of town, every day he writes her a letter, promising that he would come to her, but the message captures the girl's mother. Receiving no answer, Noah loses hope. Years later, after the war, Noah sees in the city of happy ally next to another man. Deciding that it's time to forget the old love, Noah embarked on his life-long dream – the restoration of the old mansion. One day Allie sees the house in the newspaper and learns of Noah, whom she had remembered and continued to love all these years.

6. Requiem for a dream

"Requiem for a dream" takes the sixth place in the list of most sad movies. It is difficult to understand the picture that someone is very upset and someone seems overly aggressive. The life story of four people deliberately ruining their lives, can not leave indifferent. The characters in the film, Harry's girlfriend Marion, his mother Sarah and a friend Tyrone had cherished goal in life but trapped by addiction of drugs. Dreams of wealth, fashion store and part in the famous TV show are ashes. The events in the film unfold rapidly, showing the stunned audience as permanently collapsing the lives of the protagonists.

5. Last love on Earth

Fantastic melodrama "Last love on Earth" – in fifth place in the list of most sad movies can cause tears. Michael and Susan met not so long ago and madly in love with each other. At this time, the Earth covers a strange epidemic – people are losing their feelings. First goes smell, then taste. The main characters are trying their best to keep their relationship in terms that engulfed the world panic.

4. White BIM Black ear

Soviet painting "White BIM Black ear" – one of the saddest movies in the world, causing tears. Stories about little Pets always resonate in the audience's hearts. The film was made over 30 years ago, but today it is still relevant. This is a dramatic story of the breed of BIM, the owner of which was the writer Ivan Ivanovich. But one day the owner of the dog gets to the hospital, and the dog rushes to find him. Wandering BIM will meet many good and kind people, but will face the human indifference and pettiness, and cruelty... 4th place in our rating of the most sad movies to cry.

3. The dawns here are quiet

"The dawns here are quiet" 1972 – one of the most tragic films on the theme of war, ranked third in the list of most sad movies. The picture is able to bring tears to everyone, tells the dramatic story of young girls that got on the front in the midst of war. The commandant of the departure of the train station learns that the woods are a few of the enemy saboteurs. He decides to disarm them, but in subjection to him, only a squad of female volunteers. As it turned out, a lot more enemies than first thought. Entered into an unequal battle, the girls are killed one after another.

In 2015, was filmed another adaptation of a famous book by Boris Vasilyev of the same name "the dawns here are quiet".

2. Titanic

In second place on the list of most sad movies – famous picture of James Camerona "Titanic." She became a cult band and is included in the list of the best works of world cinema. Perhaps no one viewer whose viewing of this picture did not cause tears. On the background of the terrible disaster that befell the maiden voyage of the magnificent cruise liner, developing a great love story between two young people.

1. Hachiko: the Most loyal friend

The story of what happened in real life, became the basis of one of the saddest movies in the world – drama "Hachiko: the Most loyal friend." As the BIM of the Soviet film, Hachiko had to face injustice and violence. Nine years faithful dog came to the station and faithfully waited for the deceased owner. Local residents, shocked by the persistence of the dog, all this time, fed and protected her.

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