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10 shortcomings of marriage to which you want to be ready


In the beginning of the relationship the lovers look at each other through rose-colored glasses. They think that their feeling is the strongest that it's true love. They hope that between them will never be any misunderstanding, in their relationship there is no place for quarrels, scandals and betrayals.

When a man and a woman get married, the situation is changing not for the better. They begin to realize that you're no different from millions of other couples. Passion gone, only life.

There are two options: either they get divorced or will be able to save the relationship. That's just below the case came before the divorce, will have to work hard.

It would be much better if lovers, before you make the big step and tie the knot, think twice. Marriage and family is not the pretty pictures that many imagine.

To live with another person (even beloved) is not easy, and when you see the children will become even more difficult. Everyone should know that marriage has its drawbacks, which you should prepare.

10. You have to forget about independence

If your partner is ready to fulfill your every desire, this does not mean that this will continue for the rest of my life.

Perhaps now he behaves perfectly to please you, and then will show their true character. In any case, you can no longer make decisions for themselves. You will need for any reason to consult with her partner.

Many couples prefer to discuss important issues before marriage, but nobody can guarantee that after a while your partner will not change his mind.

If you are going to get married, ask yourself the question: are you ready to come to a decision to give? If the answer is positive, you can start preparing for the wedding.

9. You will have to move away from parents

If you communicate well with your parents, prepare for the fact that you have to stay away from them. From now on in any difficult situation you can count only on themselves and their partner, not the father and mother.

If your partner's parents came for a shower and managed to make friends with them, you will be able to continue to full communion. If parents are unhappy with your choice, and the partner won't communicate, then communicate you will be much less.

Even if you give yourself a promise that will never leave the parents, gradually, your communication will come to naught. Perhaps you will see and to call, but the intimacy that was before, to return.

8. Get ready for the rut

Every woman in love thinks her it will not happen. She hopes that will never settle into a routine, relationships will always be romantic and passionate.

Time passes, she was surprised to discover that her life is exactly the same as my mother, as her neighbor, Lena, and many women.

So do not comfort yourself with empty hopes, do not think that you are all going to be different. Get ready to establish a life, to solve financial issues, to do cleaning, washing and cooking.

7. The predictability of family members

One of the most common causes of divorce – predictability. People get to know each other, from the relationship disappears new. After some time you will read your partner like a book. You will know what he has to say, what to do, how to react to a particular situation. Kids, do you also memorize.

This is the family warmth, which many say. Unfortunately, people do not appreciate it. Sometimes they are willing to give everything they have in order to gain new experiences and thrills.

6. You will have to change habits and lifestyle

It has already been noted that living with a stranger is not so simple. He has his own ideas about family life, you own. You should be prepared that your life will not be the same as before.

For example, if you are a night owl, and he's a morning person, conflicts are inevitable. You will disturb my husband in the evening and he morning. The little things are often the causes of divorce.

To save your marriage you need to compromise and to change their habits and lifestyle.

5. Responsibility

Marriage is a serious responsibility. Now you are responsible not only for themselves but also for their partner. You will have many responsibilities. You will need to take care of your man, to help his parents to raise children.

But if with your partner something happens? Are you with him "and in sorrow and in joy" as promised?

Not everyone is able to carry on his shoulders such a burden of responsibility. To live for myself much more enjoyable and easier.

4. You can't now just walk away

Earlier in the fit of argument, you could slam the door and walk away on all four sides, now such behavior is unacceptable. And where will you go from your own home? Even if you leave, you have to go back and again discuss the situation.

Although many are of the opinion that the stamp in the passport is just a formality, people are very hard to decide on a divorce. Nobody is going to get a divorce, unless there is a serious reason.

Even in a difficult situation, you can try to save the marriage. Indeed, in the case of divorce, will have to share children, property, and also inform this bad news to relatives and friends.

Besides, the former spouses get divorced status, it is unlikely about it, someone wants.

3. Most often you will not be able to be alone with him

This need periodically arises in each person. You must understand that after marriage, loneliness will have to forget. Your partner certainly will not leave you alone.

If you have a bad mood, he will try to get you to talk, offers to help, but not do what you really need. He will not leave you alone.

If you are planning children, then completely forget about the good life. After their birth, you will not have any second to myself. The first time you can't even safely take a shower, and about to "sit and think" can't be considered. This will continue for a long time, until the children grow up and leave your house.

2. The former gallant cavalier now will not be easy to get to comply with your request

You think that your partner is perfect, and you are lucky enough. Do you understand that after the wedding it would be different?

He's conquered you, now he has no reason to take you out. To lift him off the couch or tear off from the computer, you have to persuade or nag. Every woman has her own methods.

Think in advance how you will "educate" their man. Read books about male psychology, talk to experienced friends that such behaviour was not a surprise to you.

1. Family planning

Before submitting an application to the Registrar, you need to seriously talk with each other and discuss some questions. Perhaps the most important – children.

May you dream big and noisy family, and your partner is focused on a career and children it to anything. When you get married, plans can change, but it would be better if you can avoid serious disagreements in matters of family planning.

If you have discussed this issue and came to a common decision, then you have a chance to build a happy family.

Don't forget to submit your partner in the role of father. If you don't want a dad to their children, so it's not your man, don't waste your time on him.

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