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10 famous members of the KVN: then and now


For almost 40 years there is a Club of cheerful and resourceful. This game not only lifts the mood and brings people together, but also gives a start in life young and talented guys with amazing sense of humor.

And even after completing the game in KVN, the most talented and charismatic members of the team often go on to very successful solo voyage.

Television, movies and even politics everywhere you can find alumni of the Planet KVN. In different fields they continue to bring their remarkable talents, who first appeared in KVN.

10. Andrei Rozhkov, "Ural dumplings"

Andrey Rozhkov, party KVN team Uralskie pelmeni. He was born in Sverdlovsk in 1971. The creative biography of the actor began with a successful performance at the Comedy evening which was held at the sports camp rainbow, in 1993.

The guys were then, Andrew has received many admiring comments and applause from the grateful audience, so I decided to go on this way.

The team Ural dumplings during the game in the WHC gained a national popularity, so the guys decided to organize a creative Association of the same name.

Show Ural dumplings for more than 10 years goes on STS channel. In 2016 Rozhkov became the Director of the team.

9. Sangadzhi, "Team of RUDN"

Sangadzhi – Russian humorist, who participated in the KVN team RUDN Team as captain.

He was born in the Kalmyk city of Elista. Play KVN Sangadzhi started back in high school. First time witty young man got to the stage when team number School team Kalmykia needed was a teenage boy with a good vocal.

After a career in the Club of cheerful and resourceful Tarbaev became actively involved in the production of a number of companies.

In addition, he was a TV presenter of programmes Around the world and the League of Nations. Also Sangadzhi is a member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

Despite his busy schedule, Sangadzhi drops passion for the game of KVN, but now as an author.

8. Sergey Pisarenko, "the County town"

After graduating from high school, Sergey Pisarenko entered the Magnitogorsk state pedagogical Institute, Drawing and work. It was there that he began to play KVN.

The viewer Pisarenko remembered as the captain of the team, the County town, which became the champion of the Higher League of KVN in 2002.

In parallel, Sergey received the education of a professional psychologist and I could even playing in the Highest League of KVN, to defend the candidate thesis on the theme of Reflection and its role in overcoming of professional difficulties.

He also worked as a lecturer at Magnitogorsk state University.

7. Ekaterina Skulkina, "Four Tatars"

This charismatic girl for a long time was the captain of KVN team of Four Tatar. Catherine continued his career as residency Comedy Woman.

To perform on the professional stage Skulkin started in 2003. Her familiarity with the Comedy world became so bright that the girl managed not only to get to the updated part of the famous team Four Tatar, but also to become a captain.

Largely due to her team won the First League of KVN and won Big Kivin in gold at a music festival in Jurmala. They also managed to get into the Premier League and reach the final.

Now Catherine is not only performing on stage as a comedic actress, but she is the author of many jokes.

In addition to participating in Comedy Woman actress often becomes a member of the jury of humorous shows such as Comedy battle, Thank God you're here!, The smartest Kvnschik, etc..

6. Dmitry Khrustalev, "The National Team Of Saint-Petersburg"

Dmitry Khrustalev remembered by the audience through participation in KVN. He was also one of the residents leading Comedy Club and Comedy Woman. Dmitry is a co-host of the popular TV show Evening Urgant.

Someone just Khrustalev not worked until the participation in the WHC, but try your hand at the comic field, I realized that it was his fate.

A significant part of his career, Dmitry has dedicated to the Club of cheerful and resourceful, being the undisputed captain of the team, the Team of St. Petersburg.

Currently, he is actively involved in TV, in films and advertising.

5. Elena Borscheva, "Team Of Pyatigorsk"

Elena borscheva, better known as Elena Julevna Santa Maria Guerra was born in 1981 in the city of Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria.

This talented comedienne became popular during the participation in the KVN team of the national Team of Pyatigorsk. Unusual girl with an unusual appearance immediately caught the fancy of the viewer.

After the game in KVN she became a resident of TV show Comedy Woman.

Elena is still the author of the joke team of the national Team of Pyatigorsk and conducts personal trainings to help people develop a sense of humor.

4. Marina Fedunkiv, "Dobryanka"

Marina Fedunkiv – Russian actress, who gained fame thanks to the role of mother of nick in the TV series channel TNT Real boys, participate in a humorous show Comedy Woman. Also Marina is quite successfully engaged in blogging under the name Dj FeduN.

Popularity came to the actress, when she was already well over thirty. Since then, the witty and charismatic artist remains one of the most iconic representatives of domestic humor. Although she herself admitted that still wants to play a serious dramatic role.

3. Svetlana Permjakova, "Parma"

At the time this girl was the real star of the club KVN. One of the main pieces of Parma FC in which he played Svetlana, was her duet with Joan Kadnikovo. Together they played the roles of the two near Perm PTU-snic.

The first striking role on television for the Permyakova was the role of Jeanne warrant officer Topalov in the popular series Soldiers.

However, the truly iconic role for an actress was in the TV series channel TNT Interns. There, she embodied the image of Luba cheerful senior nurse of therapeutic branch. This role brought the Permyakova not only all-Russia popularity, but also the prestigious award of a Gold Rhino.

Today she is a popular actress and TV presenter.

2. Natalia Medvedev, "Fedor Dvinyatin"

This charming girl has become well known thanks to the popular Comedy Woman show, which moved to the big screen.

In 2005, Natalia has a chance to play in the Premier League of KVN as a member of the teams Glamour and Fedor dvinyatin. With the latest Medvedev has worked at all stages of the establishment of the Club of cheerful and resourceful.

Despite the fact that the members of the referees quite ambiguously assessed the style of playing, Fyodor dvinyatin very quickly gained popularity among fans of the game and in 2009 went to the finals of the Higher League.

Further development of the career of Natalia on television rapidly. After some time the girl became a member of Comedy Woman.

Currently she cooperates with the Rossiya 1 TV channel as a presenter.

1. Olga Bartunkova, "Pyatigorsk"

This lush and charismatic lady very quickly caught the fancy of fans of transfers of KVN. Then she was the captain of the team, the City of Pyatigorsk.

After successful completion of career KVN-size, Olga became the star of a popular on TNT sketch show Once in Russia.

At the moment it continues to take part in various humorous projects of this channel.

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