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10 countries in which wine is not worse than in France


Buying a bottle of wine, we are trying to draw attention to the fact that it was produced in France, Italy or Spain. It is considered that the drinks manufactured in these countries have the most pleasant taste and are of excellent quality.

The cost of French, Italian and Spanish wines is quite high, and most people can afford a bottle of wine only on major holidays.

But lovers of fine drink do not worry, in this article you can see 10 countries in which wine is produced is not worse than in France.

10. Czech Republic

The country is known as a good manufacturer of beer, this drink prefer to enjoy the tourists visiting it. Few people know that also in the Czech Republic is made tasty wine.

Winemaking in the state has a rich history, the vineyards and the majority are here on the territory of South Moravia, so wine is often referred to as Moravian, not Czech.

To produce this beverage in the Czech Republic began in the 14th century. Sommeliers recommend to try the following varieties of Czech wines: Müller-Thurgau, Veltlínské zelené, Ryzlink vlašský (white wine), Svatovavřinecké, Frankovka, Zweigeltrebe (red wine).

9. India

The wine industry in India is booming in the city of Nasik, is produced on the territory of this country the wine began approximately 2500 years ago. The locals do not idolize him, as, for example, the French or the Italians. It here usually drink the elite.

Today, wine from India entered the world market, the country could become the largest exporter of the drink.

Popular Indian wines can be called "Sauvignon Blanc", "Pink Shiraz" La Reserve", "Sula Rasa Shiraz", "Viognier Claret white".

8. Mexico

Mexico is famous for this traditional alcoholic drink is tequila. But, it turns out that here quite successfully produce and wine. Researchers have come to believe that the vine was cultivated on the territory of the state approximately in 1530-ies.

Wines from regions such as the Valle de Guadalupe and Baja California made their way into specialist shops.

The types of Mexican wines, which are well worth a try include the "Adobe Guadalupe Miguel", "L. A. Cetto Sierra Blanca Sauvignon Blanc, Casa Madero Casa Grande Gran Reserva Chardonnay".

7. Slovenia

Despite the fact that the country occupies a small territory, the wine industry is actively developing here since the 12th century. It is mainly produced for local residents, as exports are a small part. Here are a few wine regions (the Drava region, Posavje and Primorje).

Taste wines of Slovenia is similar to French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, but there are those who have a unique taste. One of the best Slovenian wines are considered "Teran", "Metliška črnina", "Belokranjec", "Ritoznojčan".

6. Thailand

In this Sunny country go to sunbathe and swim in the sea, it attracts Thailand. Few people know that it produces good wine.

Winemaking the state began to develop not so long ago and, despite the widespread belief that in humid and hot countries good wine to make impossible, it has successfully coped with its task.

The drink is made predominantly from fruits, grapes are imported from France. While vacationing in Thailand, you can try such wines as "SiamSato", "Siam Winery Monsoon Valley Premium Hua", "Hin Hills Vineyard Colombard".

5. Greece

This country is one of the oldest where to start made wine. First grade was done in 6500 BC, When actively began to develop trade, Greek wine spread to many Mediterranean countries.

In Greece, many of the regions in which manufactured the drink. It is produced in Rhodes, Santorini, Crete, Macedonia and Central part of the country and many other territories.

Some of the best Greek wines are considered "Chardonnay 2013 Domaine Migas D.", "Rapsani old vines 2011 Ντούγκος", "Le Roi des Montagnes Cuvee 2013", "Μαλαγουζιά Κτήμα Πόρτο Καρράς 2014" and some others.

4. Turkey

The wine in this country is produced in several regions, including in Izmir, Cappadocia, Eastern Thrace and some others. Historians believe that winemaking in Turkey began to be engaged in a very long time, about 6000 years ago.

Drink actively exported to Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, also can arrange delivery to Japan, USA, UK and some other countries.

Wine in Turkey are made not only from grapes, but also fruits and berries. Delicious Turkish wines are considered "Doluca Alçıtepe Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2013", "Sevilen Premium Chardonnay 2014", "Kayra Vintage Öküzgözü 2013", "Chateau Kalpak 2012".

3. Croatia

Wine business in Croatia is booming in this state make a fantastic tasting drink that appreciate even the most demanding gourmets.

The most famous areas for wine are the island of Hvar and Peljesac Peninsula. Wine connoisseurs suggest to try Croatian wines such as "Meneghetti Red", "Bas de Bas", "Malvazija Antica", "Santa Lucia", "Majstor".

2. Canada

Wine-making in this country thrives in the two regions. One of the most popular canadian drink is ice wine is produced from grapes frozen on the vine.

The history of the wine industry in Canada dates back over 200 years. Some wines are exported actively to USA, far East European countries.

Ice wine demand from countries such as Japan and China. Popular brands of drink are considered to be "Le Vieux Pin Ava 2017", "Okanagan Crush Pad, Organic Switchback Pinot Gris 2017", "Vieni, Vinemount Ridge".

1. Switzerland

The country is famous for its chocolate and watches, but the fact that there is a great wine little is known. The total area of vineyards in the territory of that state is not less than 15,000 hectares.

However, on the exports only about 2 percent of the finished product. Winemaking on the territory of modern Switzerland, according to the researchers, began during the Roman Empire.

The best Swiss wines is recognized as the "Grain per Grain Petite Arvine 2014", "Les Rochettes 2012", "Arvine Vieille Vigne Sur Falaise 2014" and some others.

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