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10 celebrities who don't want to pay child support


Everyone knows that a severe history of child support occur not only mortals, but the stars. People marry, divorce, and their children become hostages of difficult relations with their parents.

It turns out that among Russian celebrities many of those who under any pretext, using a variety of tricks, trying at all costs to avoid paying alimony.

Their wives are forced to seek help in the courts, to connect the media to seek justice and to compel negligent parents responsible for their child.

Submitted 10 Russian celebrities who failed to pay child support.

10. Alexey Panin

Anna Panina, the daughter of actor Alexey Panin and its civil wife actress Yulia Yudintseva, was born in 2008, and soon after that recently loving each other people flared up this feud.

In 2009, according to the court, the girl was brought up with his mother, but the few times stole the daughter of Julia and flatly refused to pay alimony.

To this day the former spouses cannot divide the child's full address each other with accusations and insults.

9. Dmitry Tarasov

Recently Oksana Tarasova told media that the court satisfied its claim to Dmitry Tarasov on the payment of alimony. But, after some time, in the press appeared information that the player is not going to obey a court decision.

Tarasov tells me that ex-wife does not allow him to communicate with her eldest daughter. Girl set up by a hostile mother, because of what the athlete is experiencing.

However, recently, it was reported that Dmitry disingenuous, saying that the former wife does not allow him to see the child. According to her, his conversation with her daughter did not interfere, just the athlete he avoided these meetings.

8. Kirill Emelyanov

Star jumble and show the cadets a few years ago broke up with his wife, actress Catherine Direktorenko, leaving two children. However, the former couple tried to make their divorce knew as few people as possible.

At the moment the former spouses had some financial disputes which they cannot settle peacefully. Emelyanov has repeatedly said that he did not want to bring this question of publicity.

He strongly denies the allegations of the former husband relating to what the actor has ceased to pay the alimony on the maintenance of their common sons.

Also Emelyanov said that Catherine prevents him from contacting his children, and otherwise set them against the father.

7. Alexander Golovin

Popular actor Alexander Golovin, known for roles in the TV series kadetstvo and the movie Bastards just happened to be at the center of a scandal.

Human rights activist Catherine Gordon said that the actor has an illegitimate daughter.

The girl's mother is a 32-year-old Svetlana Belogurova, with which Golovin was a brief affair in 2017.

Alexander avoids communication with former lover and child, and also refuses to undergo a DNA test.

6. Igor Bogomazov

Former member of once popular band dirty rotten scoundrels Igor Bogomazov was forced to pass her daughter a DNA test. And all in order to avoid the fate of alimony. About this told reporters his ex-wife Julia.

It turned out that after the divorce in 2006, Igor had completely forgotten about the existence of his daughter. He almost immediately stopped to help the former family financially, and then said that the daughter wasn't his.

After the debt on the alimony of the singer exceeded half a million rubles, Julia appealed to the court. By the time Igor has already managed to marry a second time, therefore, these requirements from the ex-wife he was not happy.

Moreover, people were trying to reduce the size of the debt, giving the court the fake receipts for payment of alimony.

5. Alexander Tsekalo

The members of the famous 90-ies of the Cabaret Duo Academy Lolita Milyavskaya and Alexander Tsekalo divorced in 2000. The year before they had a joint daughter Eva, who was born in 1999.

Talking to reporters Lolita has repeatedly complained that the place does not communicate with their 16-year-old daughter and does not give money for its maintenance.

4. Vadim Kazachenko

Pop star of the ' 90s, Vadim Kazachenko, which for a long time did not want to accept the child born to his ex-wife Olga, will still be to pay the alimony on the son by the court.

According to the court decision, the monthly payment of child support will be about 31 thousand roubles. Also, the singer is obliged to pay 18 thousand rubles ex-wife.

The war between the ex-spouses has been ongoing for about a year and a half. First Vadim Kazachenko wanted the court declared his marriage with Olga invalid. After that, he insisted that the baby she bore his ex-wife, not his.

3. Danko

Not so long ago in mass media there was information that the singer Danko has stepped down from his civil wife Natalia Ustimenko Maria to DJ Siluyanova. According to a source from the entourage of the singer, the couple went peacefully.

Recently, however, Danko has ceased to pay due attention to their children: 14-year-old Sophia and 4-year-old Agatha, who suffers from cerebral palsy, the relationship with which not so long ago the singer questioned.

2. Andrey Arshavin

During the divorce of a famous football player Andrei Arshavin with Alice catimini the first was assigned to maintenance obligations, despite the fact that the man so regularly pay child support in the amount of 50% of their official income to the three children born from the popular leading Yulia Baranovskaya.

By law, the child support amount cannot be more than half wages, so this situation will result in a recalculation of the percentage of cash payments for older children.

But, anyway, the children of player are unlikely to ever need, because according to Forbes Arshavin earns several million dollars a year.

1. Peter Krasilov

Famous actress Natalia Selivanova repeatedly admitted to journalists that her ex-boyfriend, popular actor Peter Krasilov, star of the TV series Poor Nastya and Not born beautiful, she avoids contact with native son.

In the words of a single mother, she was in a relationship with Krasyliv for the past 2 years, as a result, they have a common child. But the actor after some time decided to leave Natalia went to actress Irina Shebeko.

The couple already have a daughter, walking about his son Ivan, according to Selivanova, Krasyliv says in the best case only on holidays.

On top of that popular actor allegedly began to pay child support for the child only after he was interviewed by the lawyer of the actress. However, Peter himself said that on the contrary, he is very concerned about the fate of the child and know how he lives.

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