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10 recommendations from a man who wanted to die, but changed his mind (businessman Dan Wallsmith)


Each person in life there are difficult periods. Quarrels with relatives, lack of money, problems in professional activities. Sometimes it seems that there is no escape.

Someone continues to fight, and somebody decided on a terrible pitch – suicide. You need to always remember that this is not the solution to all problems, is an escape. Unfortunately, most people don't realize what they're doing. They are foolish to dispose of the most precious gift – life.

If you think that suicide is for the weak, people who are not able to understand in your life, do not rush to conclusions. Even a strong person can decide on such a thing. There are many examples.

Dan Waldschmidt – owner of a consulting company, a well-known speaker, blogger and writer, too, once thought of suicide. He overpowered me and started to live a new life.

Dan changed his views on life, success and the world. The man decided to share his thoughts and conclusions, he wrote a book about how to change yourself and your life for the better.

This article lists the main recommendations of Dan Waldsmith, a man who wanted to die, but changed his mind.

10. Seek attention

People are too attach great importance to public opinion. Nobody wants to spoil its reputation and is committed to the recognition of their abilities and talents.

Dan believes that we need to do what you love, while not looking at the others.

Famous painter, van Gogh never paid attention to others. He drew pictures that nobody liked. But after death he became a famous artist. Now his paintings are estimated at more than $ 1 billion.

Maybe it's not a very good example. Everyone would like to recognition with your life. Do this for everything you can, and don't ask other people's opinions.

9. Improve regularly

If people brought all things to the end, the world would be completely different. Surely, you do not just abandon their plans.

To succeed, the important regularity of action. If you decide to lose weight, started to eat right, exercise, and a week later gave all that up, you won't see results.

Excellence every day make the step to a better future, even if you think that this is impossible.

Think about what is most important to you, develop a plan to improve your life. Work on your appearance, read books, watch your mood – most importantly, do it regularly.

8. Forget about balance

Waldschmidt urges all to forget the smooth and peaceful life. In his opinion, to a real breakthrough only lead to extremes. Need to work at maximum capacity, only then can we achieve their goals.

Most people settle for less. Their lives most vividly characterizes the proverb: "Better a bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush". That's only if not to dream, all his best years to spend on this "bird".

Life brings many opportunities, it's silly not to use them. However, it will have to exert maximum effort.

7. Don't be afraid to stand out

Since childhood, people impose a pattern of behavior. You need to be the same, not stand out from the crowd. Not dress, not to think, not to speak as "not allowed".

Don't be afraid to be different. It has already been noted that we should not give too much importance to the opinions of others.

Do as you see fit. Expand your boundaries or even get rid of them. Change yourself and change the world. Don't waste your life to be one of the gray faceless mass.

6. Be disciplined

Do not build castles in the air and hope for fantastic luck. In order to achieve certain heights, should accustom themselves to the discipline.

If you want to learn to play the piano, you have to understand that this will take time. If you want to become a world-class expert, have a lot to learn and work.

Don't do yourself any favors, otherwise the dream will remain a dream. Think about what is ahead for you the best rewards: you will get the desired.

5. Turn your life in the lab

Dan Waldschmidt recommends everyone not to sit still, and get a life. For this you need to leave fear behind and walk towards a new way. Do what you never did before.

Invite your friends for a coffee and talk with them on the most important topics. Try to learn from their experience in those or other issues. As much as possible communicate with successful people, attend various trainings.

Don't be afraid to talk to the person you have always admired. As a rule, successful people are willing to share their secrets and inspire other people to change.

4. Don't pretend you know everything

Every person at least once got into an awkward situation when he had to pretend that he is in the loop. Not worth the hassle. Don't waste your time and energy on pretense.

Get yourself a new habit. If you do not know something, it's time to examine this issue. Of course, first and foremost, people concerned about the impression on others. Nobody wants to seem a fool, even if he really is to them.

Strive for knowledge, replace social networks for books, TV educational programs. Then in subsequent conversations with smart people, you no longer have to blush.

3. Boost your enthusiasm

People aren't robots, they are unable to go to his goal. There is such a thing as a mood.

Much depends on the psychological state of the person. If the mood is good, he will do everything you need, but there are moments when you want nothing.

Find what energizes you. This can be a sport or socializing with friends, Hobbies or meditation.

Give yourself time to rest. Otherwise life itself will give you rest: you will be sick or other unforeseen circumstances.

2. Turn extreme behavior a habit

To get to a new level, you need to change your life. Dan offers people turn to extreme behavior, a habit.

The question now is not about the threat to life. Everyone in their own way is extreme behavior.

If you are too shy and modest man, for you will be extreme to approach a stranger and talk to him. If you practice it constantly, soon new people will not be a problem for you.

Think of what limitations you set. Now get to work, every day go beyond that.

By the way, this applies not only to career and desire for success. Waldschmidt offers on their own experience to know what extreme kindness, extreme surprise and extreme patience.

1. Do not believe the luster and social networks

If you regularly encounter such beautiful stories of easy success, do not believe them. To achieve their goals, will have to try.

All these beautiful stories invented with one purpose, to make people believe that life is easy. Most of them happily follow the advice of glossy magazines or social networks.

That's only if it were that simple, nobody would make any effort. Would all be successful businessmen.

Be realistic. Prepare for the fact that the path to success will have much time to transcend themselves, to change their habits and to constantly strive for excellence.

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