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10 rules for the perfect look in 2019


Fashion week this year was full of unexpected sensations. The main trends are contradictory items of clothing, which seemed long gone.

Unique mix of interesting prints and playful silhouettes ruled and now the fashion world! To this season to look fashionable, these tips can help you create the perfect image.

10. The hippie times are back

Ethnic motifs in clothing popular again! If before this style was called the hippie clothes, but now designers call it boho.

It is characterized by a combination of various elements of hippie, vintage, Gypsy and other ethnic areas.

Oversized capes with tribal prints and fringe – a real hit this season. On the beach they can replace outmoded, pair, protect the shoulders from the hot sun and will help you create the perfect fashionable look. It should be noted that these capes perfectly complement the black and white swimsuits.

Dress free cut with a variety of ethnic prints are also in this season will be very important. They look good with a variety of tops and blouses flying. The cuts on them also can be very unexpected, for example, directly in the center front.

9. Raincoats and trench coats

Trend among the outerwear in this season are undoubtedly the cloaks and trench coats. Many leading fashion designers included them in their collections.

The incredible demand raincoats and trench coats that hold leading positions in popularity for years. And it's all thanks to the models, trench Burberry, who was loved by the fashionistas all over the world.

Trench coats in the classic style it is better to choose straight cut beige color with black buttons this will put the emphasis on the waist and give the whole image of femininity and elegance.

8. Cycling shorts

Bike Cycling is probably the main and a mixed trend this spring. Donning this garment, you must remember that all eyes will be on your feet, and that means they have to be perfect.

Dark velosipedni will perfectly match the jacket in a small cage. To create an image in the style of the 90s sports wear Cycling shorts with gensoukai.

You can also wear Cycling shorts with elongated jacket will be more like a short dress.

7. Prints

The hit of the season, among the prints of the cell. Also popular colorful interpretation of the major Scottish pattern and two-tone cherry, checkerboard.

The strip with the onset of spring season also came into its own. Demand alternating lines on the clothing contributes to the growing interest in marine style. In addition, a considerable role is played by the abundance in the trendy collections of knit and cotton things for which the strip is considered to be the most successful pattern.

Relevant in this season will be the combination of one set of dots of different sizes. A typical example of such trend — Navy blue Rebecca Taylor blouse with white polka dots.

6. Add color

Most often, annually at the beginning of the fashion season tracked the peak of popularity falls any one fashionable color, one that is found in almost every collection by leading designers.

In 2019, the fashion will all the colors at once. They appeared on dresses and suits in the form of bright strips, scenic spots, colored blocks. The hit of the spring season, the blazers colored wool with tulle inserts.

5. Womens jackets

This spring, very stylish styles of women's jackets from leather and lightweight sports model shirt.

Leather jackets often resemble, making the jacket fastened with buttons or zipper in the front in the middle.

They are often decorated with large patch pockets, contrast piping, fringe in ethnic style.

Lovers of sports style to create an ideal image can use a jacket-shirt and styles in the University style.

4. Pantsuit

Likely, this purchase will be one of the best investments in your closet.

Legendary Coco Chanel insisted that pant suits for women can be a great alternative to the famous little black dress. Great fashion expert believed that female pant suits are also elegant and versatile.

In this season leading fashion designers made a bet on minimalism and stripped pant suit every decor. Fashion to the max a simple cut to a fitted blazer and cropped pants. With this you can at will to show imagination in choosing colors.

3. Note on fabric

When choosing clothes in this season should pay attention to its quality, to wear it was comfortable.

Currently at the peak of popularity are satin and silk, and therefore should look for blouses or dresses made of this material.

These light and flowing fabric, great for light summer dresses. They are including perfect match for the lace. But pantsuits worth buying is made of cotton viscose.

2. A mixture of styles

What do you think about mixing styles? To date, stylistic blending is nothing strange, although some 30 years ago it was impossible to imagine what is possible.

Only since the late 80-ies started this incredible democratization and the almost total permissiveness in combinations.

Currently we can interfere not only luxury brands with mass-market, but also the stylistic direction of the product. Because now no one is no longer shocked dresses with sneakers

1. Grooming

When you create a elegant image, you need a special thoroughness to think through every detail.

Attention is required to approach the selection of accessories: handbags, gloves, hats, watches, etc. these details make the look complete. The same applies to jewelry.

Hair, manicure and makeup are an integral part of the completed image. Artistic negligence should not cross the limits and turn into sloppiness.

Wrinkled, cheap, synthetic fabric will ruin the whole image. Remember, the desire to create an elegant image there are no trifles.

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