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10 destructive phrases which it is impossible to talk about yourself


Every girl would like to be self-confident, self-sufficient, interesting. But numerous complexes often prevent become the ideal. We need to fight them.

Man will love and respect other people, if it will also apply to itself. But we often give ourselves negative set or, as we would say esoteric, leads to damage themselves.

There are sentences which are not worth repeating, even if you are in a difficult situation.

10. I am a thick (yy)

Is a self-destructive phrase, no matter whether you have gained weight, or just want to be more light and airy. Shouldn't tell her friends, and especially yourself, even in jest.

If there is a problem with excess weight, it needs to be addressed. Count calories, move more, choose an interesting for you sport. You can find a good dietician and eat, following his advice.

But the extreme methods of weight loss such as hunger strike or a strict diet, it is better to avoid, because it can appear chronic disease. Besides the weight you dropped this way, you'll definitely be back.

9. I won't be happy or successful

You cannot utter the phrase "I never...", because thereby you order your subconscious to become a loser. And it'll listen to you.

You really can't learn English or any other language, meet interesting people, you will not be able to earn a lot of money.

You have to believe in yourself and everything will work out. To believe in yourself is not to wait for the sea when you sail the "Golden" fish, and to calculate and to consider and strictly follow your plan.

8. Don't mind me

Uttering such a phrase, as if a person immediately makes the rest of the team ignored him, perceive themselves as empty space.

It is possible that you just want to be alone and you really need to at the moment, the other you ignored. If so, you can just relax, drink some tea and calm down or meditate at home. But do not have to report it to others.

If you need support of other people, ask. Other always help you to overcome your problems, will tell you how to act.

7. I'm too young or old for this

The phrase discourages you. So you yourself are not allowed to change something in your life. You have already decided for themselves that have no influence on the course of events.

For example, you tell yourself that you will not be able to learn a foreign language, because the memory is not, no time and no strength.

But there are many examples of people in adulthood has mastered not one but many languages. Such phrases you cover my laziness, indecision and fear. You are not trying, not looking for a way to deal with the problem.

There are many examples when children have made great discoveries, made millions, not applying for this no special effort.

Or, on the contrary, talented actors become famous after 40 years. So never too late and, moreover, it's never too early to move to his dream.

6. I always do everything wrong

If you accustomed thus to constantly assess themselves, it is not excluded that as a child you had a traumatic experience. Most likely, you have been told that you can't do something right.

And even if you grew up in, this setting is laid in childhood, never ceases to act. Even if you can't handle "excellent", this persuasion will prevent you from moving in the right direction.

There is a risk of becoming a perfectionist, and then the neurotic. So forget about this setting. No wonder they say that best is the enemy of the good.

5. Anyone would have coped with this task, I didn't do anything special

Sometimes it seems to us that the task is so simple that could have coped with it any other man. Indeed, no one is irreplaceable.

But you probably done a good job, invested his heart and soul. You've studied all the information, ie did everything exactly as it should be.

Perhaps you have a good experience and a lot of knowledge on this topic. Certainly, you are a good specialist, and they are highly valued by employers. Yes, and you should not compare your achievements and success of others.

Always compare yourself with yourself, observe your growth, recognize any progress and accept the praise with joy. You deserve it.

4. I'm not competent enough to do

This phrase is your obstacle to success. Remember that people are not born competent. All this is acquired with experience.

Many people started small and gradually moving forward, achieving success. They believed in themselves and wanted to prove to others that you are enough "competent" and "experienced". Someone who believes in their abilities, can achieve great things.

3. I'm not beautiful (th)

Any person who looks in the mirror, can not fail to notice its shortcomings. But it is important to remember that they have each person. No one is born perfect. One should not focus on his disadvantages, you should pay attention to the pros.

Your weaknesses are your characteristics that distinguish you from others. People can't be the same, but the standards of beauty are constantly changing.

2. I'm stupid (th)

Mental abilities are different. But each person has their calling in life. Perhaps someone is not going to become a perfect mathematician, but he has literary ability. It's okay when people are different from each other, have their own opinion about everything.

If your partner thinks you are stupid man, let him settle. He may be wrong. And if it is right, and good for you that you have opened my eyes.

All children are born capable, but stupid. It is the parents who help them navigate in this world. Mind – can be acquired, and a person comes and wisdom.

1. I'm a loser

Unfortunately, this man is doomed to be a loser. If we constantly repeat it to yourself, our subconscious mind takes this as truth.

We want it or not, are losers. We need to get rid of these plants, because faith in his victory is already a huge step forward to my dream.

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