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10 reasons eat flax seeds every day


Despite the fact that modern medicine in its possibilities has reached incredible heights, many people still continue to trust traditional medicine.

In recent years, among fans of natural medicines is very popular flax seeds. This product is credited with the unique properties and the interesting thing is that the doctors confirmed its therapeutic effect in certain pathologies.

Flax seed can be used both in raw form and in the form of decoctions, infusions, and even flour. Thanks to its unique composition flax seed is considered product that has a positive effect on almost all body systems.

We present 10 reasons why each of us need to eat flax seed as often as possible.

10. The fight against excess weight

To overestimate the value of flax seed is a challenge, because of its diverse chemical composition not only promotes weight loss but also to maintaining the achieved results.

Flax seed to some extent, the concentration of useful amino acids, vitamins and active substances, particularly useful constituent polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6), which is almost entirely ensure the normal functioning of organs and systems of our body.

Flax seed contains a lot of fiber which also helps to reduce weight, reducing the risk of constipation.

9. Prevention of cancers

Flaxseed bypasses all known plant culture by the number of specific substances longinow. In addition, flax seeds contain lots of dietary fiber and alpha-linoleic acid, which play a important role in preventing the development of cancer.

This valuable feature makes this product a real protector of man in his confrontation with oncological diseases. Especially flax seed effective in combating cancer of the breast and colon.

8. For the nervous system

Many people know that the nervous shock and stress of varying severity affect the physical condition of the person.

Central nervous system — a very important component of the human body which directs the activities of all organs and provides the connection of man with the surrounding world.

Great importance for the nervous system is vitamin B3, which in sufficient quantity is contained in flax seed.

Lecithin is controlled by the autonomic division of the nervous system, B6 is used as adjunctive treatment of diseases of the nervous system, therefore, this vitamin is simply necessary for normal functioning.

Also flax seed helps with mental overexertion, systemic stress, depression and more serious mental disorders as adjunctive therapy.

7. Improving the functioning of blood vessels

Flax seeds are often used for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis. This disease occurs due to accumulation in the vessel walls of fatty plaques.

Flax seed interferes with this process, protecting the body from sudden onset of heart attack or stroke.

6. Strengthening the immune system

The human immune system prevents penetration into the body of pathogenic microorganisms. In violation of his work increases the risk of developing various diseases.

Thanks to the adsorbing properties of flax seeds are able to rid of intestinal decomposition products and toxins. In addition, it improves the microflora, and this in turn helps to strengthen the immune system.

These useful properties are explained by the presence in flax seeds omega-3. They prevent the development of inflammatory processes and saturate the body with valuable acids that positively affect the state of the cells. This helps the person to effectively resist a variety of pathogenic agents.

5. For the gastrointestinal tract

Polysaccharides, which are part of flax seeds have the property to bind water, thus their insistence appears sticky jelly that have a therapeutic effect in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If flax seeds are consumed raw, chewed before swallowing, thereby they will contribute to improving the state of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. These properties of flax seeds are often used in the treatment of psoriasis, intoxication or intestinal disorders.

4. Throat disease

For respiratory diseases the respiratory tract, decoction of flax seeds is used as mouthwash. Bronchitis or pneumonia, decoction should be drunk slightly warmed.

3. For men

The use of flax seeds helps to restore potency and normalize the functioning of the prostate gland, to get rid of stagnant phenomena in the pelvis — this is the main positive feature of flax seeds for men's health.

In addition the vitamin b In the seeds of flax improve the regenerative capacity of cells, accelerate the metabolism and provide the production of proteins.

This supports normal production of male hormones (androgens), muscle tone, and improves the quality of seminal fluid. All this makes flax seeds a very valuable product for the male body.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen the immune system, the body can more effectively resist bacterial and viral infections, and therefore reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system including.

2. For healthy skin

Valuable minerals contained in flax seed, supply skin and hair they need fats and b vitamins That improves skin hydration and prevents warping, splitting hair and nails.

In addition, by taking the seeds of flax can reduce the intensity of acne, rosacea and eczema. Someone even manage this way to deal with dry eye symptoms.

1. For women's health

Flax seeds contain compounds that help slow down age-related changes and to neutralize the effects of negative influence of external factors.

Regular use of this unique product can become much more effective than external application of professional cosmetics.

Flax contains substances that stimulate the synthesis of collagen. It contributes to elimination of wrinkles.

In addition, the flax seed soothes the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and helps to regulate hormonal balance during menopause.

Not less valuable this product is for the emotional state of the women it relieves stress, helps to fight the main symptoms and the negative effects of stress and lingering depression.

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