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10 star-men with perfect body


Many Russian male celebrities trying to keep up with Western colleagues and to keep themselves in shape, showing off in front of cameras pumped up the torso.

It is not only about actors but also about the musicians, and even TV presenters. Let's see how many of our men looks perfect.

10. Sergey Glushko

Sergei Glushko, better known as Tarzan and the husband of Natasha Koroleva, throughout his career, looked like women when you look at him began to breathe more often, and men awkwardly looked away.

This is not surprising, because the first steps to success Tarzan did as a stripper, which "profession" requires to be well-built.

Besides, behind him was a perennial sports and 3 years military service (retired from army in the rank of Lieutenant).

All of this plus the ability to follow a diet and exercise regime allows him even now, at 49 years old, look better than many 20-30 year old guys.

9. Stas Kostyushkin

Singer, businessman and poet, famous for his performances in the duet "Tea for two", in his 47 also looks great.

He's not shy about his body, but rather proud of them, therefore, likes to appear on TV, concerts or in music videos with naked torso.

In his free time, Kostyushkin is Boxing, acrobatics, bodybuilding, and even rollerblading and skiing.

8. Denis Klyaver

Denis the second participant of a duet "Tea together", he only 3 years younger than Kostyushkina. Like its counterpart, the Klyaver also been roller skating and skiing, complementing it all bodybuilding and acrobatics.

He's not that massive, but for someone it is even a plus (not everyone likes big men).

7. Alexey Vorobyov

Singer and actor (though as the last few people perceives) Alexey Vorobyov never been big muscles, keeping the balance between "lean" and "slender".

At the height of 186 cm his weight rarely exceed 80 kg (except for shooting), and this honest 80 pounds of muscle without gaining fat.

Abs, biceps, chest developed with each group he's all right. It's a favorite of girls, while men perceive it as a torture for the eyes and ears.

6. Dmitriy Nagiev

Actor and TV presenter in this year for 52 years, but this does not prevent him to maintain a decent physical shape. It is, of course, not Apollo, but not all men can boast of such a physique at his age.

In the sensational series "Fizruk" Nagiyev repeatedly appeared in the frame without a shirt and looked very dignified. Exactly as it should look like a "mate" of the ' 90s: a bald, massive and rough. The rise of Dmitry is 174 cm but it weighs almost 90 kg.

5. Stas Pieha

Singer and member of the fourth season of the show "star Factory" (in 2004 he entered the top three) is a regular at the gym, as evidenced by not only his perfect form, but also profiles on social networks.

Stas Pieha, which this year will be 39 years old, regularly publishes photos of shirtless, collecting thousands of likes and buckets of female tears.

He also has long been interested in Boxing and often shares his Instagram a short video with sparring.

4. Vladimir Yepifantsev

Scandalous ("Green elephant" forever cemented him in that status), the Russian theatre and cinema actor in most movies and TV shows playing a tough guy, easy to deal with numerically superior forces of the enemy. No matter, the soldiers or "convicts" in prison Epifantsev still all up "can fight".

From his position, he will not depart even now, although he was already 47 years old. Fortunately, the physical form allows: it still remains one of the most rugged heroes of Russian cinema.

3. Vladimir Yaglych

Actor and former husband Svetlana Khodchenkova they withdraw early in his career, in appearance, to put it mildly, did not Shine in the 9th and 10th seasons of "soldiers," he does not stand out against the background.

Later, however, he seriously began to study what became clearly evident in the first part of the "We from the future", where he played a skinhead who, because of circumstances reinterprets the values and changes the Outlook on life.

In the sports drama "Warrior," he's already starred in the role of a MMA fighter who, under the pressure of circumstances forced again to return to the ring. For this picture actor, specially trained for a few months, therefore, added greatly not only in body, but also the ability to fight.

The Russian "Warrior", by the way is an outright plagiarism of the Hollywood film in which the role of a character Yaglych played Joel Edgerton.

2. Andrey Malakhov

One of the most popular show in Russia "on duty" is not required to have a sports body type: he's not Tarzan and Aglic not like to be without clothes there is no need.

All the flaws he can easily hide expensive custom-made suit, but Malakhov instead, actively practicing, and without it look great. He is now 47 years old and stop training Andrew does not even think.

Repeatedly, many publications called him the most athletic leading Russia, conducting a survey among its readers. Special thanks for this we can say Paul Molotkova fitness coach Malakhov, with whom he trained for 15 years.

1. Roman Curtin

Perhaps not the most famous but definitely the most athletic actor of contemporary Russian cinema, and of our collection, of course.

Novel whatever does: equestrian, fencing, yoga, gymnastics and acrobatics, dancing (from folk to break dancing), knows how to juggle with swords and knives, and also has the first class in the melee and the title of candidate master of sports in arm wrestling.

His first notable role was the sniper Konstantin Orlov in the TV series "Sword", where the then 24-year-old Roman Curtin for the first time demonstrated its physique.

After 10 years, nothing in this plan has not changed: the recent movie "I lose weight" and TV series "Fitness" and "90s. Fun and loud" show all the same perfect shape.

Playing a fitness trainer, a novel in frame looks more convincing than most of these coaches, which is saying a lot.

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