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10 tips: how to find a common language with my husband's friends


When a girl gets married, she hopes that her husband will belong only to her. But the honeymoon ends and it turns out that your wife circle and he has no plans to give my wife the rest of my life.

A big role in every person's life play friends. If a woman will not be able to establish contact with friends of her husband, the relationship can suffer greatly.

If she tries to deny her husband to communicate with them, he probably does not listen to her advice, or to chat with your friends secretly. To anything good it will not.

The man will be forced to be torn between the closest people, once he gets bored, and he will make the choice. Do not expect that he would be in favor of the woman.

If you still are unable to find a common language with friends, read our article. These tips will help you make friends with them.

10. Always be smiling and friendly

When meeting with friends of his men show friendliness. No one is asking you to pretend and to pretend that you they are freaking out, just say Hello and smile. This is quite enough.

Don't think about the fact that her husband's friends want him to break up with you. Men are not like women. They will not envy the other if he is doing well in his personal life.

Forget your prejudice and try to establish contact. A fun and friendly woman will not leave anyone indifferent. Be, and you will be able to find a common language with any man.

9. Drop the skepticism

If you think that the friends of her husband – a drunkard, womanizer, foul-mouthed, you will never be able to make friends with them. Think about why you have formed about them this opinion? Maybe because some of them drunk on holiday or Dating two women at once?

Let's face it. There are no perfect people. Chances are you're not always behaved like a good girl.

Forget about criticism, talk to your husband, ask him about friends. It will be very nice, it will tell you what kind of people. Perhaps your opinion of them will change immediately.

8. Find out of her husband's friends better

Do everything you can to friends husband moved to the rank of family friends. Try to learn about them as much as possible. To do this you have to communicate with them.

Invite buddies to your men for dinner. Think of some topics that you would like to discuss. Ask questions, be interested in their life. You will definitely find common interests.

Do not hesitate and do not play the Queen. Act natural. If you have trouble, think about what it is the people closest to your beloved man. They do not wish you anything bad.

Don't overdo it, it is not necessary to examine it, don't ask questions about his personal life.

7. Search for a common language

To find common language, find out the husband than fond of his friends. Can a little bit more prepared and read about their Hobbies on the Internet.

Don't try to impress the experienced sportsman or fisherman, if you are not. However, to find a common language with a man can be more simple way.

Ask questions, smile and listen. Nothing more is needed. Anyone will enjoy the attention to his person. People love to talk about their Hobbies, but don't like to listen.

They are often distracted, clutching the phone, interrupting, translate the theme, trying to talk about yourself. Become a good listener, and people you will attract.

6. Learn to compromise

Even if you don't like friends, don't tell him about it. Do not try to protect your man from those relationships. Learn how to come to a decision.

For example, your husband's friend needs help. What to do in this case, the majority of women? They begin to find out who their husband more her or my friends.

Friend needs money, let her husband to lend him, only pre-get that receipt. If friends ask to take them after the party, offer to call a taxi.

Think about what you would do if similar circumstances arose in your girlfriend. Likely, too, hastened to the aid.

5. Trust husband

To build a good relationship without trust is impossible. Trust your man. If his friends don't have honesty in relationships with women, it does not mean that your husband behaves similarly. Maybe friend-philanderer just haven't met the right woman.

If you let your husband to meet with friends, do not hurt his suspicions. Of course, this does not apply to situations when a man gives a reason not to believe him. In this case you need not seek a common language with his friends and another man.

4. Release the husband for parties with friends

Do not forbid your husband from seeing friends and going with them to parties. They may have some traditions that came before you got married.

Maybe they like to go to a sports bar or a cafe. Men like to sit with friends and a delicious meal (and not only), to discuss the latest news, gossip about his personal life.

Do not deprive your husband of this joy. He needs male companionship. Do you have a girlfriend, you enjoy going for a glass of champagne or a Cup of tea.

If allowed my husband to relax and let him go to a party or bar, don't bother him with phone calls or messages. Don't make it to blush in front of friends, better go back to your business or meet with friends.

My husband will be very grateful to you for what you allowed him to relax and socialize with friends.

3. Do not abandon joint trips to nature

If the husband invites you to relax in nature, together with his friends, don't give up. Urban residents rarely venture into nature, meanwhile this is the best way to escape from problems and worries. There absolutely other atmosphere, which is conducive to friendly conversations.

Joint activity also brings. You can collect firewood, catch fish, cook dinner. You will get a unique chance to see friends husband for what they really are, without masks and without embellishment. May be able to meet their second halves, if any.

2. Introduce single friend with her friend

If a friend of your husband alone, introduce him with his girlfriend. If all goes well and they like each other, will be friends families.

Just try to make it so he doesn't suspect anything. Arrange an "accidental" meeting. Men don't like their "matchmaker". The friend of your husband, this idea may not like.

Do not be upset if your expectations are not met. You also probably still have single friends. If none of your surroundings and not attracted to the friend of your husband, leave him alone.

So, he has not yet met the right woman, and you have to accept the fact that your husband has a single friend.

1. Show wit

Want to find a common language with the friends of your husband, communicate with them. Don't sit like a mouse in the corner, and do not show their superiority.

Tell me about yourself, smile, be witty, joking. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself, if you find yourself in an awkward situation. Be open to communication, then problems with my husband's friends will not arise.

But don't get carried away and don't forget about the boundaries. Don't flirt with them, don't get too fancy, there's no touching, friendly embrace. Otherwise your man will lose his wife and friends.

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