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10 creepy facts from the world of science that is alarming scientists


Obvious and incredible close. Slightly open a mystery, and seems to calm down and do the following. But no! Almost immediately unfolds the tangle of questions, without solving which it is impossible to move on.

In any form of human activity. At the junction of specialties science makes discoveries that help in the formulation of diagnoses, alerts, diseases, accidents.

10. "Person" hurricane Matthew

It is a powerful tropical cyclone over the Caribbean sea. The wind speed reached 230 km/h carried Away human lives, the floods swept away everything in its path.

Satellites were filmed for this natural disaster. Color photography was a terrifying character. Some meteorologists describe the pictures as "demonic face", others like the muzzle of a Saint Bernard or skull with a mysterious smile.

9. Spiders-zombies

In Ecuador, described the spiders that live in nest colonies. And they have everything in common. And living together – their distinguishing feature.

However, it was noticed that some individuals leave the team and begin to weave the strange cocoons of leaves and cobwebs.

The autopsy had found in the center of the nest the spider in the abdomen which laid eggs of the wasp. Hatched larva begins to feed on the spider. And after 9 -11 days becomes adult.

Scientists make the assumption that the wasp injects into the victim a substance that paralyzes the latter, and thereby prevents escape. "Brainwashing" leads to death of the unfortunate arthropod.

8. Robot Ghost

We are talking about the diagnostic experience, which agreed to the people complaining about the feeling of being watched.

The device was mounted in the test behind where the car would mimic the movement of a finger on the back of the patient. Synchronous operation of the device did not cause alarm.

As soon as its movement ceased to match your apparatus, the feeling of fear. Neuroscientists thus diagnose the pathology of the brain, mapping its damaged areas.

7. Surjectively song of Jupiter

Space has always attracted people with its mystery. When technically became possible to send into space unmanned man the ships became better not. Unsolved mysteries turned into an avalanche.

Unexplained to date is the information from Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. Atmospheric phenomenon such as the Aurora, gives rise to powerful radio. Spacecraft operating in the orbit of the planets, recorded them.

Already on the ground received information decrypted in the audio files. It turned out chilling sound track with malleable uterine sounds small, large, subcontracts. It is believed that this cacophony of sounds creates the electrons of unknown origin. Research is ongoing.

6. The worm inside the man

Bad medical story from which there is no opportunity to insure. Currently, there are five of the most dangerous parasites that can live in the human body.

Infection occurs through the gastro-intestinal tract of the larvae, which are found in blood they find each other and fertilized with the development of living beings; unprotected walking on the ground or the sand on the global resorts; via unprotected hands, on the skin which cracks and wounds.

And then, the settling of the parasites begins on "the flats": under the mucous membranes of the organs, muscles, lymphatic flow. Such cohabitation with a man not only complicates the work of damaged organs and systems, but threatens the death of the owner, i.e. person.

5. Caroline butcher

The modern crocodile has a semi-aquatic lifestyle, feeding on anything that moves in the water and the coastal strip. 2-5. 5 meters. Max grows up to 7 meters.

Moves on land by simply crawling and high gait, moving the limbs as all mammals. The progenitor of the modern predator – crocodylomorph.

Nicknamed Caroline butcher, at the location of the remains. In the height of the parent reached 275 meters, walked on its hind legs and led the overland lifestyle.

Bipedal giant crocodile lived in warm, humid regions. The structure of the jaw and teeth have led to the conclusion about a particularly bloodthirsty nature of the animal.

4. Killing machine

We are talking about artificial intelligence. Created in a computer game. The main task of the player to accumulate the energy that "leaves" from dead enemies, that motivates character in melee. It threatens him with death.

And then, if he survived, then the player is for tactical purposes to kill everyone. Purpose it plausible. Destroy the traitor and seal the portal through which penetrated the forces of darkness. But in the end the lifeguard at the front of the audience turns into a serial killer, for which, in addition, gets encouragement.

There is a danger that the battle to defeat the "flop in real life".

3. The San Andreas fault and the second fault

Pacific plate collides with the North American. The collision place called "the rift of the San Andreas". In fact it is a huge crack, which is formed around the earthquake zone.

The first earthquake occurred in 1906, the second via 83. Currently awaiting the third.

Seismologists have warned about it for more than one year. The explanation was found disappointing. Parallel to the existing fault lines formed the second. It is holding back new trouble.

2. Spider virus

At the hearing, the viruses of human, mammals. And the fact that I suffer from spiders and insects are little known. Virus WO. It affects bacteria, which are parasitic in spiders and insects. Its main characteristic is the rapid mutation quick adaptability.

The virus has a powerful weapon, namely a toxin, which allows it to penetrate through the cell membrane and destroy the nucleus of the cells.

Selectively vytseplyat from the DNA of entire genes. And what! The gene responsible for the immune system, the gene of toxicity. What does that mean? That the spider "black widow" will be the best friend of people?

1. Space madness

In 1961, into orbit around the Earth was launched the first spacecraft, piloted by a man. By 2030, it is planned expansion to Mars.

According to reports technically to implement it is not difficult, but to protect from radiation astronauts is not yet possible.

Feature of Mars is that it has a very thin atmosphere and no magnetosphere. In the end, this leads to the fact that a man is not protected from solar radiation and from space, which is created by a supernova.

From the bombardment of ionized particles in the body of a crumbling system. The brain becomes inflamed. And if a person manage to survive, intelligence will be ruined. An additional concern is the fact that a similar situation will develop during the mission.

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