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10 scariest horror movies with a high rating


Many people like Comedy, romance, some prefer crime fighters, but horror movies are still among the most popular.

Films that are shot in this genre, very much attract, captivate the viewers, they attract attention to the screens and kept in constant tension.

Please find the list of the most terrifying horror movie with a high rating.

10. The conjuring 2013

Lorraine and ed Warren are engaged in the study of paranormal phenomena. They come to the Perron family, who recently moved into a new house.

At first everything was fine, the parents were happy, children, too, but the dog somehow stubbornly refused to enter the house. During a game of hide and seek children accidentally found the basement were boarded up.

Then the house started to happen strange things: a dog died, there fell down with folded necks on the mother's body were some bruises. Daughter also started to behave very strangely: one, for example, at night, banging his forehead on the Cabinet doors.

The Warren to find out what's wrong with this house.

9. Jacob's Ladder 1990

Jacob singer has been in the Vietnam war, then returned home to the US. He suffers from horrible memories and is in a very serious depression.

After a while Jacob begin to attend strange vision. He ceases to control reality when he learns that his comrades, who also took part in the hostilities, the same thing happens.

Perhaps the military than he did, but for what it was made? Who needs to make all of them crazy?

8. Interview with the vampire 1994

American reporter interviews Louis, a very sociable young man. He says that in fact, has long been an immortal vampire.

In the eighteenth century, Louis was a farmer and lived a very ordinary life, but then she changed dramatically. It was a great tragedy. Then Louis met the vampire Lestat, who drew and make him forget about the horrible past.

However, Louis did not become a monster, which very much annoyed his Creator. All complicated by the fact that the vampires were joined by a convert: the little girl is Claudia, which is very strongly tied the main character.

7. The fly 1986

Seth Brundle is a little eccentric and very talented scientist who has been studying issues related to teleportation.

First genius move in the space of an ordinary inanimate objects, but then he moved on to experiments with living beings.

The results were good, and Seth is very much encouraged. He wanted to take part in the experiment. However, it so happened that in the sterile chamber appeared to be an insect.

Little fly forever changed the lives of Brandl: he turned into a completely unimaginable being.

6. Other 2001

Grace is waiting for her husband, who takes part in the Second world war. She decides to live with the children on the island, in a secluded mansion. A son and a daughter grace suffer from a strange disease: they feel a strong discomfort when they are exposed to direct sunlight.

In the mansion beginning to work a new servant, and they have to ensure that all areas in the house were in the shade. Until the previous locked doors, others open in any case impossible.

However things are not quite as strict wants grace. Very soon she begins to suspect that the house has ghosts.

5. It 2017

Maine is a very weird town called Derry. From time to time there occurs something terrible, and with a certain periodicity.

In 1988 the terrible death of little Georgie, who went for a walk during heavy rain. His brother bill cannot come to terms with this loss: he very much wants to find out what really happened to Georgie.

Very soon the protagonist and his friends face evil face to face. The list of victims of the terrible clown Pennywise goes back centuries, and it is not going to stop.

4. Alien 1979

The plot unfolds in the distant future. The cargo spacecraft that returns to Earth, picks up an unidentified signal. It comes from an unknown planet.

The crew must figure out where he heard this alarm, and to find out what happened. The astronauts have discovered a planet, landed on it and saw that there were a large number of giant cocoons.

3. Angel heart 1987

New York, the middle of 50-ies. Harry angel is a private detective. Once it comes to a man named Louis Cypher and requests that Harry found johnny Favorite, talented musician.

More than 10 years ago, Cypher concluded with Favoritom one contract, but the musician disappeared. After the war he was in the crazy house, and then its traces were lost.

The detective begins to work on this strange thing, but over time the puzzles became more. The people with whom Harry mentions the missing musician, will quickly die.

2. Possessed 1981

Mark, which is a very long was on a business trip, finally back home, but suddenly it turned out that he was quite a stranger to his wife Anne.

The man decided to find out what happened to his wife. After some time, mark figured out that it's not the usual romance novel.

Every day Anna became more and more insane, and this madness was threatening to turn into a bloody nightmare.

1. Away 2017

A young new York photographer is going to meet the parents of his girlfriend. The family of his girlfriend belongs to the elite of society, so that this knowledge does not Bode well, besides the young man is a black man.

The girl's parents live in a secluded house, which is located outside the city. If the photographer knew what he was invited, he never would have did not go there. It was expected by a lot of oddities and surprises.

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