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10 tips that will help you survive in a plane crash


The man who flies for the first time – always feels fear and excitement. The plane crashes and survive, as it seems, no chance...

If there will be a large scale crash, the person really minimal chances of survival, but known to history, when passengers remained unharmed. How they did it – luck or they knew how to behave?

So, if you're going to fly somewhere, but experiencing anxiety before doing this, read this article – so you can at least comfort myself in knowing that if the plane begins to shake strangely, you will not be confused.

10. Stay in shape

This applies to both men and women. People who plays sports and keeps himself in shape, is more likely to survive – this applies not only to the crash, but also to other spheres.

For example, if a person is attacked on the street, he will not lose his head, relying on his strength and physical training. Elderly people are weak and, unfortunately, they don't have much of a chance to survive in case of a crash.

Keep yourself in shape, exercise regularly and stay strong – it will serve you well in life.

9. Watch the clock

You say, "How can I watch the clock when you were in a plane crash?" But it will help you to act immediately.

Look at the clock and note the time – you have exactly 90 seconds to get out of the plane after the disaster struck. It is important to remember, because during this period the flame covers the entire fuselage.

If you try to calm down and will act quickly – you have a chance to escape.

To count the time not necessarily, just do it faster.

8. Forget about things

Of course, each of us has expensive things – not only in the material sense, but also expensive for the soul. But at stake is your life and you can't risk the time spent on gathering his things.

68% of passengers are killed not because of the catastrophe and the fire that occurs after it. Rolling your Luggage at the rescue the ladder – you are wasting not only your time but other people.

Do not waste your time to collect things of life and death. On every second counts.

7. Be closer to the exit

If people read an article and want to reserve space in the rear compartment, it will be unfair if someone would get seats in the front, but what to do...

Who has time to enjoy – those will have more chances to survive, because, being in the rear compartment, you safer. The nose of the aircraft crashing on the ground, but the tail may also be affected, so better to choose such a place that it was located within 5 rows of an emergency exit.

If you are more than 5 rows from the exit, then you have less chance to survive.

6. Choose a big plane

Both small and large aircraft crash. But if you need to choose an airplane to fly, choose a large aircraft with several hundred passengers in these flights more scrutiny, preparation of aircraft much better and more trained and experienced crew.

All, of course, depend on the staff of the ship – the pilots and mechanics can be incompetent, so it is impossible to guess which plane is better.

But still try to choose large aircraft is so reliable.

5. Remember the rule "plus 3 / minus 8"

What does it mean? Plus 3 refers to the first three minutes of takeoff, and 8 to minutes of landing.

Studies have been conducted and it was found that 80% of crashes happen at this time, the rest of the period of flight, reduced the probability of occurrence of the crash.

In the first 3 minutes and the last 8 before planting you need to be focused: do not sleep, are in a well-laced Shoe, fasten your seat belt, don't drink alcohol.

You do not need to become paranoid, but be alert.

4. Put on your oxygen mask

When the cabin lost pressure with the top panel oxygen masks. She needs to put on at once, if you do not, then you will start hypoxia – nausea, dizziness...

During the declining plane a person has 18 seconds of "useful consciousness." If the body does not receive oxygen, it can cause brain damage or even lead to death.

Wearing a mask, oxygen flow to nose and mouth and breathe normally.

3. Learn the impact position

Need to bend over as far as possible and lower your head down resting on her hands. Feet should be straight and the legs are shifted backward.

When you put your hands on your head, or rather on the head – do not cross your fingers and their dominant hand (most right) you need to cover the left. This posture will help you to protect the bones of the dominant hand from possible fracture. So you can easily undo the seat belt.

Before you go sailing, it is advisable to learn the position.

2. Take safe body position

When you find yourself on the plane, you will see booklets of security – they are body positions that you need to take, if you happen to crash.

At first glance, the poses seem useless, but correct body position increases the chances of survival.

Do not neglect the belts – they should always be buttoned, these belts really effective, because they can withstand almost 1 500 kg.

Trust the straps and buckle up, always.

1. Rely only on yourself

Some people don't know how to act in a plane crash, so they hope that they will show and tell others.

However, hope for other inefficient nor disaster, nor even in life – people think about themselves more than others, especially in such a critical moment.

Don't forget about children if they are travelling with you, many behave inadequately in case of disaster. Take the child and rush to the emergency exit.

And don't forget you have 90 seconds. Don't think about the things you will buy others when I get out of the plane.

No matter you're traveling for the first time or the hundredth – no to forget to read the safety instructions written in them how to act.

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