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10 Actresses pobresita bald for the role


It often happens that actors and Actresses do stunning actions in order to grow into the role. In particular this applies to the experiments on appearance.

For many Actresses to part with their hair at all like death. But the participants of this top is not afraid to shave his head in order to perpetuate itself in unusual images. And it is not lost.

Any lady need to have a remarkable courage to decide to change their image. Even the smallest changes sometimes bring to shock. And what can we say about the total shaving of the hair. Even when it is done for the sake of art.

Give credit to the girls, which will be discussed further, as they put masterpiece films and their realization on the screen above worrying about their appearance. And the hair, in the end, it will grow back.

10. Cynthia Nixon

Beauty Cynthia Nixon a good half of the audience knows exclusively for the TV series "sex and the city". Hard to imagine this actress without her luxurious red hair, like a lion's mane, hair.

But for the role in the Broadway production, where Cynthia will play the lady with cancer woman, she is ready and not to such steps. Similar steps on the part of the actors always arouse devotion, and more respect from the audience because of the sincerity in embodiment of the character on the screen is very important.

9. Bai Ling

American actress of Chinese descent Bai Ling is very well remembered by many fans of the movies "Taxi". The thing is that there she played a bold and seductive criminal who insidiously tortured But love to beat the truth out of him.

From the luxurious hair had to be abandoned in favor of the role in the movie "the King and I". After roles in "Taxi" is difficult to perceive Bai Ling without hair.

8. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is one of the most beautiful Actresses of our time. The cause is not only a memorable appearance, but also the incredible power of the spirit coupled with talent.

In different roles brought her to see the audience, but every time Natalie was surprisingly charming and handsome.

But even without the hair for the character Evie from the movie "V for vendetta", Natalie began to look worse. On the contrary, it showed that hair itself is very confident at the Cannes film festival.

7. Kristen Stewart

Not the most unique actress of our time. Although the role of Bella Swan from the "Twilight" Saga and glorified her, but the girl's talent began to Shine completely in other works.

In the collection of the role of Bella is not only favored by the love of a vampire and werewolf girl, but also a mechanical engineer Nora, who is forced to earn money for an undersea oil installation. A woman luxurious head of hair can not be, but because the actress had to shave it.

6. Cara Delevingne

Another extraordinary personality of this top. Kara – big fan of experimenting as you do on your images, and hair. The benefit to her was something to experiment with.

But here comes in 2018, and the screens should be a film starring Cara, which is called "Life in a year". Miss Delevingne plays a 17-year-old cancer patient girl. For the sake of authenticity of the image the hair was shaved with no regrets.

5. Anne Hathaway

The plot of the great novel Les Miserables by French writer Victor Hugo could not find response in the hearts of the readers and also could not obtain a rebirth in the movie.

This task was taken by many. One of the most famous film adaptations appeared in 2012, which was attended by many well-known actors, including Anne Hathaway.

For the role of Fantine, the actress had to sacrifice their beautiful hair. Ann agreed, though she wasn't easy to do. Cutting hair became for her a heavy blow, the adoption of which is demanded from the actress some time.

4. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, despite her stunning looks, never afraid to change the images, or look ugly. For the role she may not what hair to shave, but also to get fat and look terrible ugly.

Beauty Charlize at all uneasy. Because deep down, she is convinced that the true glow and talent matters more than looks.

For the role Furiosi of "Mad max" actress not only shaved off his beautiful hair, but also not afraid to get dirty in the mud.

3. Cate Blanchett

In the movie "Ray" Australian actress cate Blanchett was supposed to play a condemned terrorist, and therefore no lush and luxurious strands and conversation could not be.

Later Kate told me that she very much liked to go with such a "haircut" so the head very well have blown a cold breeze. Well, the pros can be found all over.

However, in the minds of many viewers still do not fit the picture of how Kate could exchange her beautiful hair after her role as elf from "the Lord of the rings" shaven "hedgehog" the movie "Paradise".

Now the actress is again overgrown and like to repeat the experience with very short hair, no plans.

2. Demi Moore

At the end of the last century, demi Moore valiantly took on the role of the first Actresses that is not afraid for the sake of total immersion in the character shave their luxurious dark hair.

Yes, the step is not simple, which side do not look. This test demi decides to go for the large-scale film project of Director Ridley Scott's "GI Jane".

The film is not out of the ordinary that many people sit down to watch the kids for popcorn. Here is something to thoroughly think about. And the main character played by demi Moore only adds doom.

1. Sigourney Weaver

In 1992 came the continuation of the legendary series of films about a space alien, to survive meeting which is almost impossible. We are talking about the "Alien 3". These legendary films two vivid superstars: he is a Stranger and in fact Ellen Ripley in the performance unmatched Sigourney weaver.

The actress for the third part of the picture also had to part with most of the hair. But, unlike other members of the top hair Sigourney during the filming was quickly growing back. Therefore, in order not to lose it again for the character Ellen Ripley has been specially designed wig.

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