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10 popular young actors of the Soviet cinema: where are they now


Those girls and boys who starred in Soviet films, have long turned into adult women and men.

Some of the young actors have changed so much that today it is impossible to know.

After you read this article, you will learn about what happened to boys and girls, which in the past were Soviet actors.

10. Alexander Loya

Sasha Loya known to television viewers for advertising "Hershey Cola" and "Jumble". This redhead, freckled and very funny boy the crowd loved it immediately. Alexander says that the name and the hair color he inherited from a distant relative, who was a German.

Loya studied at the Schepkin theatre school in the mid-00-ies became the owner of the actor's diploma. The young actor starred in many films and television series.

In his student years he played in the series "Next": there he worked together with Alexander Abdulov. Programmer Fedechka played Loya, immediately won the hearts of viewers and secured the actor a second wave of popularity.

Now Loya removed less actively. His personal life Alexander does not advertise. We only know that he lives with his parents, and his chosen are still not met. Alexander notes that the loneliness of his completely inconvenienced.

9. Natalia Guseva

After the role of Alice Selezneva played in the 80-ies, twelve-year-old Natalia Gusev has overtaken the overwhelming popularity. However, she is more scared than happy.

In those days, "aliamanu" pursued Natalia everywhere, and fan letters were so many that they helped to read all her family members.

However, acting career was a little attracted to the girl, what can be said about science. She trained as a virologist and worked as a chemist-biologist in one of the capital companies.

Natalia married twice, she has two daughters from different husbands. To work until she stopped, deciding all his time to devote to the family.

8. Mikhail Metyolkin

The role of Valery Meshcheryakov in "the Elusive Avengers" looked like it was created especially for Michael Metelkina. He didn't choose an acting career, and has graduated from the economic faculty of VGIK.

Michael chose to work in television: he became Director of documentary films in the Main edition of the information Department of the APN. These paintings were used mainly for viewing abroad. They discussed life in the Soviet times.

After some time, the division ceased to exist, and Metelkin began working in radio and television. Not that he didn't like the new place, and he decided to work again in the movie.

Michael trained as a Director at VGIK, and in the mid-80s, he debuted with the movie "Frozen to be". Then he made documentary films and went into advertising.

7. Vasily Vasilyev

After the role of Yashka the Gypsy in "the Elusive Avengers" Vasily Vasilyev did not continue an acting career, although the proposals were quite a lot.

For a time he worked in the theater "Romen". Then Vasilyev went across the Union, sang to the guitar's own, bard songs and Gypsy romances.

After the restructuring, former actor became head of the Tver cultural center. Vasily Vasiliev has a wife Marina and two daughters: Kristina and Ksenia.

In 2010, he said he was dreaming about the reunion of the Quartet and the sequel to "the Avengers", but due to the death of Viktor Kosykh this dream a reality is not given.

6. Inga ILM

Masha Startseva is a diligent student that was in love with Vasya Petrov and Petya Vasechkin. This role was played by Inga ILM, no less interesting and bright personality.

The girl was very smart, and embodied it on the screens Masha. For the sake of interest Inga independently studied Latin. However, she just hated the normal school curriculum, considering it to be too tedious.

In the mid 90-ies of the Inga starred in a candid photo shoot for Playboy magazine, explaining his action by the rebellion and unwillingness to adapt to a common framework.

ILM studied at the theatre Institute, lived for some time in the United States. Inga worked as a TV presenter, but then decided to radically change the scope of activities and became an art historian. Now the former actress believes her life is very harmonious.

5. Yuri and Vladimir Torsuev

These charismatic twins were playing syroezhkina and electronics. After high school, they did not study in theatre.

The brothers changed several professions for quite a long time was business, but still left this area.

Yuri lived for some time in Germany, but then returned to Russia. Now the brothers work at a major Metropolitan companies and dream about the movie that made them famous in childhood.

4. Tatiana Protsenko

Tatyana Protsenko – the role of Malvina in movie about Pinocchio. She studied at VGIK, faculty of film studies. Tatiana is not in the movies, the role of the girl with blue hair was the only one for her.

Protsenko could star in the film about little red riding Hood instead of Yana Poplavskaya, but because of the accident, plans fell through: the doctors forbade any stress. Now she enjoys raising her daughter and writing poetry.

3. Dmitri Iosifov

Dmitry Joseph got the role of Pinocchio: she did boy is very popular. Prior to this role he was not even thinking about an acting career and had spent a lot of time doing figure skating, but after the movie about Pinocchio, everything changed.

Dmitry studied at VGIK, acted in films, but then decided to work in the field of directing. He went into advertising, but from time to time appeared in films and television series.

The wife of Dmitry is an artist, costume designer Natalia. Actor is bringing up three children.

2. Svetlana Stupak

After the role of Pippi Longstocking Svetlana decided not to dive into acting and get a normal profession.

She worked as a salesman, a Secretary, a waitress, a restaurant Manager. Svetlana now leads a very sheltered life and has a daughter Lisa.

1. Fedor Dunaevsky

Fyodor Dunayevsky was shot not only won the wildly popular "Courier", but also in a few other movies.

After that, he decided to seek his fortune abroad. Fedor lived in Italy, Germany, and then returned home and studied to be a Director. Now the former actor lives in Israel and it is engaged in business.

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