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10 unpleasant facts about marriage that are important to know


Universal secret, allows you to always keep happiness in family life does not exist. Marriage is in any case very difficult and not at all rosy even if two people very much to each other indifferent.

It is necessary to highlight some points that you can absolutely not like it, but be aware that they very well help to save the marriage.

10. Love and passion will ever fade, love easily turns into a habit

The feeling of first love perfectly. In this period of seething feelings, negative qualities of the partner are not conspicuous, does not want to get out of bed.

Love inspires people to do brave deeds, feats, and sometimes on a very large stupidity. Note, however, that it does not last forever, even if the person is the real second half.

For some, it becomes a very big shock, but you must accept this fact if you're not focused only on romance and fairy tale, but a family.

Constant passion in marriage is simply impossible: sooner or later people will "burn".

9. In intimate relationships sooner or later a recession

Don't worry, if you understand that you are not so much attracted to the partner, as in the beginning of the relationship. From the media and society, people constantly hear that the decline of sexual desire in marriage necessarily means the end, but this is not always the case.

What is normal in youth, in maturity can totally change so many in 40 years are more interested in a good rest after a hard day, not African passion.

Guard should only be the case if the partner absolutely has ceased to be an attractive and even started to cause disgust.

8. Without common interests, the marriage may fall apart

Love is all well and good, but only for her solid marriage is not built.

Wrong to marry and to marry only in order to "build a nest": have children together to educate them. After some time, you understand that you simply are bored together, and then no gusts of passion, sons and daughters will not save the situation.

Should also be common topics to talk about any interests that you long to discuss.

Unfortunately, for many families in Russia are absolutely normal a situation where the wife in my free time flipping through fashion magazines, her husband was watching football and they don't even know what each other talking.

7. The relationship will not last long without shaking

The decline of passion in marriage is inevitable, but this does not mean that the relationship does not need periodic shake-up. On the contrary, if these shocks will not be very likely that the marriage will fall apart.

Of course, this refers to not cheating (though some may shake things up just so), but it is slight flirting and occasional showdown.

Try to stick to the Golden mean: do not turn family life in a storm, but a swamp it should not be. Necessary emotional support.

6. Love without respect will not last long

Many women love to regularly "cut" their husbands and believe that everyone does, so this behavior is completely normal.

Note, however, that it is simply disrespectful to the partner. If a person has dignity, he will not long tolerate insults, even if very much in love with his soulmate.

To convey their views to the husband or wife can quite peacefully, showing respect. Rudeness, quarrelsomeness not strengthened, neither marriage, on the contrary, they very quickly kill confidence and destroy relationships.

5. A lie destroys the family

A strong relationship cannot be built upon lies, even though many people somehow think otherwise. Especially hard when a spouse finds out about the lie after many years of marriage.

Minor omissions in marriage can be very useful, but should not be considered outright lies are harmless little tricks.

Especially bad when the tendency to cheat turns into a habit. Most often, the truth still rises to the surface and led to major scandals in the family.

4. Marriage is not to save, if you wear it in

Family life can not long be offended and to gloss over, or some time later will happen a real emotional explosion from which the second half will be just in shock.

If such disruptions are repeated regularly, it is very likely that this will eventually lead to a protracted divorce.

Arising issues need to be discussed immediately, without waiting for the destroying everything in its path the explosion. Just find a time when you both are maximally balanced, and try to talk calmly, without hysterics.

3. The birth of a child changes everything

After giving birth life will become completely different, and this should mentally prepare. Young parents live in constant stress, and many simply do not stand up and start on each other to break.

Do not forget that such failures undermine the relationship. Learn to overcome difficulties together, to show each other attention in a variety of details and to control their emotions.

2. Hatred of spouse is normal

Romance may be very surprised, but in some cases, hatred towards the partner allows to save the relationship. If married all the chocolate and sugary – can start to feel sick.

If you from time to time feel hatred for the beloved because of his inaction, or any action, nothing wrong with that. Much worse, if the partner you are completely indifferent.

1. Marriage will not solve your problems

Some marry to spite someone wanting to improve their financial situation, hoping to shift all cares on the partner and so on.

However, it should be borne in mind that these families tend to disintegrate rapidly after some time a person realizes that their problems he can solve only by yourself.

It is foolish to absolve themselves of responsibility for their lives, because it will still only lie on you.

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