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10 most ugly Russian actors, for whom it is a pleasure to watch


Worldwide there are different standards of beauty. They relate to both men and women. Of course, many ladies sigh for such world famous handsome as Brad pitt, johnny Depp or George Clooney.

But there is one category of artists-the men with their external data, it is difficult to call direct Apollo cinema. But, if you look at them in the creative process of improvisation and see them in action, the view can change dramatically. At least, due to the fierce charisma of these men.

10. Viktor Sukhorukov

Viktor Sukhorukov is an actor of Russian and Soviet cinema. His experience of working in large-scale projects such as ”hide and seek”, both part of the ”Brother” part in the TV series ”Streets of broken lamps” and ”Bandit Petersburg”.

At first glance, Victor is not particularly pretty. He has some funny baby face, and even the bald head adds to the flavor. But he so convincingly plays each role with such passion and enthusiasm that even Stanislavsky would definitely say: ”Believe!” And the audience can't help admire them for that.

9. Mikhail Efremov

Mikhail Efremov is a very famous and talented actor. Even if someone has not seen the films with his participation, the person of Mikhail Olegovich exactly become familiar.

About this actor just to say that his face is very expressive. Eye-catching markings under the eyes, directly staring look, low voice hoarseness – all Mikhail Efremov firmly wedged into the minds of many Russian people.

8. Andrey Smolyakov

Andrei Smolyakov a very rich track record. In addition to a large number of important roles in the Soviet and Russian feature films and TV series, including the recently acclaimed film by Yuri Bykov "Plant", Smolyakov is also a Laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation in the field of theatre arts.

Although the face Andrew looks very harsh and angry, in real life this man is totally different. Friends and family will confirm this.

7. Alexander Readout

Face, or rather face Alexander chislova also quite remarkable. If you look at it, the suspect in this serious and responsible actor is. And as a man on him at times hard to see. And all because of his little child, a little boyish face.

Well, that Alexander himself worries and steamed about this, because in his field he is a highly respected artist and long-proved it.

6. Sergey Burunov

Many viewers know Sergei on numerous roles in the transfer of "Big difference" where he brought to life many parodies on a wide variety of actors and characters, both literary and cinematic.

Also called the official Russian voice of Leonardo DiCaprio, because he's voiced by a large number of foreign films in which Leo has managed to pull.

Hardly anyone would call Sergei handsome, without seeing it in action. Only there is revealed to the fullest all his creative passion and potential.

5. Vitaly Hai

Vitaly E. Haewa, perhaps, also difficult to confuse with any other actor. Yeah, maybe at first, immediately face is not in it produces a very responsible and serious artist. But this is only the first impression, as many know, can be very deceptive.

Vitaly Evgenievich will soon turn 54 years old, works behind the darkness, several thousands, but certainly great roles still ahead.

If someone wants one film to get an idea about Mr. Have, it is enough to watch "playing the victim". There he will appear in all its glory.

4. Ivan Kokorin

And the face of the actor may even scare, if you look at it from the wrong angle. Some of the pictures of the actor the impression that the actor Ivan's going to get out of the frame and crap to the offender in the most-most.

Of course, in this case appearances are deceiving. In the life of Ivan not so harsh and terrible.

Although he was only 39 years old, his track record can only envy. Roles are not only numerous, but they are also very colorful. One only ”9 Rota” which is where the actor played one of the lads sent to war in Afghanistan.

3. Alexander Ilyin

Alexander Ilyin absolute majority is only one good and bright feeling to come and hug. Especially when his face grows big and curly beard. Then Alexander, thanks also to growth, turns into a kind of big and cute Teddy bears that just want to hug and shower with love.

Meanwhile, Ilyin is a very talented actor, although his potential is revealed not in every picture. Yes, the film depends very much.

Indeed, in the same popular "Intern" Alexander to open up just do not give, first, because of the Comedy of the plot, and secondly because of the more charismatic colleagues at the scene, but about it later.

2. Alexander Lykov

Everything is quite subjective, but Alexander Lykov is hardly unsympathetic. Or is it the influence of his crazy charisma? One look from Alexander is able to nail to the place and to make people forget about all the thoughts that bothered the man before.

In the list record of the work of Alexander fairly large-scale projects, such as roles in the TV series ”Saboteur”, in the Soviet feature film ”Cyrano De Bergerac” and many others.

In every work it's different, unusual, and charismatic. And, most importantly, equally attractive.

1. Ivan Okhlobystin

Here comes the discussion of the actor, which is not allowed to reveal in full the many talents of the series ”Interns”, including one of the members of the top, Alexander Ilyin.

Of course, we are talking about the inimitable Ivan Ohlobystina. Yes, it certainly is difficult to name a style icon, male beauty and masculinity.

But the charisma that he radiates even through the screen, reeks to the fullest. Ivan is not afraid of difficult and unusual images, and therefore enthusiastically takes up new cinematic experiments, whether movies or soap operas.

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