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10 ways to delay the approach of old age


In life, inevitably there comes a time when you have to summarize. Children have grown, grandchildren are growing, houses built, movement up the career ladder met all ambitious projects.

And the question is, what to do? The correct answer is a! To pay all the debts for many years. Love to, love to, love to himself.

Not everyone is ready to welcome retirement with open arms. So he will be happy to take at least some (preferably a painless measures) to delay a meeting with old age for longer.

Therefore, the methods presented below will help everyone concerned to try to cope with the inevitably approaching the age to compete, since there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks!

10. Insomnia

This is a painful condition that is experienced everyone at least once in your life. If this episode is not worth getting upset about. But with age, insomnia can become chronic.

Physiologically, nature intended that the recovery processes in old age is flowing slower than in his youth. Sleep hormone with age it breaks down faster.

Shortened sleep duration. He becomes superficial, rich dreams, fears.

On the morning of the condition of weakness, fatigue. The person becomes irritable, aggravated a previously acquired disease, or to form platforms for the emergence of new.

Currently there is a therapeutic specialty – anti-aging therapist. Its services must be used if the person does not solve the issue of sleep.

9. Food

With age decreases the amount of calories burned during the day, as digestion and energy production. On the one hand due to a sedentary lifestyle. On the other because of problems with swallowing and chewing.

If you do not follow the principle of a balanced diet in protein, fat, carbohydrate recovery processes of body cells will be distorted, which can lead to reduced immunity and the risk of developing cancer.

In addition, the diet should be the foods that prevent constipation. Here it is necessary to speak separately about drinking. You can adjust it depending on body weight and existing illness.

8. Vitamins and minerals

It is a useful body nutraceuticals. They do not tend to accumulate in the body. Coming from without, they are embedded in the body's metabolic process and go naturally.

It is remarkable that taking these drugs in the quantities stipulated by the manufacturer, overdose of the drug is guaranteed. One possible side effect of good health.

7. Swimming

This is the kind of motor activity that you want to start in life as early as possible. To acquire merry bathing suit and jump in the water.

Preference can be given to Aqua fitness or swimming one of the possible styles. Swimming endurance, General strengthening of the body without overloading on certain body systems.

Water, among other things, clears away energy contamination includes the mechanisms of healing. Ensures a good mood.

6. Breathing exercises

Few who come up with the idea that all diseases of the respiratory system are primarily associated with improper breathing.

From nature the gift of proper inhalation and exhalation is given to men. Short inhalation and long exhalation. That is why they look toned, no saggy tummies.

The woman breathes as you like and depending on the situation. If you want to love – deeply and slowly, if angry – and often superficially.

Available breathing techniques invented by many. Learn correct breathing useful. This skill can relieve acute pain, reduce chronic pain, slow the heart rate, strengthen chest muscles for women good – the chest will become a wonderful relief.

5. Yoga

Yoga for all ages. Especially after thirty years. Soft asanas eliminate rigidity, chronic pain in the joints. Restore the balance between physical, mental and spiritual components. Stimulate the immune system, as a uniform blood circulation speeds up the circulation of the energies in the body.

To start it is necessary with a mentor to entry into the yoga practice was more harmonious.

4. Emotions

Scientific findings suggest that with age, people consciously or subconsciously cuts off from himself the negative emotions. If someone is not, then that part of it makes sense to take control.

If you stretch the facial muscles in a smile, already improves mood. If possible, you should prevent stress in your life. To be accurate in communication in the domestic circle.

As the pig NAF-NAF: "My house, my castle". It must be protected. And also be careful in the workplace, where possible mentoring.

3. Groups of like-minded people

With the years of the life of people who are not related by kinship ties, United by a common cause, become indispensable.

Singing groups, various interest clubs. In horticultural associations. A huge benefit from having like-minded people to communicate. The ability to inspire each other.

2. Questions of faith

Very thin and deeply personal question. If you come to Church or socialize in the home circles, there is the opportunity to touch the spiritual wisdom of centuries.

To read and comprehend the Bible the great resources of happiness. Special experience in solving everyday issues, visits to monasteries.

Is a reassessment of values. Any time not sorry. In addition, people in the faith need to selfless action in service. And there are fields of activity is not to plow.

1. Doctors

Very well, when the men in white coats act as consultants on health, not disease.

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