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Top 10 differences between Russian and foreign mothers (according to American writer Tanya Mayer)


Each country has its own methods of education. You've probably heard the expression "What Russian well, the German death". That is why many foreigners are surprised at the behavior of Russian mom.

For example, the American writer Tanya Meyer was amazed so much that even decided to write a book about education of Russian children.

Tanya spent some time in Russia, managed to fall in love and give birth to a child from a Russian man, but marry him did not come out.

Now American along with his family lives in London, then in Vienna, but she admits that she can never forget Russia. By the way, in his book, she warmly about Russian women, praises their methods of education.

If you are interested in this topic, read our article. You will learn more about Russian moms different from foreign.

10. Enjoy the pregnancy

Russian and Western women have different attitude towards pregnancy. American Tanya was very surprised that women in Russia think pregnancy is the most wonderful period in my life. They literally enjoy it, whereas in the West pregnant women very often show discontent with their situation.

She writes: "In the West, pregnancy is a time to complain." Women constantly tell me how hard it is to work, to perform some household chores.

Another difference during pregnancy – it is related to weight. In Russia doctors strictly monitor the weight gain of pregnant women, they are often thrown on a diet. In the West, pregnant women eat for two, and none of them is not bashing.

10. Decide

Willing to help a young mother with advice and recommendations in any country is more than enough. Still, every woman decides for itself whether to listen to the opinions of others.

Mayer was surprised that women in Russia do not listen to anyone. They make decisions regarding their child.

Moreover, many act on instinct. They do not read clever books, do not consult for every little thing at the pediatrician, but rarely make mistakes.

8. Accept the help

In the West it is not customary to ask for help. Mom spends all the time with the child, and when he is more grown up, gives him to daycare or hire a nanny.

If a woman has good financial potential, it will get a good staff to care for the child as early as possible.

Perhaps this situation is due to differences in income and financial situation, but few in Russia who uses the services of a nanny. Russian women do not pay for help, they know how to ask about it and it's perfect!

They can leave the child with the grandparents, sister or brother. They can always count on a friend or acquaintance, especially if she also has children.

7. A lot of cooking

American Mayer in his book says that she was surprised to discover the attitude of Russian mom nutrition. They are constantly cooking.

Morning Russian mom begins with Breakfast, usually it's porridge. For lunch they cook soup.

By the way, Tanya was delighted with the Russian borscht. All the food that women in Russia, giving children simple and useful.

Moms in the West belongs to the baby food so much easier. They buy prepared food can feed a small child pizza, pasta and other "adult" dishes. They for this reason will not have any remorse.

They believe that doing the right thing, while Russian mom is experiencing that put salt, a little more than you need, or buy zucchini at the store and not on the market.

6. Not in a hurry to get back to work

West mom can't wait until the child reaches 3 months to get back to work.

In Russia, everything is completely different. Leave to care for a child lasts 3 years, then the women go out to work.

Of course, not all Russian moms are willing to stay at home for up to 3 years, but they are the majority. Moreover, they do not believe that leave the service, they are able to enjoy every minute spent with the child.

They are not afraid to "escape" from life, and when you go to work, with the warmth remember this time.

Women whose husbands earn well and provide for the family, not in a hurry to get back to work. They do not give the child to kindergarten, it does not lock him up at home and drive to classes or groups short stay.

5. Love to travel

Russian mom features limitless love of travel. Even the birth of a child is not an obstacle for them, they are easy to lift. They gather the whole family and go to sea or abroad.

They can travel with a baby. They are not afraid of difficulties and ready to go on vacation, even if money is "scarce". They can live in cheap hotels, where there are no conditions for a child, or a room to rent in the private sector.

If a Western mother will decide to travel, she will book a good hotel (for months!), will think through all the details.

4. Do not require help from a man

Russian and foreign mothers will never understand each other. In the West children are brought up and mom and dad.

Russian women normally relate to the fact that dad doesn't spend time with your child. He works hard, gets tired, and maybe it didn't exist. Not to say that this is good for raising children, but the situation cannot be changed.

Western women are willing to "nag" their husbands because they are not a lot of time to devote to the child. In Russia the woman will thank her husband for what he was looking for a son or daughter while she was taking a shower.

3. Support each other

American women love to label, discuss, condemn. Russian mom is also not opposed to gossip, but in any difficult situation they lend each other a helping hand.

For an American-Thani, it was a real discovery. She noted with surprise that women in Russia is much kinder, more cordial, heartier than in other countries.

In the West women are going to clubs and vilify those who disagree with them.

Russian women are trying to raise happy children, they help each other with advice, support, cases. Friendship makes them strong.

2. Look good

In his book, Mayer writes that Russian women walking on the platform with the children, look much better than "American Friday night, going to a party".

It also compares them with the Austrian women who try to dress comfortably and after childbirth completely forget that they were once beautiful women.

Indeed, if you look at Russian mom, can see a lot of beautiful well-groomed women. They do manicures, hair, apply makeup, get dressed up to simply go for a walk with the child.

Of course, among our compatriots there are a lot of groomed, but if you meet on the Playground a girl "at full parade", you can be sure that she is from Russia.

1. Love their children

Not to say that mothers from other countries do not experience warm feelings toward their children, but Russian women give them his all. They forget about themselves, love so selfless, willing to give their lives for their child.

They grieve when they send their child to summer camp. They can spend hours playing with a son or daughter, to please them.

Russian mothers will find a way out of any situation, they know how to smile for the failures and always go forward, because I know that they are now responsible not only for themselves but also for their children.

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